Bangkok Escorts and Sex Guide

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There is, perhaps, no city in the world that attracts more visitors than Thailand’s capital. Bangkok is home to around 8.3 million people (city) but took the number one spot for most popular international destination when, in 2017, more than 20.2 million tourists passed through the city. People come for many different reasons; to explore the rich cultural heritage, to experience a colourful and diverse Asian city where modern and traditional worlds collide. Without doubt, some hit the capital to taste the delights of the adult entertainment scene and, if you haven’t experienced Bangkok’s ‘adult’ scene then be prepared to feel like a kid in a candy store.

In this feature piece, we explore those establishments in Bangkok where you can sample the infamous red light fun on offer in one of the world’s most metropolitan cities.

Prostitution in Bangkok

Since the 1960s, prostitution in Thailand has been technically illegal but the practice is widespread and largely benefits from a position of tolerance by the authorities. It is believed that many local officials in high ranking jobs have financial interests in some of Bangkok’s adult venues. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant, what tourists must understand about Thailand’s sex scene is that it operates in degrees of varying shades of grey. However, there are areas where there is no such ambiguity. Child prostitution (or sex with a minor under the age of 15) is a criminal offence and is punishable with up to 10 years in prison.

Thai authorities are also keen to clamp down on sex trafficking and, as a result, pimping, brothel keeping and profiting from prostitution are also illegal. Owners of most establishments in Bangkok get around these laws by allowing the girls to work as freelance or independent sex workers, often negotiating their own fees for sexual services. However, the bars, clubs and massage salons to take a small fee (known as a bar fine or for services such as room hire) to cover their costs.

prostitution in bangkok
Bangkok is often seen as the world’s sex capital and you can find prostitution easily in the red-light districts. Image via Flickr.

In general, the situation in Bangkok is far from ideal and there are some seedy practices in parts of the city where girls are coerced into the business. Whether regulating the industry would diminish the incident rates of such occurrences is up for discussion but visitors would be well advised to stick to tried and tested venues to avoid exposing themselves to risk.

Despite the fact the industry is illegal, sex trade in Thailand is estimated to be worth in excess of $6 billion each year – or around 1.5% of GDP. Some estimates place this figure even higher, at 10% of GDP. It is no surprise that with this kind of income, there is little motivation to curtail the activities of the sex scene in Bangkok. In July 2016 then tourism minister, Ms Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul announced intentions to abolish the sex industry. She was replaced in November 2017 and no subsequent plans have been unveiled.

Figures as to the number of sex workers in Bangkok vary widely and it is widely acknowledged to be a difficult one to calculate. There have never been any official surveys conducted but, according to the black-market analysts Havoscope, there are about a quarter of a million sex workers in Thailand. It is reasonable conjecture that more than 60% of these are working in the capital city and backs up the claims by a US State Department survey that Bangkok has around 77,000 adult prostitutes working in registered entertainment venues.

Prices for sex in Bangkok vary widely and very much depend on what you are being offered, where and by whom. A blowjob in a bar can cost you around 700 baht (around $20) whereas an hour with a good-looking girl for a full service is more likely to be in the region of 2000 baht ($60).

Escorts will cost you more and can be upwards of $100-$200 per hour.

There are cheaper alternatives and plenty of variations in between, all of which we explore in our comprehensive guide below.

The majority of sex workers in Bangkok are Thai although you can often find many other Asian nationalities represented here, including Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam. In the main red-light areas, you may also find some African and European prostitutes. However, online escorts come in all shapes, sizes, ages and nationalities.

Lastly, no mention of the sex industry in Bangkok would be complete without mentioning the ladyboy scene. A popular tourist attraction, these transsexual members of the community are often drawn to the adult entertainment industry with many working as go-go girls and freelance prostitutes. If you are interested in checking out the Thai shemales of Bangkok, then be aware that there are broadly two types of ladyboy; those who are pre-op and those who are post-op. The former will bring a little ‘something extra’ to your illicit experience whilst the latter are rare quite rare and often charge a significant premium. See our section below on Ladyboys for more information about where to find the best bars and escorts.

