Sex in Singapore

The city-state of Singapore is a melting pot of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences. This is one of the most popular destinations in South East Asia, albeit one that is seen as a closed book when it comes to sex.

Singapore is notoriously traditionalist in its views of sex, homosexuality and one night stands. And yet it also houses Geylang; one of the most famous red light districts in the world. Similarly, Orchard Road is legendary for its shopping options… but it also has a tower referred to as the Four Floors of Whores. What gives?!

In this guide, we’ll take a look at Sex in Singapore. We’ll look at how easy (or tough) it is to pick-up Singaporean women, as well as the various adult services on offer for those willing to pay for their thrills (the most famous being Seeking Arrangement, Adult Friend Finder and C-Date).

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A Guide to Sex in Singapore

The Singapore Sex Guide
The Singapore Sex Guide

Attitudes Towards Sex In Singapore

The attitude towards sex in Singapore is largely conservative and traditional.

It says much about the cultural view of casual sex that Singapore’s large red light district, and the entire prostitution industry, is held together by imported sex workers from countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Korea and the Philippines.

Casual sex within the context of a one night stand is unusual amongst Singapore women, although there are still some options for hooking up. The act of prostitution itself is even rarer.

Public displays of affection are generally frowned upon in Singaporean society, as is nudity and any kinds of drunken debauchery.

In one famous incident, the clothes giant Abercrombie and Fitch had to remove an advertisement from their Orchard Road store as it featured a half naked man that a citizens group deemed was ‘immodest’.

If you are coming to Singapore with the intentions of having sex with some native Singaporean women, you will almost certainly have your work cut out.

However, paradoxically, if you are happy to have sex with Thais, Indonesians, Filipinas and other Asian ladies, you will be spoiled for choice.

Many of them are here on short term visas precisely for the reason of making money from sex tourists — before sending the capital home, where it is worth a lot given Singapore’s strong currency and higher cost of full service.

Singapore One Night Stands

If you want to have a one night stand in Singapore, chances are you will have a lot more luck by heading straight to the party scene.

Picking up girls in bars and hotel lobbies for a night of passion and then going your separate ways?

With a native… that’s just not going to happen.

As with many destinations, the younger generation is adopting a more liberal attitude towards one night stands and hook-ups. But there is still a noticeably more conservative culture towards sex outside of relationships. If you are looking for the more ‘liberally minded’ locals outside of nightclubs (SG sex!), the best places to search online are AFF and C-Date – both good online pickup tools.

Singaporean girls are sexy but conservative, pic from Flickr by maxtacy
Singaporean girls are sexy but conservative, pic from Flickr by maxtacy

How To Meet Women in Singapore

Here are some of the top bars and clubs for meeting women:

KPO Cafe Bar — 1 Killiney Rd, 239518 — The Central Orchard location means this place is full of office girls. [facebook]

New Asia Bar — Level 70, Equinox Complex, Swissotel The Stamford, 178882 — A largely expat crowd, where you’ll have much more luck picking up ladies.

Kinki — 70 Collyer Quay #02-02 Customs House, 049323 — Lively atmosphere without being so loud that you can’t hear the women you’re talking to. Considered a meeting place of the ‘working class’. [website]

Wine Bar, Zouk — 17 Jiak Kim St, 169420 — Friendly atmosphere, lots of mingling with locals in one of Singapore’s top social bars. Some stunning ladies here. [website]

Best Singapore Dating Sites

If you’ve come to this site, we’re guessing you are primarily interested in casual dating and hooking up.

For hooking up in Singapore, we can recommend four sites, each with their own pros and cons:

C-Date Singapore [Sign up here]

C-Date Singapore

C-Date is one of the world’s largest casual dating platforms and it has a large following in Singapore, particularly in the over 30s crowd.

Most of the women speak excellent English (as is the norm throughout Singapore), and it’s a good place to connect for casual dating.

Seeking Arrangement [Sign up here]

Seeking Arrangement

Looking for a Friends With Benefits (FWB) arrangement? Seeking Arrangement is a platform connecting affluent and successful men with beautiful women.

If you have money, but no time – or no success with conventional dating – this is a shortcut to meeting some of Singapore’s finest ladies.

Asia Friend Finder [Sign up here] [Read our Asia Friend Finder review]


A popular platform with millions of profiles, including many women based in Singapore.

Asian Match Mate [Sign up here] [Read our Asian Match Mate review]

Asian Match Mate

Another site designed for casual encounters with a large presence in South East Asia.

Best Singapore Dating Apps

Stepping away from the popular dating sites, Singapore has a number of apps that can be used to meet women and rapidly expand your social circles.

Our top picks include:

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Happn

Our experience of these apps is that response rates aren’t as high as in other parts of Asia, and it’s difficult to separate the time wasters from the bunch. They’re free to use though, so why not give them a try?

Best Singapore Cam Sites

Want to watch Singaporean girls live on cam?

We’ve yet to find any dedicated Singapore cam sites, but there’s one site we can recommend:

Live Sex Asian – [View the site here]


Live Sex Asian (part of the LiveJasmin network) has 1000s of native Asian girls, including a few dozen Singaporean natives that broadcast on a daily basis.

