Live Asian Webcams Review: The Best Asian Cams?

Live Asian cam girls are in hot demand, but they’re not always easy to find across the biggest cam sites. Especially if you are looking for Asians who are actually based in Asia!

Well, here’s a site that makes it VERY easy to find them. Featuring the opportunity to not only control the camera of the performers, but also the sex toys they use, Live Asian Webcams offers access to some of the hottest Asian models from across the world.

In this review, we’ll take a look at what types of action are available on the site, the Asian models you can expect to find as a free or premium member, and how much it costs to enjoy a private show…

Live Asian Webcams Review: ‘Take Control’ of Submissive Cam Girls

A review of LiveAsianWebcams
A review of LiveAsianWebcams

As cam sites go this one is pretty easy to navigate and offers free previews of their (many) Asian girls online. Each profile has some basic information and pictures so you can select a suitable cam before committing to spending money.

(Yes, you will need to pay upfront before enjoying any private shows.)

Live Asian Webcams operates a pay for points system and does not require a convoluted detailed registration to get started on the site. A simple membership entitles you to unlimited free previews, cam-to-cam chat with live performers and instant access to a favourite system so you can get back to your favourite performers without any delays.

The site prides itself on the suitability of the girls they offer for a target market that likes their ladies cute, young and submissive. Clearly, they specialise in submissive types, and the way that visitors have the opportunity to control how each session goes is built around… well, let’s just say, “the customer is always right”.

If you are looking for a cam girl to whip you in to shape with dirty talking, whilst commanding you in head to toe leather… you’re using the wrong site, guys.

The Performers

Offering video access to their own homes, there are thousands of Asian models available on LAW though only a few hundred are available at any one time. You can join group chats or pay extra for a private one-to-one with any performer of your choice.

Unlike some cam sites, the performers on Live Asian Webcams are all screened before they can start working on the site. The management team believe that they have selected the ‘filthiest and finest’ Asian girls to promote their brand. Quite a recipe, that one.

We’d love to know the qualifying criteria!

From the selection we viewed there is plenty of variety and, it’s fair to say, most of the girls were incredibly hot. Speaking of the search function, you can access their database of performers by searching on age range, breast size, appearance as well if they have access to remotely operated sex-toys, are new to the site, have a microphone, and much more.

You can also search by the performer’s name.

If you like the look of a particular lady when you search and she is not currently online then you can add her to your favourites and return when she is scheduled to be available. Each performer publishes the times they will be online so you can avoid disappointment.

These girls are based all over the world so timezones are an issue. You may find that your favourite is only available at times that are not exactly ideal.

That said, there’s 24/7 coverage on the site. Just by visiting at a different time you are likely to find all new profiles and all new cams of girls you haven’t seen before.

The girls produce very different shows but all have a big desire to please the men who visit them and are usually more than willing to do anything you ask to get you off.

In fact, the owners of Live Asian Webcams claim to offer some of the ‘kinkiest women on the internet’ and no desire is too much to ask for. Keep in mind, however, that the majority are subs rather than doms.

There are one or two channels where the ethnicity is a bit ambiguous and are certainly not Asian but the vast majority will float your boat if you are looking for Asian girls.

In fact, out of a hundred girls online at any time, the vast majority (90%) will be Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean or Thai.

Take a look at the homepage for an idea of the types of live shows on offer at any given moment.

The Cams

The cams have a chatplayer feature which allows you to interact with the models in any way you wish.

This can be via simple SMS or via a 2-way video link with mic. The chat system allows you to ‘touch, lick or kiss’ a model where you wish as well as ‘cum’ over a part of their body.

A virtual gimmick, the best feature is by far the controllable sex toys where you (and others in a group chat) can control the toys being used. These vary from simple vibrators and electro-stimulation devices to fucking machines.

Needless to say, having the ability to ‘control’ some of the cute young sweeties broadcasting live is a major sell.

It breaks through any language barrier and provides an interactive experience that, while not perfect, does indeed make the private shows infinitely sexier.

Live Asian Cam Girls

Prices on Live Asian Webcams

A trial membership starts at $2.95 which gives you 5 points to start off with. The site does not charge hidden fees or charge your credit card on an evergreen system so you only pay for the points you want to top your account up with.

1 point costs between $1.80 and $2.50 depending upon the package you purchase and with them you can access:

  • 1 minute of chat
  • 30 seconds of private time
  • 1 private message
  • 30 seconds of remote use of sex toy

You will need to make sure that you have enough points before starting any session with a performer as you can get cut off mid-way through a session if you run out of credits. This is hardly ideal if you are ‘enjoying the moment’.

You can also earn points across the site for being a frequent visitor. Loyalty pays.

Keep in mind that points expire after 2 years and are non-refundable. So don’t be squirrelling them away expecting to earn interest!

The prices here are pretty reasonable, and they are consistent with SakuraLive, the flagship Japanese cam site that is owned by the same company.

See more: the best Japanese cams.

Our Verdict

Want to view some sexy Asian ladies on webcam?

There’s no doubt that Live Asian Webcams is one of the top Asian-specific cams portals on the web.

Admittedly, it doesn’t have as many ladies as the mega international cam sites, but if it’s only Asian girls you’re interested in, then this is one site that you’ll definitely want to check out.

We suggest visiting at different times in the day to ensure you experience the full diversity of live streams on offer.

Have you cammed with any of the girls on LAW?

Let us know your experiences and personal Live Asian Webcams user reviews below.