Bangkok Escorts Guide

With so many prostitutes working in Bangkok, it is little wonder that punters are spoiled for choice when it comes to escort services. There are thousands of listings on hundreds of sites offering the services of women from across Asia, Europe and beyond. Most sites have a good range of women at all ends of the budget and the only thing that really varies on these sites is the level of detail, search functionality and whether the escorts are verified or not.

Whilst you can get cheaper escorts on some smaller and lesser-known sites, there are sometimes doubts as to the authenticity of the listings. Exercise caution if you think you are getting a great deal on a hot-escort; there is nothing worse than ordering a tasty Thai takeout and being delivered with something different.

The average escort agency charges around 5000 baht for a two-hour service ($150) which often includes a two-shot limit. Discounts are usually available for more extended bookings, but VIP services and elite ladies can cost a lot more.

Escort Directories & Agencies

Our top selection of escort sites in Bangkok include some large international directories as well as some Bangkok favorites:

Specialist Escorts Bangkok

The following sites have a more niche offering depending on your tastes.

VIP Escorts Bangkok

Of course, if you have the cash to splash then there are options for upgrading your experience of a Bangkok escort with one of these elite agencies:

Sex in Bangkok

It is almost impossible not to get sex in Bangkok, particularly if you head to the red-light districts (see below). As long as you are prepared to pay the going rate then there is nothing to stop any tourist from getting laid in Thailand’s capital.

Note: And if you don’t want to pay the going rate, there are plenty of ways to hookup in Bangkok, too.

We’ve pulled together a list of all the options for sex in this Asian city along with some suggestions of the best venues to hit up, the kind of things to expect and what the average rates are for different kinds of service.

sex in bangkok
Sex is easy to find in Bangkok and at a good price in most venues. Image via Flickr.


Whilst brothels are technically illegal in Thailand, Bangkok has plenty of establishments that offer rooms by the hour and can ‘introduce’ you to women willing to share them with you. Some brothels are higher end, like La Belle whereas others are identifiable by the sexily dressed women seen in a window. Oftentimes, the women at these smaller establishments will have a number pinned to them so you can go straight in and ‘order’ the girl of your liking by her number.

However, it is more common to meet girls at go-go bars, erotic massage parlours or in blowjob bars than it is to visit a western-style bordello. There is such a crossover of services available that it can be hard to place some establishments into one category.

Erotic Massage Parlours

Thai massage is a popular way to get a relatively cheap relaxing treatment in Bangkok and not all salons and parlours offer a happy ending. You should certainly be aware that most of the larger complexes and those masseuses in international hotels do not (generally) offer this kind of service. If you are looking for an erotic body rub, then you can find a lot of small parlors on the streets of the city where you can get a handjob and more if you pay extra.

Don’t forget that most escorts offer an out-call massage service and plenty of the girls you can pick up will also offer massage. It depends on what you are after.

For a full list of massage salons in Bangkok where you can filter by price, see

Blowjob Bars

Blowjob bars are exactly what you would expect, bars where you can go and have a drink whilst a girl gives you head. It’s fairly common in Asia and in some parts of Japan, Korea and China these places are called suck shops, pink salons or pinsaros. Sometimes you can also get a little extra with your blowjob and you may be able to touch your companion for a small extra fee.

Prices are very similar and you can expect to pay around 700 baht ($21) for a straightforward BJ. In most of the bars, the girls wear sexy uniforms and expect to be tipped (with money, as well as the other way!).

Some popular venues to check out include:

  • Wood Bar (formerly Dr BJs), 131/31 Sukhumvit Soi 7/1, Bangkok 10110
  • Som’s Haven, 19 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Bangkok 10110
  • Kasalong Bar, Chai Saman Alley, Sukhumvit Soi 6, Bangkok 10110
  • Lollipop Bar, 4 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110
  • Lolitas, 4 Soi Sukhumvit 8, Bangkok 10110
  • Moonshine Joint, 4/7 Soi Cowboy, Bangkok 10110

Most blowjob bars also offer “take-out service” as long as you pay a bar-fine or you can also get full service in one of their private rooms.

lolitas bangkok blowjob bar
Lolita’s BJ Bar, Bangok where you can come and be blown away! Image via Google Maps.

