Country Guides

Country Guides

Our country guides include everything you need to know about the various sex scenes across the vast territory of Asia.

Here you will find specific information about each country’s adult industry trends, prostitution laws, traditional adult services, porn viewing figures, local ways to hook up, and much more.

As you might expect, these vary dramatically across the spectrum of Asia’s conservative and liberally minded destinations.

Browse Asia Sex Guides by Country

Select your country of choice by locating it on our map, or by using our A-Z list (recommended for geographically small city-states such as Hong Kong, Singapore!)

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Tip: If you have a specific city in mind, refer to our separate city guides portal.

A-Z of Country Guides

Extensive Asia Insights

Interested in the raunchier red-lit side of Asia?

We have spent hundreds of hours researching and compiling our country guides to provide the most in-depth coverage of Asia’s adult industries that you’ll find anywhere on the web.

For each country, we examine all of the essential need-to-knows for anybody looking to indulge in local adult entertainment.

Our guides include the local sex laws (what’s legal, what’s not, and what goes on between the lines…), adult industry trends, culture, customs, and attitudes towards sex.

Local Features Added Every Week

Besides our country guides, we have dozens of local city guides — and brand new profiles added every week.

Our city guides go one step further than the country guides by spotlighting the various services that make up each region’s adult industry. That includes everything from strip clubs to swinger clubs, great bars to hookup, and great local sites for arranging a ‘casual encounter’ and more.

We also publish weekly features profiling various services, venues and adult attractions from right across Asia.

To find these, visit our blog or select a country from our map – or A-Z list – then browse the sidebar (or scroll down on mobile) to view local features and reviews.

Why Are Some Countries Missing?

As you’ll notice from our map, there are some countries missing.

In some cases, we simply haven’t gotten round to creating the necessary guide for a particular country. (Each of these guides takes many hours to compile!)

In other cases, we have chosen not to publish guides as some Asian countries do not have enough documented resources for us to compile one accurately. The adult services in a particular country may be so fledging, or so un-Internet-worthy, that we couldn’t possibly keep track of them.