Japan Escorts

Looking for some adult company whilst you are in Japan?

Escort services can be found across the major cities but not all escorts are gaijin friendly, speak English or provide a good service. Navigating Japan’s escort scene can also take more than just deep pockets and a few words of Japanese.

In this guide, we take a look at Japan’s escorts and provide you with information on the best agencies and independent directories to use.

Escorts and the Law

Prostitution in Japan is illegal but the globally grey area of the escort service is alive and well. In Japan, the agencies are pretty explicit about the fact that you are paying for sexual services with their escorts. However, sexual services of many kinds are fully legal in Japan. Confused? Read more in our guide to Sex in Japan to discover why some sex acts are allowed and others are not.

Escorts in Japan

Whilst the escort market in Japan is largely Japanese, there are also plenty of foreigners who provide escort services. These can be from neighbouring China, Korea and Thailand but also include Europe (Eastern Europeans are popular) and The Americas.

There are three ways of employing the services of an escort; via an agency, via an independent directory advertisement or by responding to a free classifieds ad.

Japanese Escorts

Japanese girls (or J-girls) are in demand with both locals and sex tourists. Culturally it would seem that they have an embedded and strong desire to please. With the attractive feminine traits, innocence and demureness being prized in Japanese society, J-girls know how to give good GFE.

Many escorts will cater only to Japanese men as they understand the cultural quirks of what turns their fellas on. Not only that but some J-girls don’t speak anything but Japanese. There can also be some xenophobia towards foreigners (or gaijins) so it’s important to choose an escort that services non-natives.

Alternatives to Escorts

If you are looking for an out-call experience to your hotel with full-service then escorts are the best way to achieve this. However, there are also plenty of ways to get satisfaction in all the main cities and these can work out cheaper. Blowjob bars, soaplands and image clubs are one way to experience an authentic Japanese night out. Don’t be put off by the rumours that all salons don’t service foreigners. There are plenty of places that are happy to take your money, including those in Tobita Shinchi in Osaka or Yoshiwara in Tokyo.

For more information on what alternatives you can find, read our guide to sex in Japan.

Japan Escort Agencies

Some of Japan’s escort agencies are set up as agencies only whilst others also operate another business from which escorts can operate. These tend to be massage salons or brothels with an out-call service.

UPDATE 2019: Please note, due to tighter advertising controls over the escort industry, we can no longer provide links to agencies or directories operating in this region. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Looking for Easier Thrills?

If you’re too lazy to arrange a meeting with an escort, or are looking for something a little more discreet, there are plenty of live sex show options where you can enjoy an intimate encounter through your laptop or mobile device.

Cam sites are a great lazy fix.

You simply sign up, search through amateur models, pick out your favourite and start a live sex chat. She’ll perform for you live in her bedroom…while you chat away and get your rocks off!

We’ve already covered some of the best Asian cam sites — two of our top recommendations for getting started are Chaturbate and My Free Cams. Enjoy.

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