Go Go Bars

Go go bars are Bangkok’s most famous adult nightlife attractions and often feature the talents of coyote dancers and other performers. Some have ladyboys to entertain the guests whilst others simply have live music. All will have plenty of women available to sit and drink with customers in the but, in same way as the hostess bars of Japan and Hong Kong, you must buy them a drink at a fixed cost. They will keep their companions happy in order to keep them in the bar for as long as possible with some girls performing tricks right in the bar. However, if you want something more then you will need to pay a bar fine to take the woman of your choice out of circulation. Some go-go bars have private rooms on the premises where you can get more of an intimate setting whilst others will accept the bar-fine for you to take a girl out of the bar. Once you have paid the bar-fine, you can head to a love hotel (see below) or simply hit up a club together and explore Bangkok.

Bar fines vary by venue but are typically between 300-600 baht ($9-$18) with the better-looking (and often more talented dancers) being 1200 baht ($36). The price for sex (or something else) is then negotiated with the girls directly, The average fees are between 800 baht ($24) and 1500 baht ($46) depending on the girl and what you are asking for.

Some bars which have outside spaces are known as beer bars and these often have flat screens and, sometimes, live bands. They are more of a social space where you can people watch but they do also attract the bar girls.

Most of the city’s best go-go bars can be found in the red-light districts of Soi Cowboy, Nana Plaza and Patpong although there are plenty to choose from in other parts of Bangkok, but these are less densely situated.

There is little to separate most of the bars and there are hundreds to choose from, so we’ve given you a list of those bars that have a good reputation in Bangkok:

Nana Plaza is almost entirely occupied by go go bars including G Spot, Voodoo, Mandarin and Lollipop. Situated on the Sukhumvit Road Soi 4, there aren’t many go go bars here that don’t have a goo reputation.

You can also find more details of those go go bars in Soi Cowboy by reading our full guide to this popular red-light alley.

Lastly, Patpong Soi 1 and Patpong Soi 2 are also densely packed with some great bars including:

  • Topless Pool Bar
  • Radio City
  • Rose Bar
  • Lipstick Bar
  • Camelot Castle
  • Tavern 2

Karaoke Bars/KTVs

KTVs are not as popular in Bangkok as they are in places like Japan or Hong Kong, but you can still find these peculiarly Asian entertainment venues. As ever, not all karaoke bars are doubling up as hostess bars nor is there always more on offer than just the companionship of a sexy female in your private karaoke room.

We’ve put together a list of suitable KTVs in Bangkok where you can find some intimate company along with a spot of singing.

  • Claudia Club, 167/ 10400 13-14 Ratchadaphisek Rd, Bangkok 10600
  • Karaoke City, 329 Pradit Manutham Road, Bangkok 10230
  • Roma Karaoke, 13 Sukhumvit Rd, Bangkok 10110
  • Fortune Club, 12/13 Sukhumvit 33, Bangkok 10110
  • Shiawasena Karaoke, 5/37 Soi Pridi Banomyong 3, Sukhumvit 71 Road, Bangkok 10110

There are also quite a few KTVs in Little Tokyo as week as Karaoke bars in other areas of the city. Again, not all offer private rooms or hostesses.

Love Hotels

Also known as short-time (or ‘curtain’) hotels, Bangkok has a good selection of hotels where you can rent a room by the hour. They are a familiar site in Asia where many of the cities suffer from overcrowding and courting couples must use love hotels instead of their own place which they often share with relatives. Most of those found in the city are like a basic B&B although there are some more boutique venues. In the southside, you can simply find alleyways where industrial curtains have been erected to allow cars to park privately for 2-3 hours.

They are also a useful way to get some privacy with a prostitute and there are lots to choose from around the red-light districts of Patpong, Nana Plaza and Soi Cowboy. Certainly, if you pick up a hooker from a bar or on the streets then she will know of a place to use.

Often these are quite cheap so if you have something more luxurious in mind then it’s best to do your research.

