Sites Like nHentai: The Best Alternatives

Looking for some unique and unusual hentai content?

Nhentai is a user-submitted hosting site that specializes in adult manga, anime and hentai work.

From cartoons, comics and pictures, it offers a dog-pile of some of the most imaginative and freaky amateur cartoon and comic porn.

Covering niche fetishes and kinks such as midgets, ear fucking and dick nipples(!) to femdom, double penetration and tentacles there is a little (or a lot) of everything to float your boat.

Below we take a closer look at this popular user-submitted adult manga site and the kind of content you can expect. We’ll also give you some alternatives with the best sites like nHentai.

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The Best Sites Like nHentai

What is nHentai?

Nhentai is a Japanese ‘Doujinshi’ site; the term referring to ‘self-published’ (or amateur) manga works.

Offering a free library of user-submitted hentai, anime and manga content, the site is a great way to discover new artists and read (mostly) Japanese style porn comics.

Available in English language, Chinese and Japanese, Nhentai is a one-stop shop for your free amateur hentai content.

The site is currently ranked the 11th most visited adult website in the world (119th of all websites in Japan and 127th in the world!) with more than 87 million visitors each month.

nhentai review
Content on Nhentai is user-submitted and covers a wide range of genres. Image via Nhentai

What Content Is On Nhentai?

The content on the site is a mix of comics, sketches and original pieces of artwork mainly based on the Japanese manga style. There are lots of parodies but just as many completely original pieces of work.

All of the content on the site is tagged, often with some great keywords that are both descriptive and useful yet there are pages and pages of some very odd tags indeed; mainly anglicized Japanese (rokuyaka, fudou harumi, haibara etc) but there also some pretty niche fetish (and somtimes ‘taboo’) categories too, including:

  • Wooden Horse (186)
  • Stomach Deformation (4,094)
  • Penis Birth (2)
  • Armpit Sex (1,012)
  • Forniphilia/’human furniture’ fetish (179)

By far the most popular tagged content is ‘big breasts’ (94,360) along with ‘schoolgirl uniform’ (52,426), ‘bondage’ (32,455) and ‘anal’ (59,264).

Futunari (or ‘dickgirls’) is another popular category and there are more than 21,000 entries, each with multiple pages of content.

As well as being able to browse content by tags, artists, parodies and categories, there is also a search function. If you are registered member, you can also customize your own tags to ‘blacklist’ those that are of no interest to you as well as mark content in your ‘Favorites’ folder.

As to the question of how much content you get here on Nhentai…an inexhaustible supply. On top of a huge archive of hundreds of thousands of comics, cartoons and sketches, there is also fresh new material being uploaded every day.

Despite the site featuring amateur work, the quality here can actually be really good; yet, there is plenty of content that will leave you scratching your head or at very least make you curious….scrotal lingerie anyone?

Is Nhentai Free To Use?


Access to the content on Nhentai is completely free and all you need to do is register a username and password so you can log in. You don’t even need to register an email, although doing so does give you a way to get a reminder on your log in details if you forget them.

As a member you can save content to your ‘Favorites’ folder as well as comment on any work across the site. However, there is no community as such and there are no plans to create one with anything like a forum.

Best Sites Like Nhentai

If you like the kind of content being offered by Nhentai then we have a dozen or so alternative sites that have a similar kind of style.

You might also be interested in our guides to the best Reddit Hentai subs, as well as the premium porn site: Hentai Pros.

Let’s get started with the list!


sites like Nhentai 9hentai
Image via website.

Actually a Russian site that is popular in the United States and Thailand as well as in its home country, 9Hentai gets around 675,000 visitors each month.

Another site that offers free amateur hentai art work including porn comics and single images plus doujinshi reader, 9Hentai is one of the most similar sites to Nhentai in terms of design and functionality.

In terms of range of content, there is pretty much everything here that you could think of searching for from fetishes as diverse as coprophilia and dinosaurs to dick girls, gaping and double penetration.

The major difference here is the volume of the content and 9Hentai just doesn’t compete when it comes to the sheer amount of galleries and comics available.

If you like the feel of Nhentai but just want an alternative place to search for some obscure tags, artists and genres then this would be a perfect choice.


sites like Nhentai asm hentai
Image via website.

With its simple and basic design and search interface, ASM Hentai is popular because it is easy to use.

The site gets around 3.5 million visitors each month, mainly from Japan and it has a nice collection of hentai in a variety of genres with all of the major bases covered when it comes to interests. From parodies and comics to fetish and kinks, you should be able to find something within its 61,000+ English Language galleries which will be of interest. However, there is an even bigger selection of content if you want Japanese and Chinese language material.

Although 100% free to view, you can register an account to be able to save your favorites.


sites like Nhentai doujins
Image via website.

A stylish and simple site that orders its home page by the date content is submitted. This is a great idea and gives you an at-a-glance look at new material submitted to the site.

When it comes to searching the archives, there are plenty of filters and tools to find content as far ranging as gang bang and gender bending to pegging and succubus. The only thing this content has in common is that it is all in the hentai style.

A basic (and free) account will give you access to 15,000+ galleries, 380+ movies and a mobile user interface to view the content more readily. However, this site also offers a premium upgrade which effectively doubles the amount of material you can view, all for a cost of $19 per month. This includes some content that has been exclusively translated by the site.