Use the tagging system to browse popular models.

Remember that the authentic Singaporean models are most likely broadcasting in the evening Singapore Time (GMT+8).

Prostitution in Singapore

Prostitution in Singapore follows the lead of similar Asian destinations whereby the act of prostitution itself is legal, but it is illegal to make money from the earnings of a prostitute, or via a brothel.

It is a rather complicated situation, and the law is only partially enforced.

In reality, there are many brothels located in a controlled and semi-regulated region of Geylang. Prostitutes are required to undergo regular health checks and to carry a health card at all times.

While the police will occasionally crack down on brothels outside of designated red light areas, the reason is usually to control immigration rather than prostitution.

Prostitution in Singapore is an industry dominated by women from overseas. Migrant sex workers come from Thailand, Cambodia and Korea, as well as from Eastern Europe (Russia and Ukraine).

Many of these women will enter Singapore on temporary visas to make a fast buck from the lucrative escorting scene.

If a venue is suspected of hosting women who have overstayed their visas, this is when you are likely to hear of police raids.

It is rare to find local Singaporean women involved with the sex trade, other than the extremely high end escorts (who charge thousands) or the extremely poor.

Red Light Districts

The most famous red light district in Singapore is, of course, Geylang.

The small chaotic side streets of Geylang are home to hundreds of prostitutes who will loiter around openly seeking customers after night fall.

The notorious Geylang Road
The notorious Geylang Road, image from Flickr via daarwasik

This area has a number of whore houses and brothels; some of which are tolerated by the law, others that are raided for various demeanours.

Geylang is where working class Singaporean men will go to buy sex. It also attracts plenty of tourists.

In contrast, the Orchard Towers on Orchard Road mark a different type of clientele and a higher concentration of after-work punters.

Orchard Towers is infamously known as the Four Floors of Whores, due to the adult entertainment that is available there. You’ll find a lot of Eastern European prostitutes here, as well as high-end Asian freelancers, and some of them would be considered ‘elite’ in how much they charge.

Other smaller red light districts around Singapore include Petain Road (for older hookers), Desker Road (just half a kilometre from Petain) and Keong Saik Road (with two long-surviving brothels located close to the Foong Kee Coffeeshop).

The brothels of Keong Saik Road are said to be a nostalgic experience for older customers. They are much the same today as they were at the height of their trade in the 1960s.

Street Hookers

Each of the red light districts above is home to a number of street hookers.

They are easy to spot. The direct eye contact is a giveaway, especially compared to the reticence of most Asian women.

Street prostitutes can be found all over Geylang after dark. If you pick up one of these sex workers, you will most likely take her/him (there are male and trans prostitutes too) to what is known as a ‘love hotel’ — short-stay accommodation that turns a blind eye to sexual transactions and very quick departures.

Brothels, Escorts and Massage

We’ve compiled three separate guides to the most popular adult services around SG, including brothels, escorts and erotic massage parlours.

The Price of Sex

The price of full sex in Singapore depends on the circumstances.

Some street hookers will offer full service for as little as S$30-50, especially around Petain and Keong Saik Roads. An average price for a street prostitute is around S$50-80, with the best of the bunch attracting over S$100.

This is roughly in line with the many Geylang brothels.

Some customer seeking a more intimate or relaxed experience might choose to hire an escort. These ladies can be hired as freelancers (advertising their own services) or via agencies (who will find a suitable match based on client needs).

Freelancers often cost around S$75-300, with charges based on the number of hours required.

Some of the elite SG escorts will charge well over S$500 per hour.

Like all major destinations, Singapore has a rich and diverse ‘luxury companion’ market.

LBGT Scene in Singapore

Singapore is famous for having some of the harshest laws in the region when it comes to gay rights.

Despite this, the city-state maintains a healthy and eclectic LGBT scene with a number of popular gay bars, saunas and bathhouses.

Some of the top gay bars to look out for include:

  • Tantric Bar — 78 Neil Road, Singapore
  • Taboo — 65-67 Neil Road, Singapore
  • Backstage Bar — 80 Neil Road, Singapore
  • OUT Bar — 43 Neil Road, Singapore
  • Dorothy’s Bar — 13A Trengganu Street, Singapore

As you might guess, Neil Road is very much the place to be if you are looking to explore Singapore’s lively gay scene.

Singapore Strip Clubs

Are there any good strip clubs in Singapore?



Strip clubs just aren’t a thing here.

You might find some of the seedier clubs advertising strip shows, but these are a far cry from the exotic showgirl displays that you’d associate to some Asian countries, e.g. Thailand’s go-go bars.

And they certainly won’t include full nudity.

The typically bright lights of a KTV clubr.
The typically bright lights of a KTV club, the closest thing Singapore has to strip bars. Image via surveying on Flickr.

If you are dead set on a striptease, you’ll have to pay for the thrill by hiring an escort who offers it as an extra service.

Whilst Singapore strip clubs are sadly nowhere to be seen, you will certainly find a few KTVs and adult karaoke venues. These are Japanese style hostess clubs, often frequented by Asian men looking to enjoy a relaxed evening of entertainment with some beautiful company (and their friends).

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