You can often identify love hotels in Bangkok by t heir heart symbols as well as their advertised room rates; sometimes listed by the hour or for a ‘rest’.

For some listings of good love hotels in Bangkok, including some pretty speccy ones, you can hit the following:

Cheaper love hotels cost around 350 baht ($10) for a short stay whilst boutique and high-end rooms can cost between 600 baht ($18) to 1200 baht ($36).

A popular love hotel in the Patpong area is the Strand Inn (105 Soi Patpong 2) which offers decent rooms that have a shower and TV. They also have roof top bungalows which also have a Jacuzzi installed.

love hotel bangkok
A less than salubrious welcome, the Strand Inn actually has some decent accommodation for short-time love. Image via Google Maps.

Swinging Clubs

Though swinging is reasonably popular in Thailand, particularly among the expat community, it is actually an illegal activity. As such, there are no clubs, but lifestyle members do arrange to meet up privately.

Kasidie has the details of a group, the Cross Cultural Club, where interested parties can email the organizers for details of any upcoming events.

You can also try one of the following websites, register for a free account and try the forums and groups for details of swingers in Bangkok:

Strip Clubs

Technically speaking, most of the go-go bars in Bangkok are strip clubs with some dispensing of the striptease element and simply being staffed with nude girls. In that respect, you can hit up any of the bars listed above (see Go Go Bars) or visit the red-light districts (see below) to experience naked dancers.

However, there are a few more exclusive and upmarket clubs that offer more of a gentleman’s club vibe and where the art of striptease hasn’t been done away with.

Pegasus Club

112 Soi Sukhumvit 23, Bangkok 10110

One of the most luxurious clubs in Bangkok, the Pegasus Grand Bangkok has been operating for over 33 years to provide live music, stage shows and sexy dancers. It is a member’s club only and the fees are around 30,000 baht ($920) per annum so this kind of exclusivity doesn’t come cheap. However, the venue is exquisitely decorated with a sumptuously decadent stage, comfortable seats and an elegant bar and lounge plus karaoke room.

It is the very pinnacle of grown up entertainment in Bangkok and is suitable for gentlemen and ladies.

The Pegasus is open every night from 8.00pm with special stage performances starting at 9.45pm. The venue closes at 2.00am.

The Strip

Thanon Patpong 1, Khwaeng Suriya Wong, Bangkok 10500

Although this is ostensibly a go-go bar, the Strip does have a reputation for its live shows more than just for its girls. Situated in the heart of Patpong it is foreigner friendly and is considered tourist-safe.

The shows include fire, snakes and showers as well as live music and other props. They also provide table dancing. It is the performances themselves which warrant the Strip being put in this category; the girls actually understand the allure of the ‘tease’ in striptease.

The Strip is open daily from 7.00pm to 2.00am.

The Pimp Club

Pracha Uthit Road, Khet Wang Thonglang, Bangkok 10310

A gentleman’s club that is popular for bachelor parties, this nightclub boasts the talents of over 200 ladies on its books and delivers a stand up evening of entertainment.

the pimp club strip club
We just can’t imagine why the club is so popular for bachelor parties! Image via website.

The venue has live shows and top bands offering guests an array of ways to enjoy themselves and the late shows are extremely erotic. It can get a bit pricey and is definitely aimed at tourists rather than the locals but does guarantee a pretty wild night out. If you can afford it, splash out on the VIP treatment.

Reviews are consistently good for The Pimp Club with many calling it the best nightclub in Bangkok, if not Asia.

The Pimp Club is open daily from 9.00pm to 2.00am.

Sherbet Exclusive Club

Soi Sukhumvit 63 Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok 10110

The Sherbet Exclusive Club is a relatively famous gentleman’s club in Bangkok and is renowned for being a pricey way to spend an evening. For your hard-earned cash, you do get a luxurious venue coupled with some of the finest looking women in Thailand all attentive to the guests and providing a lot of services. It is a member clubs and is often frequented by both rich Thai men as well as wealthy expats. Visitors are welcome if they can pay the vast membership fees. Entry for the year will cost you anywhere from 20,000 baht ($610) to 100,000 baht ($3,050) depending on what you go for.