Doujins regularly gets more than 3 million visitors each month ranking it in the top 500 adult website in the world which is no mean feat for a website whose stock and trade is free cartoons!


sites like Nhentai fakku
Image via website.

More popular in North America and parts of Western Europe than sites like AsmHentai, Fakku can’t compete with some of the others on this list by way of sheer volume but there does seem to be more of a focus on quality here.

In total there is only around 700 galleries from which to view manga, anime and hentai comics which means that there is certainly less diversity when it comes to tags, genres and content.

However, the site does offer free games and a community forum as well.

You can only view the files on offer here if you create a free account.


sites like Nhentai hbrowse
Image via website.

Compared to Nhentai and all the other sites on this list, HBrowse is pretty basic in the looks department. Mainly a text-based browsing system with no thumbnails on the welcome page, it lacks the instant visual appeal and excitement that you expect from manga and hentai sites.

That being said, the clean lines and plain backdrop do make it a little easier to navigate the main screen to browse for content. Once you get into the category of your choosing, there are thumbnails of the comics and images. You can also browse via a range of options, including by:

  • Title
  • Popularity
  • Artist
  • Genre (action, adventure, myth etc)
  • Type (furry, harem, vanilla etc)
  • Setting (beach, church, amusement park etc)
  • Fetish (latex, school girl, uniform etc)
  • Role (alien, doctor, warrior, teacher etc)
  • Relationship (cousin, babysitter, wife, workmate etc)
  • Scene (adultery, interracial, swingers, CFNM etc)
  • Position (69, doggy, lotus, cowgirl etc)
  • Origin
  • Length
  • Date Added

An advance browsing feature also allows you to find content via a combination of these options.

As for the content here, it is very much the same mix as available on Nhentai and all of it is totally free to view.

Hentai Cafe

sites like Nhentai hentai cafe
Image via website.

Though not quite as popular as some of the other sites on this list, Hentai Café still manages to receive traffic in the region of 1 million visitors each month. Part of this is down to the fact that there is only a fraction of the content available when compared to sites like Nhentai. At the time of our review, there was only around 4.5k galleries of images to view.

Another reason is the simplicity of the site’s design and functionality. You can search using frequently used tags which are limited in choice or use the free text search tool.

Irrespective of the basic design and limited archives, the site does offer all of its content for free and there is some nice material to view here. Worth a look but don’t expect too much.


sites like Nhentai hentai 2 read
Image via website.

With monthly visitor numbers in excess of 13 million, Hentai2Read is in the top 100 adult websites in the world and is popular in both North and South America as well as Western Europe.

A direct competitor to Nhentai, this site offers far more functionality and extras plus its is very well designed. Just like Nhentai, you can search for your manga content by a variety of tags but you can also use an advanced search feature using categories as well as tags plus additional filters like artist, release date and character names.

Hentai2Read also offers bonus hentai games plus a members’ forum which provides a useful community with which to share links for other content.

Registration to use the site is free and you can access a huge archive of content here (more than 50,000 galleries) without spending a dime.


sites like Nhentai hentai here
Image via website.

With more than 1.5 million visitors each month Hentai Here has a large following of adult manga fans looking for free and original content.

Unlike Nhentai, this site has a much more detailed way to search their collection of comics, images and animations.

There are over 27,000 bodies of work available to view for free and these can be filtered in a variety of ways to help you find the kind of material you like, including:

  • Artist
  • Language
  • Category
  • Convention
  • Tags
  • Characters

Covering everything taboo from Incest and Bestiality to Rape and Scat, there is nothing off limits here but there is also a good deal of less ‘deviant’ content as well.

It’s a great collection of free hentai content but there are lots of annoying redirects and popups that you need to navigate around. Obviously, monetizing a site t his large is important to keep it running smoothly but with windows opening up every time you search, it does detract from the user experience.

Nevertheless, Hentai Here is ranked in the top 800 adult websites worldwide and is well worth checking out.


sites like Nhentai pururin
Image via website.

With more than 34,000 works uploaded by amateur artists, Pururin offers a free reader for you to enjoy plenty of adult manga comics.

Similarly to all of the other sites on this list, the content here is diverse with every kind of genre, scene and setting being covered here. As with Nhentai, the tags here are pretty unusual and there are almost too many to be able to find what you are looking for. However, there are some useful filters you can use to narrow this down with. There’s also a good ‘Random’ feature which delivers you a result you might not be expecting.

The quality varies considerably but if you register an account you can start to build up a collection of your favorite artists to view in the online reader.

Unlike Nhentai, the site also provides a forum for registered users to share their thoughts on the genre and any of the content they find on this, and other, site(s).

Simply Hentai

sites like Nhentai simply hentai
Image via website.

Part of the Simply Network which also runs a cosplay site, Simply Hentai is anything but simply a hentai site.

Offering a mixed bag of fun stuff like games, GIFs and videos on top of the manga content, Simply Hentai is available in English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Russian and several European languages.

However, when it comes to style of the animation, comics and drawings available, it is hentai that is front and center. From original works to parodies, everything you find on the site firmly belongs to this popular Japanese genre or adult content.

As with most other forms of hentai, everything is on offer here from deviant and taboo sexual acts to vanilla and all flavors in between.

Regularly reaching monthly audience figures in excess of 10 million people, Simply Hentai is ranked in the top 200 adult websites in the world and is popular across Asia as well as in the United States, Germany and France.

Register as an artist and you can upload your work or register as a basic member to view all of the content on offer here.

Featured image via Nhentai.