The Casino Call Girls of Macau


Making up more than half of its total economy, Macau is known for gambling tourism and as such there are more than thirty casinos in this small region of China.

With so many men with access to large amounts of cash it is little wonder that these gambling venues attract large volumes of call girls.

In this guide, we will take a look at the famous casino call girls of Macau. How do they get clients? And where can they be found?

Macau’s Top Casino Hooker Hot Spots

A guide to Macau's casino escorts

A guide to Macau’s casino escorts

The Cotai strip is perhaps the most famous area in Macau and plays host to many foreign visitors at its large hotel, theatre, shop and casino resorts.

Officially, the Venetian, The Plaza, City of Dreams, Galaxy, Sands, Studio City, Broadway, The Parisian, Wynn Palace, MGM, Louis XIII and the Lisboa make up the main drag of casinos. The strip is just a few minutes away from the airport and is located in the New Urban Zone on the Eastern peninsula of the region.

There is a plethora of street prostitutes that convene outside of the casinos from around 11pm, with peak numbers being available around 1am.

These girls are easily identifiable by their tight cut, plunge necked cocktail dresses and they tend to hang out in groups of two or three. The shopping arcade at the Casino Lisboa tends to attract a big crowd of working women; in fact, Lisboa is a hot spot for prostitutes to convene so if you don’t get lucky inside, try outside.

The Casino Lisboa: A popular area for Macau's casino call girls

The Casino Lisboa: A popular area for Macau’s casino call girls

Picking up a Casino Prostitute

Whilst prostitution is legal in Macau, the casinos are quite careful to avoid any association with obvious call girls in order to avoid being considered ‘brothels’ or procurers of sex services.

As such, you should consider a pick-up at a casino as a freelance activity so you will need to negotiate directly over what is being offered and for how much.

Again, the Casino Lisboa is a popular place for picking up call girls and they tend to walk continually around the venue so as to avoid problems with security over solicitation.

Many of these women rent rooms in the hotel and as such their prices are higher than you might find on the street as they need to pay overheads on the room as well as ‘fees’ to the establishments management.

Many of the casinos are attached to hotels and nightclubs offering a perfect combination for prostitution of men with cash, an intimate place to pick up and a convenient place to do business.

The Fortuna Grand Hotel and Casino is one such place and, recognising the opportunity, the club has 26 private karaoke rooms. Staying on the right side of the law, the casinos offer the entertainment services of hostesses who, for a price, keep you company and ensure you have a good time.

Bear in mind that not all of the casinos tolerate prostitution and though it is not an illegal activity, you should be as discrete as possible. In most cases the women themselves make this more likely as they are well versed in how to stay on the right side of the law.

Vice Busts in Macau Casinos

There have been some high-profile raids on a number of casinos over the last two years as the police have been cracking down on prostitution rings and casino owners operating illegal brothels. Whilst this will not have any negative impact on the average customer it has meant that operations are generally more covert.

All that aside, the call girls that are found inside of the casinos in Macau are generally considered attractive.

Mostly Asian (Vietnamese, Thai and Chinese), they can cost a little more than some fish bowls or street prostitutes but, if they are using the hotel, you get the benefit of being able to experience the best of Macau without even leaving your resort.

Have you indulged in some paid thrills with one of Macau’s casino call girls?

How was the experience?

Let us know your reviews and recommendations below.

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