Asia Friend Finder Review

Want to know more about what Asia Friend Finder has to offer, who it’s best for, and what opportunities it brings for casual dating?

Asia Friend Finder has a great online reputation but, though it forms a part of the Adult Friend Finder network, it does offer something very different. Largely an online service for serious dating, the site reports to have millions of members.

In this review, we look at what the site has to offer as well as how well it delivers on the promise of being able to find you ‘someone special’.

What does Asia Friend Finder offer?

Part of the globally renowned Adult Friend Finder Network, Asia Friend Finder benefits from a huge network of support services. This backup allows the site to claim to be the world’s largest online dating service for the Asian singles market – along with co-brand rival AsianMatchMate.

The site appeals internationally as well as for the Asian domestic market and is very much geared towards serious relationships, including the ultimate goal of marriage, as well as offering some opportunities for a casual hook-up.

It offers the opportunity for Asian singles and those interested in dating Asian ladies (and men) to connect via an online chat environment. The site has plenty of features that supplement the main focus including community groups, blogs and dating advice.

However, unlike its parent site, Asia Friend Finder does not promote sex cams or casual dating; what happens as a result of making a connection online is up to you with their primary focus being on serious dating.

Who uses Asia Friend Finder?

According to the figures published by the site, there are around 3 million members registered for Asia Friend Finder worldwide. Whilst many of these members are located in Asian countries, the site also appeals across Europe, the USA and Canada.

By all accounts, the site is used extensively by Asian people who have emigrated in order to connect with local communities as well as for dating. The site is well set up to accommodate this interest and offers a social network as much as a dating one.

As a result, most of the members registered for the service are Asian men and women though a small minority are Caucasian, Black, Hispanic or other nationality.

From extensive reviews, the site is predominantly used for serious dating with western men using it to find an ‘Asian bride’.

Using the Site

Signing up to use the site is very simple and requires no more than ten minutes to put together a basic profile. You have to activate a link which is sent to your email address and, after updating a couple of bits of information on your profile, you’re good to go.

As ever with any online dating service, the more time you spend creating your profile the better your chances of obtaining a good match. Profiles that don’t have a good image uploaded will receive significantly less views.

There is quite a lot of detail that you can provide to other users including physical information, personal information and details of your interests, likes and dislikes. The site also operates a personality test to determine your character. A typical tick-box survey of over 40 questions, the site apparently uses this to offer a compatibility check between users.

asia friend finder personal information
The more detailed your profile, the better chances of success.

You can also upload more photos and videos to further increase your chances of being seen (and selected).

You can immediately tell from the amount of detail that a full profile goes into exactly how serious Asia Friend Finder takes the business of dating. Whereas Adult Friend Finder just wants to know what kinks you are into and the type of relationship you are looking for (casual encounters, naughty phone sex etc.), here you can write a small novel on your ambitions, dreams and hobbies.

The level of detail is quite staggering and we have seen plenty of profiles where all of the suggested profile information has been updated.

So, if you see someone you’d like to know more about then you can quite readily find out their outlook on life, their idea of a perfect date and probably what they ate for breakfast.

Questions like ‘What super power would you like to have?’ or ‘What was the first album you bought with your own money?’ might seem a little twee for some but the more complete the profile the better your chances of success….unless you want the super power of digging vegetables and your first album was by ‘Foreigner’.

You can save time by linking your Asia Friend Finder account to another service if you have already completed a profile on another site in the network (, FriendFinder etc.).

Browsing for other members is simple and the search facility allows you to scour your local area (or anywhere in the world) using several key terms including age and physical appearance (premium members only). The site returns the results based on a good match using your ‘cupid preferences’; a tick box selection of what you are looking for in a match.

Unfortunately, you can only contact other users if you are a paid up member so window shopping is all you can do at this stage. It should give you a sense of the number of people in the area you are looking in.

Not upgrading only allows other users to contact you or you can make connections with members who have opted for an enhanced profile. This means that they are a paid-up member and they’ve also paid extra so that non-subscribers can contact them.

Costs and Benefits of Membership

The basic membership for Asia Friend Finder is free and allows you to browse the site to get a feel for its function. However, there is no substitute for a paid membership when it comes to improving your chances of getting a match.

So, what does membership cost and what does it give you?

There are two types of membership that you can upgrade to, silver and gold, with each giving you different benefits over a basic subscription.

Membership Length Silver Gold
One month $14.99/month $18.49/month
3 months $9.99/ month $12.49/month
12 months $5.99/month $5.99/month

Silver members can view and contact other members as well as show up in searches above non-paid up subscribers. They can contact new members and access any video intros that have been uploaded to a profile. Silver members also get partial access to the online community of groups, blogs and magazine features.

Gold members receive all of the above except they appear ahead of silver members, get full access to the online community and get to be the first to contact any new members. Gold members can also create their own blog; a good way to create your own community and following with regular bloggers attracting a lot of attention.

There is also a further upgrade of $19.99 per month which allows you to opt for an enhanced profile which allows your profile to be open for members who haven’t upgraded to a paid membership.

If you are feeling flash with the cash then an additional $25.99 per month can get your profile highlighted in all searches.

Features of Asia Friend Finder

In addition to the basic search and contact side of things, Asia Friend Finder also offers an active and comprehensive community with members regularly blogging and being involved in niche groups. The groups can be based around shared interests or location based. They are a useful way of getting involved and accepted into social circles and, through them, become a trusted member of a community.

The site also has a couple of extra ways to communicate safely through their site utilizing an instant messaging system and chat rooms.

There is also a Tinder style ‘Hot or Not’ feature which lets you rate users on a quick thumbs up thumbs down basis; obviously, your own profile pic is being subjected to this kind of service too.

Asia Friend Finder: What’s the Verdict?

With the power of the FriendFinder network behind it there is a big user base on Asia Friend Finder and we didn’t receive the dozens of ‘spammy’ emails that you get instantly on signing up to other online dating services. Often generated by autobots or staff who are paid to encourage new members to upgrade, these distracting and misleading emails aren’t necessary when you have 3 million members.

We found the site to be easy to use and the amount of detail on profiles very comprehensive. The ratio of men to women is also good and in all of the locations we searched we found an encouraging number of single Asian women. Reviews of successful dates are pretty good and suggest that the site works well when it comes to matching personalities.

Overall, the site should definitely appeal to anyone who is looking for serious dating opportunities. Register a profile to get started.

Featured image via Asia Friend Finder.