Your Guide to the Asia Sex Scene


Welcome to Asia Sex Scene.

Over the following weeks and months, we will be turning this site in to a portal for all things Asian and sexy.

We are a part of the Red Light Network, a collective of adult portals that has been serving Australia, New Zealand, the United States and Ireland since 2013.

What can you expect to find on Asia Sex Scene?

An Uncensored Look at Sex in Asia

As our name implies, we are here to help you find, explore and learn more about the various adult services in Asia.

While our sister sites in the Red Light Network focus on paid sex services — such as brothels, escort agencies, massage parlours and more — this site will also provide a number of tips and guides that don’t involve money changing hands.

It goes without saying, Asia is a huge place.

It is also an incredibly diverse melting pot of different cultures, traditions and attitudes towards sex.

There are countries where indulging in fun and frolics is easy — because the tourist economy is set up to cater to our whims.

Similarly, there are Asian countries where you’d have to be stark bollock mental to even consider indulging in adult services or casual sex.

Asia Sex Scene is primarily catered towards South East Asia and the Asian-Pacific region.

Here are some of the countries we will be exploring:

  • Thailand
  • Vietnam
  • Cambodia
  • Hong Kong
  • Singapore
  • China
  • Japan

These countries have wildly divergent sex scenes.

We’re going to make it our mission to get to the very bottom of them.

A no holds barred look at sex in Asia.

Adult Services, Adult Events and Adult Content

We are a collective of liberal and open-minded writers.

(You have to be to run a website about sex!)

We understand that in this part of the world, not everybody shares a liberal attitude towards sex, or casually hooking up for fun between the sheets.

If casual sex outside of marriage offends you, we ask that you save yourself some time and web rage by leaving this site immediately.

Seriously, nothing you find here will please you.

If, however, you are interested to learn more about the Asia sex scene — and how/where to find sex in this part of the world — we hope you’ll find our features and guides a fascinating read. 😉

Thanks for visiting!

Enjoy the site.

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