Sex in Hong Kong

Welcome to our complete guide to sex in Hong Kong.

Are you looking to indulge in some adult entertainment on HK Island or around Kowloon? Interested in visiting one of the area’s infamous one-woman brothels or karaoke clubs?

In this guide, we’ll be looking at the many different sides to the Hong Kong sex scene, including everything from the cultural attitudes towards sex, how to find a one night stand, adult services, and even how to put the local classified websites to good use.

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The Hong Kong Sex Guide
The Hong Kong Sex Guide

Attitudes to Sex

For many years, Hong Kong was seen as traditional and conservative in its attitude towards sex.

Amongst both Chinese women and men, there are clear signs that these attitudes are changing.

Young women are slowly becoming empowered to enjoy their sexual freedoms, aided by a culture that is gradually putting aside a reputation for fierce ‘slut-shaming’.

What is causing this?

Well, many Chinese women are delaying marriage to pursue careers — another sign of the changing times — and given the traditionally held beliefs of ‘no sex before marriage’… this is causing a friction in the bedroom, or lack thereof.

One factor that surely speeds up this loosening of attitudes towards sex is Hong Kong’s position as a metropolitan capital of the world.

Western influence has pushed liberal progression harder and faster in Hong Kong than you would ever expect in mainland China. Western women have long since embraced their own sexual freedoms.

This all adds to a melting pot of diverse cultures where sex is no longer taboo.

Does that make Hong Kong a hub for casual sex and no-strings fun?

If it does, it’s a stilted one.

While attitudes are changing, this is not the sort of place where a man can expect to be bombarded with attention from horny promiscuous HK ladies in every bar or club.

The cultural norms are still such that native Hong Kong women will often appear reserved and traditional.

There is a tremendous amount of ‘face’ to be observed, and while casual sex is becoming increasingly common, you’d do well to keep your expectations in check to avoid disappointment.

Hong Kong One Night Stands

If you are looking for a one night stand in Hong Kong, you can certainly find women who are up for fun.

Your life is made much easier if you are a high flying banking or insurance executive, preferably one with plenty of female connections via your multinational. The central business district is rife with schmoozing, false laughter and office-driven shenanigans.

By comparison, your best chance of hooking up with Asian girls or Hong Kong natives is to head to the bars and clubs that are known as westernised hang-outs.

So, again, the central and western districts.

Here the traditional Western culture of complete indifference to one night stands is likely to hold strong, regardless of the ethnicity or nationality.

One unspoken and leading factor behind the rise of Hong Kong hook-ups is improving technology.

Hugely popular social media tools, like the dating app Momo and the messenger WeChat, have made it far easier for the Chinese community to socialise and flirt.

Many men search for (and find) one night stands on Hong Kong Island by mastering the local social networks and putting themselves out there.

Popular Night Spots

Heading out with the intention of meeting women in HK?

Where should you go?

The most obvious choice is the infamous Lan Kwai Fong (LKF) district. It is situated just next to Central and is a mere 5 minute stroll from the MRT.

This area is dominated by bars, clubs and very loud music.

You don’t even need to venture in to the bars to get lucky in LKF. Many locals will drink outside the 7/11s and lap up what can only be described as crowded street parties.

The spontaneous vibe is great for meeting women; both local Chinese girls and Western tourists.

If you don’t have any luck in the bars, there’s a few excellent clubs in this area.

Those include:

  • Volar: 44 D’Aguilar St, Central [website]
  • Deja VU: First Floor, 17 Lan Kwai Fong, Central [website]
  • Dragon-i: The Centrium, 60 Wyndham St, Central [website]

As a general rule, if you want to enjoy success with the ladies in a Hong Kong night club, dress like a wealthy SOB and put on your best banker face.

This is a one night stand culture where looks may be deceiving, but the local women don’t really care. The wealthier you look, and the cleaner cut, the better.

Prostitution in Hong Kong

Prostitution is legal in Hong Kong, however it is illegal to operate a vice establishment or any kind of organised prostitution.

What that means is that it is fine for a woman to sell sex as a service, and fine for a man to buy it. However, profiting from the sale of sex as a third party — or pimping — is illegal.

There are no legal brothels in Hong Kong in the traditional sense of the word. However, there are plenty of ‘one-woman brothels’ where sex workers will operate independently.

This sounds like a contradiction, but it is a direct result of the definition of organised prostitution in HK.

