The KTV Scene in Hong Kong

Looking for a good KTV bar in Hong Kong? Intrigued to understand more about the adult ‘hostess’ clubs that are widespread across Asia?

While it’s true that you won’t find many strip clubs in Hong Kong, you can find an entire streets lined with KTV club signs. Particularly around the red light spots of Wan Chai and Shim Sha Tsui.

In this guide, we’ll show you what to expect at a KTV club, what sort of adult services are available inside, prices you can expect, and where to find HK’s KTV scene.

Hong Kong KTC clubs guide
A guide to Hong Kong’s KTV Clubs

The Hong Kong KTV Scene

So, what actually is a KTV club?

KTV bars and lounges are establishments that offer private rooms for entertainment such as singing, dancing and drinking with an accompanied hostess.

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They are often associated with private karaoke lounges but can also refer to other hostess clubs. The establishments offer the services of a hostess to help guests enjoy themselves and ultimately spend more money.

Paid for by the hour the rooms may have a television screen and karaoke machine with microphones or other form of entertainment. KTV’s are quite popular in China as a private means for enjoying things like karaoke entertainment without the humiliation or hustle and bustle associated with a large public bar.

Many people do enjoy the use of KTV’s for the purpose which they were originally intended including businessmen and women; however, offering the benefits of private rooms with a hostess and some drink soon became mixed up with the red light areas in Hong Kong. You can find KTV’s that offer sex across both the Kowloon peninsula and in Wan Chai.

Unlike paying a prostitute for sex, using a KTV is seen as a more social practice and you are expected to take advantage of the services first. Hostesses will expect to be treated like a guest in your private room so you can expect to have to buy them drinks as well as enjoy some karaoke. Sex is very much considered the extra with the party atmosphere being the primary draw.

KTV girls are also known as “san pei xiaojie” or “three accompaniment girls”; this means that they will accompany men in singing, dancing and drinking. KTV girls have a reputation for being young, attractive and able to have a conversation.

How to find a KTV in HK

There are plenty of hostess bars to be found both in Wan Chai and Shim Sha Tsui and are easy to spot with their neon signs, ladies outside touting for business and photographs of the interior. Look for the distinctive yellow neon signs which have become synonymous with advertising sex.

Remember that there are plenty of KTV’s in Hong Kong that offer the services of a hostess for the strict concept of helping you have a good time and not ensuring you have a ‘good time’.

Stick to those bars in the red light areas and you will have a far better chance of being able to secure additional services.

What to expect

When you arrive at a hostess/KTV lounge you will first need to choose the size of your room and agree upon the rate.

This will depend on how many people are in your party and what kind of entertainment you are seeking. Some rooms come with a private bathroom, plush couches and hi-tech entertainment systems but others are more basic depending on the venue.

Once you have secured the room you will be brought a number of girls from whom you can choose to be your hostess for the duration of your stay (most often around 4 hours). If you don’t see anyone you like, then more girls will be brought to you. You can expect the first round of drinks to be brought very quickly as the hostesses are often paid to keep the beer flowing. As with the rest of Hong Kong, running a brothel is not legal and as such the decision as to what goes on in the private room is between you and your hostess. You should negotiate what you want and what you will pay before the drinks flow too much. Some KTV’s do not allow sex to happen in their rooms but the pick-up can happen in the venue and some even have rooms above the lounge with beds.


There are a range of KTV’s in Hong Kong and not all of them have hostesses that will offer full sex so you will need to know in advance what exactly is being paid for. Firstly, you will need to pay for the cost of the room itself which is usually around $2500 (that’s in Hong Kong dollars). To have a girl come and sit with you is about $1000 but $2000 if you want full sex. You are generally expected to order plenty of drinks on top of this.

All in all, paying for sex at a KTV is likely to cost you around $5000 but the experience is very different to paying a prostitute as you will benefit from sociable company as well as an entertaining evening. The sex is just an added benefit.

Have you stepped inside a Hong Kong KTV? What did you make of the experience?

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