Futanari Porn: A Beginner’s Guide

Futanari porn has been popular for several decades but is a niche area that isn’t widely known by many.

Hailing from Japan, this animated style of porn has roots with shemale and tranny adult content but differs in the sense that it incorporates the no-limits, fantasy edge that characterizes hentai.

In this guide, we take a look at exactly what futanari porn entails and the best places you can find some online.

What is Futanari?

A Japanese word, futanari literally translates as hermaphrodite and can also be used to describe people that are androgynous.

In an adult entertainment context, futanari is a sub-genre of hentai and anime featuring characters that have both male and female sexual organs; usually denoting a female figure with a penis (also known as ‘futas’).

The attributes of both sexes can vary depending on the artist with some characters having a vagina as well as testicles or simply a penis that grows from inside the vagina.

Futanari porn can be a mixed combination that is hard to define but could fall into lesbian, straight and gay with plenty of variety in sub-genres such as BDSM, MILF etc.

As an anime genre, you can also expect plenty of fantasy including fantasy figures and interspecies sex. One of the most popular variations of futanari is when two girls are experiencing some lesbian action and one of them ‘sprouts’ a monster cock to fuck the other one.

Though, these scenes aren’t forced fucking, the element of surprise (sometimes for both of them) is an appealing side-effect akin to coercion. You can also find futanari porn that centres around this same element of surprise being played out with a futanari girl and her male lover resulting in some interesting pegging scenes.

The origins of futanari aren’t as far-fetched and fantastical as you would think with Japanese folklore having several connections with hermaphroditism and transgender characters.

As recently as just a few centuries ago, some Japanese believed that people could change their gender in relation to the lunar phases with the phrase ‘half moon’ (hangetsu) being used to describe this occurrence.

Its modern association with pornographic cartoons seems to have started in the 1990s (mainly with comics rather than animation) and continues to be a popular genre. The term ‘newhalf’ (nyuhafu) is used to avoid any confusion between futanari porn and transgendered women.

As with many hentai videos, a lot of the futanari porn is created in Japan and is foreign language, however, much of the best content is subtitled with some being dubbed.

Purists will be pleased to note that the dubbed cartoons are not as popular; either losing something in translation or simply not being ‘authentic’ enough when it comes to sound effects. There is also a large amount of content being produced in the U.S.

Strictly speaking, futanari is used to describe hentai-style porn but there are plenty of sites that are riding this populist wave of interest to describe live-action shemale and tranny porn as well as some CGI futanari.

Why is Futanari So Popular?

As well as hardcore action, the appeal of futanari may also be attributed to the more complex story lines. Feature length movies have entire plots and characters with some being so popular that their adventures are serialized.

In the same way that anime and hentai offers a ‘safe’ way to explore fantasy or ‘perverted’ porn, futanari is an easily accessible way to experiment with porn with a twist. Whilst hentai can deliver strange and unusual scenes like tentacle porn or fetishes, futanari is a play on the typical shemale or tranny porn you can get on mainstream sites.

The appeal of futanari seems to be split into two main categories; those guys who are fans of anime and manga that see hentai as a natural extension into porn and guys who want their porn to deliver beyond the realms of what is possible in real life.

However, this explanation also delivers a third category of viewer; women. Women who want their porn to have more of a story line will also find hentai more appealing and, once again, futanari skirts the gay/straight boundaries giving it a unique cross-appeal.

For some men, the fact that hentai porn isn’t real can also help them experiment with new fantasies including gay ones. Because futanari porn features ‘girls’ (admittedly with dicks) this can be an easier transition to make.

The Best Futanari Porn Sites

Also known as ‘chicks with dicks’ or ‘dick girl’ porn, futanari is a popular genre of porn that attracts a large following with plenty of sites online dedicated to providing new and original content all the time.

Some sites specialize in one niche area such as ‘Celebrity Futanari’ whilst many simply bring as much exclusive content as possible. We’ve picked our selection of some of the best futanari porn and resource sites around.

