R18 Review

Love JAV porn? Want to know where to find the biggest and best selection to stream instantly?

R18 is an adult VOD platform which hoses up on its rivals including the likes of Hot Movies and Adult Empire. When it comes to Japanese adult content, R18 has it all to offer. With over 300,000 authentic JAV titles covering all the main studios and JAV stars, they are a powerhouse of Asian porn. With options to download or stream the titles you buy, this Netflix style platform gives you the ultimate in flexibility and you only pay for what you want to watch.

In this R18 review, we take a closer look at this popular JAV on-demand streaming service including what kind of content you can find and how much it will cost you.

Japanese VOD Platform

The way we watch premium porn online has been changing a lot over the last decade and most audiences now want a variety in their content that a single studio can’t offer.

Instead of signing up with just one porn site we want a platform which can offer us a range of genres and styles as well as eras.

What we want from our premium porn sites is a service like Netflix!

Well, R18 is just such a platform and is one which specializes in Japanese adult movies.

R18 JAV porn

Ranked as one of the top 150 adult websites in the world and attracting more than 18 million visitors per month, R18 is THE place to go for all your JAV content.

And its not just popular in Japan, this site is ranking in the United States, Taiwan, China and Hong Kong as well as right across Europe. Why? Because this site is designed for English-speaking fans of Japanese adult movies.

Available in English and with prices available to view in multiple currencies, it’s perfect for international subscribers.

Huge Range of Japanese AV Movies on R18

R18 has more than 300,000 movies in its library and this covers a massive range of genres from popular mainstream categories like Big Tits, MILF and Lesbian through to some fetishes and kinks including:

  • Scatology
  • Bukkake
  • Fan Appreciation/Home Visits
  • Foot Fetish
  • Muscular
  • Stepfamily/Taboo Family
  • Car Sex
  • Cosplay
  • Vomit
  • Object Insertion
  • BDSM

This being a Japanese porn site, the niche areas covered might have you scratching your head at times but you’re guaranteed to be getting original and authentic titles here.

And, if you really want the real deal then you even have the choice of streaming those titles which include digital mosaics and without any subtitles or dubbing.

japanese porn on R18 review

The site is easy to navigate and you can quickly search for movies by performer, category or studio as well as browsing through their own menus which include:

  • Top Categories: Creampies, married woman, cheating wife, titty fuck, blowjob, nymphomaniac etc.
  • Porn by Situation: Lookalikes, teachers, maids, priestess, super heroine, martial arts, princesses & mademoiselles etc.
  • Porn by Costume: Kimono, Chinese dress, leotard, school uniform, sailor uniform, bunny girl etc.
  • Porn by Genre: Drama, horror, fetish, gay, documentary, voyeur, BDSM, sci-fi, thriller etc.
  • Porn by ‘Play’ (or, action): 69, fisting, squirting, facial, domination, fingering, handjob etc.
  • Porn by Type: Small tits, big tits, bitch, chubby, big asses, etc.

There is also a really interesting selection filed under Other which includes:

  • Staff Picks
  • Best Actress Compilation
  • Special Smartphone Vertical Edition
  • Confessional
  • Over 4 Hours
  • FANZA Exclusive
  • Sale

If you are having difficulty choosing from anywhere else then we can definitely recommend hitting some of these miscellaneous sections up for some interesting surprises.

JAV porn site r18

Image Search on R18

One feature we really like on R18 which would be great to see on some other premium porn sites is the image search function.

So if you’ve watched some JAV porn and liked what you see but not sure who the performers are then visitors to the site can upload an image of a face and the site does the rest.

Top Japanese VR Porn

Of course, this being a Japanese porn site there is obviously a good deal of VR porn which you can stream.

In total, there are almost 10,000 VR videos to watch and these cover just as wide a range of genres and categories as the main selection of JAV content on the site.

Hentai Porn on R18

Originating in Japan but popular around the world, you haven’t seen hentai porn until you’ve watched the real deal. The genre is often copied but these authentic adult Japanese XXX movies can really push the boat out with weird fantasies and fetishes.

