Brix Singapore: Hot Spot For Meeting Women (And Hookers)


Situated in the heart of the metropolitan area of the city, the Grand Hyatt Singapore is one of the country’s most luxurious five star hotels.

It is also the location of one of Singapore’s hottest nightspots: Brix.

Renowned for the quality of its atmosphere, Brix is the number one ‘go-to’, on any night of the week to find single ladies for a casual encounter, or some of the city’s finest prostitutes. In this guide, we’ll take a look at why Brix is one of the most popular spots in town.

Brix SG: What to Expect Inside

BRIX: SG hookers

BRIX: Is it really possible to find hookers at this popular spot?

Brix continues to enjoy a reputation for being a fashionable, hip and trendy bar and is popular with tourists as well as locals. It is one of the best spots to meet women in Singapore.

Split into three sections, there is a Music bar that regularly hosts live bands as well as a quality selection of soul, jazz, funk and R&B music. The wine and whisky bar offers guests a more relaxed environment in which to enjoy the atmosphere and there is also a smoking room.

Despite its reputation for attracting expats and working girls, Brix doesn’t suffer from a ‘seedy’ atmosphere but rather offers an all-year round summer feel good factor.

This could be the high-energy dance music or the perennial turnover of tourists.

Whatever the magic ingredient, this club is an absolute must for any men wanting to meet women whilst in Singapore.

You will sometimes hear it said that Brix is a ‘hooker bar’. While it’s common to find working girls here, this is not something you should walk in proclaiming loudly.

Note: If you are looking for something a little more obvious, try our Sex in Singapore guide.

The best part is that only the most attractive working girls seem to get access in to the club, so if that’s your thing, you can be guaranteed of having your pick of the hottest hookers in town.

As far as clubs in Singapore go, the ratio of women to men is very good, usually at least 50:50 or sometimes as much as 60:40 (women to men). With such a high ratio, the girls tend to work much harder to get a man’s attention so you can be sure to be treated like a prince.

Hookers at Brix

There is a range of working woman known to frequent the club with mostly Vietnamese or girls from the Philippines. There are usually a couple of South Americans and European women as well.

As a single man you will not find yourself without the attention of any working girl looking to get a client so don’t worry about ‘lucking out’.

It is common for the women to be quite upfront in the club itself with some girls getting quite hands on in the darker and more intimate areas of the bar; the smoker’s room being a great example of wandering hands.

However, prices for sex are much higher than anywhere else in the city so be prepared to spend around $100-$500 for ST and $300-$800 for LT.

It will very much depend on just how hot a girl is as to how much you will be looking at paying.

However good looking they are, it is a smart idea to agree in advance of leaving a nightclub just what you are paying as there are common stories of girls who refuse to follow through with their ‘commitments’ once you reach your hotel room.

In this respect it is not a good idea to pay in advance whatever the girl says; at best, pay a small amount up front as otherwise there is no incentive for them to ‘perform’.

Brix girls have a reputation for being quite perfunctory when you have only paid for a short time experience so be prepared for them to leave directly after the deed is done. If you have paid for a longer experience, then always ask upfront what time she will be working until. It is common for the cost to cover around six hours.

There is no doubting that Brix offers a great variety of working girls, and is a great place for a night out in Singapore regardless.

The dress code is smart casual and most people make an effort to look good so our advice would be ‘dress to impress’ but not overly formal.

Opening Times at Brix

Sunday to Wednesday: 9:00 pm to 3:00 am
Thursday to Saturday: 9:00 pm to 4:00 am


Entry is SGD $30 which includes one standard drink; however, there is no cover charge on a Sunday.

The club charges an additional SGD $20 during the week of the Formula One season in Singapore.

Parking is available at the hotel and costs SGD $3 for the first hour with each subsequent half hour being SGD $1.

There is also a valet service available at a cost of SGD $12.

Prices at the bar are expensive for the city due to the club’s association with the Grand Hyatt but you can still enjoy a few drinks without breaking the bank.


The BRIX bar is located in the basement of the Grand Hyatt Hotel at 10 Scotts Road in the Newton area of Singapore.

Here’s a map for your convenience:

Contact Info

Looking for more information on Brix?

Here are the contact details you will need:
Phone: +65 6738 123

For obvious reasons, we do not suggest calling the club and asking about any prostitution that goes down there!

Have you been to Brix? What did you make of this famously dubbed ‘hooker bar’?

Let us know your thoughts on the Brix girls below!

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