Dickgirl Hentai


Established in 2006, Dickgirl Hentai is one of the earliest specialist porn sites dedicated to the rise of Futanari and features movies, hentai, doujin and manga style content.

Movies are uncensored and most are feature length at around 30 minutes with much of the content being exclusive to the site.

dickgirl futanari
Dicks not optional…futanari girls reign supreme on this huge network.

The site has some rough sex and unique content which makes this one of the most comprehensive futanari porn sites available.

There are around 50,000 images which can be viewed and downloaded.

A premium site, membership costs $34.21 for 30 days with recurring months charged at $22.82 or you can opt to buy a 90-day membership for $68.42. Dickgirl Hentai is part of the BarePass adult network and your membership gives you access to over 1600 sites featuring over 1000 DVD movies and 500Gb of porn.

Other sites in the network include:

  • Futanari Cuties
  • Futanari Lesbians
  • Shocking Futanari
  • Futanari Hospital
  • Futanari Maid
bare pass futanari porn sites
Membership to Dickgirl gets you access to all Barepass sites.

Hentai Haven


Hentai Haven is one of the biggest US based websites offering a full library of hentai content including an entire section on Futanari.

Content is free to watch and you can download videos in 720p/1080p HD quality. Some movies are censored with pixelation over the hardcore elements of scenes but generally there are some good movies. Hentai Haven is compatible with smartphones and tablets on both iOS and Android.



Reddit has a group that has been set up for futanari fans to share online links, resources and information. The group has almost 63,000 readers and is a useful place for anyone who wants to access free pictures and links.

A useful place to browse and share, joining is simple and without moderation.

Futanari Palace


A futanari fan forum, Futanari Palace is a great online resource offering community news, information and links for anyone interested in finding out more about this style of animated porn.

Members can share their own fan fiction and artwork as well as post links to great sites, videos and images. There are plenty of groups and discussions to join and the site is quite active with over 160,000 members.

The site is free to join and registration is quick and easy, requiring only a valid email address.

Futa Hentai


Specializing in bringing hentai and futanari content to the masses Futa Hentai is a massive site with plenty of resources. They also translate much of the content that they feature and provide a translating service for those mangas where demand is high for an English version.

As well as site lists and movies you can also access free picture galleries and manga comics.

futahentai futanari porn
Futahentai brings a wide range of resources for fans of futanari. Image via website.

Tube Sites

All of the popular tube sites, including XNXX, PornHub and XHamster, all have free clips to view featuring futanari.

The content of these clips varies from live action to animated movies and also includes CGI footage. As with any porn sourced on tube sites, clip length and quality varies depending on the contributor but there are plenty of videos to choose from. Additionally, you can search with other keywords to find more specific content.

HD Porn Comics


HD Porn Comics offers a huge range of comic content with a mixture of fantasies, stories and characters. Their futanari selection is pretty comprehensive and brings a wide choice of comics with most being produced in the US or in the English language.

You can view the content for free as long as you can stand to avoid the adverts as you browse.

Futanari Comics


Another site dedicated to the origins of futanari, Futanari Comics is an online library of specialist comic content featuring futas and other aspects of this niche porn.

Most of the content is in the English language and you can browse the galleries for free.

futanari comics
A simple site with a comprehensive library of comics. Image via website.

Futanari Games

If simply watching futanari isn’t enough then there are plenty of online games where you can get involved in the action with interactive gaming.

Most games are Japanese in origin and as such much of the download and gameplay instructions are also in Japanese (also charged in Yen across some platforms).

However, the 1300+ members of the Futanari Games reddit group are constantly updating the latest games available so you can stay in touch here.

Some of the posts feature games where an element of gameplay is futanari based whilst others are more specialized.

tales of androgyny futanaria porn games
Still being ironed out, the gameplay for Tales of Androgyny is already getting support. Image via website.

One of the most current games which is proving popular is Tales of Androgyny an RPG in early development. Not all the characters are futas but there are enough to garner popular support in the futanari community.

Featured image via Barepass.com