Sometimes covering the more taboo areas, these are genuine Japanese titles which feature the original voiceovers but often include digital mosaics.

hentai porn on r18

Amateur Porn on R18

Far from being a dogpile of badly shot home movies, this section of the R18 site showcases new talent

Sort of a like a newcummers section full of sexy little debutantes, you can find fresh faces added to this area on a daily basis.

What we like about this area is that the prices are often far cheaper than the professional porn and you can pick up some great content here for just a few bucks.

Watch Premium Japanese Porn on Roku

Not only do porn fans want more choice with what kind of content they watch on but we also want a choice of how we watch.

Fortunately, R18 has a couple of options and as well as being able to stream or download your movies on your computer or mobile device but you can also link your Roku device.

This means that you can enjoy your entire R18 library in high definition on your big screen TV.

The R18 Roku service is available at no extra charge.

R18 roku JAV porn VOD site review

How Much is R18?

You can sign up for a free account with R18 which will give you access to 100,000 free samples of some of the most popular JAV titles on their site.

Plus, all new registered users will get a free feature length movie!

Having an account will let you follow studios, performers and series as well as create your own wish lists.

But if you want to watch content in full then you will be paying premium prices.

Every single title on the site is priced individually and there’s no hard and fast guidelines about what you’ll be paying.

For recent releases you are probably going to be paying anything from $10-$20 for an HD download and streaming but there are a lot of flash sales and bargains for under $5.

Top Japanese Porn Studios on Channels

Although R18 offers exclusive and curated content from a range of independent and major studios, paying for individual movies can add up.  

So, R18 offers premium subscription for up to 17 studios meaning you can watch thousands of titles from each channel at a fixed cost.

Studios are curated by their niche area and include famous creators like Moodyz, S1 No 1 Style and Soft on Demand.

You can also find popular channels like Playgirl, AV Station and HHH or fetish studios like Mania, Paradise TV and Mature Women.

JAV porn channels r18 review

Prices vary depending on the studio but are between $20 and $35 per month or you can purchase an All Channel Pass which works out at around $80 per month and lets you watch all 300,000 videos as and when you please!

Earn as You Spend

As a way to reward customer loyalty on the site, R18 offers a generous 5% cashback program on all your purchases.

Get The Latest Japanese Porn Releases

With so much content to choose from and new titles hitting the site on a regular basis it pays to sign up to the R18 newsletter.

Not only do they send you exclusive previews of new and upcoming content but you’ll also be the first to know about any new releases, AV debutantes and Japanese porn industry news.

R18 Review: The #1 Japanese Porn Streaming Site?

If you love Japanese porn then you are going to love R18. Period.

There are no other websites which come close to competing with them for JAV content in terms of sheer volume and range of titles. But what we like best is that they are catering specifically to a Western audience.

Not only is the whole site set-up in English language with multiple currencies but they also offer English-support.

R18 JAV porn VOD

We love the idea of streaming content and paying as you go but we can easily see how this will add up quite quickly even with just a handful of titles. Which is why the subscription service is definitely worth checking out.

Okay, so $80 a month is a big price to pay but with this much content available to see, its definitely a justified price if you are someone who watches a lot of JAV porn.

If the price tag takes your breath away then why not consider a subscription to just one of the channels on R18. At a price of $20 a month, you could still be enjoying thousands of Japanese adult films. A studio like AV Station, for instance, has more than 38,000 movies.

Any of the channel subscriptions can be trialled for two days at a price of $0.92 so you can try before you commit to buy.

And, don’t forget that if you sign up for a FREE account then you can watch a sample of ALL 300,000 movies PLUS you get a free feature length movie to kick your library off.

Our final word?

R18 is a site which sells itself and if you are looking for the biggest and best selection of Japanese adult content then you won’t find many more options worth your time.

Sign up on R18 to get your next fix!

All featured images via R18.