A sex worker can use an apartment as a brothel only if she/he is the only person to be working there. If there is more than one prostitute working at the venue, it is liable to get busted.

Inevitably, organised prostitution is doing just fine in Hong Kong. There are loopholes whereby groups will buy up an entire tower block of apartments and the prostitutes will rent them out individually, thus creating towers of prostitution, or entire floors within buildings where sex is sold.

Fuji Building is perhaps the most famous example of this peculiar loophole.

Red Light Districts

Looking for the Hong Kong red light district?

There are two.

The first is in Wan Chai, a popular district with tourists and expats.

The second is TST East (Tsim Sha Tsui) over in Kowloon, which is more associated with massage parlour dens and hole-in-the-wall adult thrills.

Street Hookers

If you spend enough time in the red light districts of Wan Chai and TST, you are sure to come across some street hookers — particularly after midnight when the bars are emptying out.

Popular areas for hookers include: Yau Ma Tei, Sham Shui Po, Tsuen Wan, Yuen Long and Tuen Mun.

The quality, as you would expect, varies considerably.

Many of the street prostitutes are migrant sex workers from Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, mainland China and the Philippines.

Brothels, Escorts and Massage

We’ve compiled three separate guides to the most popular adult services around HK, including brothels, escorts and erotic massage parlours.

The Price of Sex

A HK street prostitute might cost anything from 200 HK$ to 750 HK$ for full service.

You can expect to pay slightly more in a one-woman brothel, and a lot more if you go through an escort agency.

Typical rate for a high-quality independent escort is often around 2800 HK$ per hour.

This is a vastly different experience to picking up a street hooker or using a one-woman brothel. HK has some beautiful escorts — both Asian and Western girls — and you wouldn’t suspect them of being sex workers if you met them in the street.

By hiring an escort, you are paying for a full experience (GFE, or PSE…), not just a quick happy ending.

Although you can certainly get those too.

LBGT Scene

It wasn’t until 1991 that the Hong Kong government legalized gay relations.

You wouldn’t know it if you visited today.

The arrival of events like Pink Dot has ushered in a new era of celebrating diversity, although there is admittedly still a long way to go in fighting that battle.

Some popular night spots for the LBGT community include: Oosh, a trendy lounge with a gigantic outside patio. Wink, a gay bar on Bonham Strand in Sheung Wan. T:Me Bar on Hollywood Road. And ZOO Bar, one of the best gay hangouts over on Jervois Street.

Hong Kong Strip Clubs

Hong Kong is not particularly renowned for its strip clubs.

Goodfellas is probably the only high-end venue that would meet the western interpretation of a gentlemen’s club.

There are, however, plenty of makeshift ‘strip clubs’ in the Wan Chai red light district.

These venues are tourist traps and known for fleecing unsuspecting visitors.

In Hong Kong, there is a much greater emphasis on hostess clubs and Japanese-style karaoke bars rather than the strip clubs you may be familiar with elsewhere.

These venues act as a shop front for prostitution rather than a chance to kick back and watch some eye candy on a stage.

Casual Sex in Hong Kong

Looking for casual sex, no-strings fun or a one night stand?

As we alluded to above, it’s possible to strike it lucky in the bars and clubs of Hong Kong. However, you can pretty much guarantee your success by heading online instead.

Sex is traded widely on classified boards and sex directories.

Whilst you will find a lot more paid sex than casual hookups, it is sometimes possible to find women who are after the same thing as you. And, unsurprisingly, it’s much easier to hook up if you are gay.


Sex141 is the largest active community dedicated to sex in Hong Kong and Macau.

Their site contains information and adverts for hotel walk-ins, 141 walk-ups, saunas, freelance escorts and a variety of ‘field reports’.

If you aren’t familiar with the punter lingo, a field report is a detailed account of a user’s experience with a sex worker.

Craigslist HK

The Casual Encounters section of Craigslist HK is packed with ads for escorts, adult massage and all varieties of sexual encounters.

You can feasibly meet up for free sex using Craigslist, but realistically, most ads are just that… adverts.

Locanto HK

The personals section of Locanto HK is another busy marketplace for adult services.

Here you’ll find escorts (female, male and trans), BDSM providers, adult massage and a number of erotic services.

The most popular section by far is the Locanto Escorts category, where you could lose several days and several thousand HKD if you so chose.

In all cases, if you are going to use a HK classifieds site to get laid, be careful.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

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