Fuji Building: HK’s Tower of One-Woman Brothels

Fuji Building is an iconic landmark of Hong Kong’s red light district. It is also a hot spot of prostitution for the sex trade.

Prostitution in Hong Kong is perfectly legal but there are some peculiarities to the laws which have resulted in the face of the sex industry being what it is.

In this guide, we’ll look at what makes the Fuji Building so unique in Hong Kong, as well as the sexual services that are sold there, and what sort of experience you can expect if you step inside the famous brothel tower.

Fuji Building and Hong Kong Prostitution

Soliciting sex is illegal in Hong Kong, as is advertising sex and living off the earnings from sex work. It is also illegal to run a brothel on the island.

These laws have resulted in what is known as ‘one-woman’ brothels being established in the red light district of Wan Chai.

As a built-up area, space is at a premium and as a result the island is dominated by high rise buildings; one such tower of one-woman brothels is the Fuji Building.

With 22 floors, the Fuji Building is home to over 100 prostitutes many of which call the tower home.

Most girls who work in the Fuji Building are what is known as 141 girls; they will have a Hong Kong ID and are legally allowed to live and work on the island. As opposed to hotel and phone reservation sex workers who are mostly illegal immigrants or working on tourist visas, 141 girls advertise and offer massage services.

What to expect at Fuji Building

The entrance to the Fuji Building is situated on the Lockhart Road in the Causeway bay area and is a narrow unassuming stairwell opening directly to the street. It is a walk-up venue and most customers take the lift to the top of the tower and then descend via the stairs to view the girls on each floor. As a result, the rooms on the higher floors tend to be rented out at a premium and can be said to attract more popular ‘tenants’.

Because soliciting sex is illegal you may have to knock on doors to see the women for yourself but each floor has photographs and information advertising ‘massage’ services.

The services offered can be viewed on some online databases. These are generally not available to view whilst in Hong Kong (and China) so if you are visiting the city you can look at these prior to your visit.

The garish interior of HK's brothel towers.
The garish interior of HK’s brothel towers, via an AFP video on Hong Kong’s sex workers.


Whilst advertising for sex is not legal, most of the women who work in the Fuji Building do advertise, and provide, adult massage services. On the boards these services range from prostatic and handjob to point, lymphatic and aromatherapy massage.

Because there are no madams regulating the services, each woman establishes her own rules and preferences with clients. You can expect a nude, full body massage which often includes hand relief but anything beyond this basic service should be agreed in advance as well as ensuring that a fixed price is set.

The women who work in the building all offer intercourse, oral and hand relief but you should inquire about anything extra such as anal, role-play, fetish and toys.

Unfortunately, the laws on sex work in Hong Kong prevent there being anyone else in the room except you and your host so doubles and couples sex is not allowed.

Again, additional services such as showering, use of towels and condoms is often chargeable and each host will offer different facilities made available to their clients.

There are some ladies who offer overnight packages but you can expect to pay up to HKD5000 for such an experience.

The ethnicity of the ladies working in the Fuji Building ranges from Chinese and other Asian countries to some European women. Russian women are very popular in the city and can command much higher premiums for their services than local girls.


Depending on what you are seeking from your experience of the Fuji Building, you can expect to pay HKD200-HKD600 for a massage and HKD600-HKD1000 for a full service. Extras must be negotiated and agreed in advance.

Because these ‘brothels’ aren’t a regulated industry payment must be in cash.

Opening Times

The operating hours aren’t set as each woman chooses her own working hours but in general the red light district serves customers after dark and into the early hours.

In principle there is the likelihood of 24 hours a day availability.


The Fuji Building is situated at 381-383 Lockhart Road, Bowrington on the Causeway Bay.

It is easy to find as the numbers are clearly marked above the entrance.