The club has a huge stage at the centre of the venue from which a constant stream of dancers and performers entertain the guests. Most are coyote dancers and are generally fair skinned and very tall with model like figures and very attractive faces.

VIP rooms are reserved for the big spenders, but you can find private rooms plus the girls can be taken out…if you pay through the nose for the pleasure.

Overall, the club is elite and expensive, but this may suit some people.

Fetish Clubs & BDSM

Demonia Fetish & Fantasy Club

Sukhumvit Soi 33, Bangkok 10110

Established in 2003, the Demonia Fetish and Fantasy Club specialises in the bizarre and erotic. They are, at heart, another girlie bar but with a dark and kinky edge where the girls are all either dominant or submissive with some able to switch at will.

bdsm club bangkok demonia
The Demonia Club is one of only a few BDSM venues in Bangkok. Image via website.

They offer club membership for discounted rates as well as private parties including bondage, naked body sushi banquets and BDSM themed events. The main bar and lounge get quite full-on and visitors should not be easily shocked by what is on display.

An evening can seem pricey as non-members pay 950 baht ($29) for their first drink with subsequent drinks charged at 250 baht ($7.60). However, the clientele remains exclusive with most guests being return members. Given the relatively few choices for BDSM clubs in Bangkok, Demonia is a reasonable offering.

Demonia is open daily from 5.30pm to 2.00am.


Patpong 2, Silom Road, Bangkok 10500

A similar offering to Demonia, the BarBar is a kinky girlie bar with a taste for fetishes, mostly BDSM. For aficionados of the scene, the flavour here will be pretty vanilla but it does threaten to shock the sensibilities of your average punter.

Expect to find women dressed in plenty of black and red leather, latex and PVC with SM props aplenty.

The BarBar is open daily from 6.00pm until late.


For many people, a visit to Bangkok wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the delights that can be offered by a ladyboy. Whether you simply want to watch them at work in one of the go-go bars, see them perform in a stage show or perhaps get more intimate, the city has lots of options.

You can find out more about why ladyboys are so popular in Thailand and what are the best clubs, bars and hangouts to find a ladyboy in Bangkok.

However, our top selection of ladyboy bars in Bangkok are to be in the high-rise red-light complex of Nana Plaza. There are several bars on the second floor that are worth visiting including Temptations, Casanova and Straps.

Street Prostitutes & Red-Light Districts

Bangkok is often referred to as the sex capital of the world and, as a result, the city has plenty of adult entertainment areas and red-light districts. In addition, after nightfall, there aren’t that many places in Bangkok where you can’t find street prostitutes but knowing where to pick up safely is crucial to avoid scams or being taken advantage of.

There are three main red-light districts in Bangkok that cater to tourists though Thais themselves often use different parts of the city. The tourist-friendly areas are:

  • Soi Cowboy
  • Nana Plaza
  • Patpong

However, there are also a couple of smaller areas of the city that are also well known for sex:

  • Soi Twilight (or Soi Pratuchai)
  • Khaosan Road
  • Sukhumvit 7/1 Alley


Known internationally as the red-light heart of Bangkok, Patpong is an area of Silom which originally gained its notoriety as an adult entertainment site during the Vietnam War. There are two main streets here where most of the more famous bars and clubs are located, Patpong Soi 1 and Patpong Soi 2. Here you can find establishments like BarBar Fetish Club, King’s Castle I and II as well as plenty of popular go-go bars like Thigh Bar and Safari Bar. It is a big draw to all kinds of tourists from the merely curious to those on the hunt for a taste of Thai’s illicit delights.

Nana Plaza

Rumoured to be one of the world’s largest adult playgrounds, this three-storey building on Sukhumvit Road Soi 4 was originally a shopping complex. In the 1980s, go-go bars gradually began to replace the shops and restaurants until all that was left were adult entertainment venues.

The complex has several short-time hotels where you can rent rooms by the hour as well as go-go bars, blowjob bars and ladyboy bars. The whole area around the Nana Plaza is rife with freelance prostitutes and it is one of the most popular red-light districts in Bangkok.

The ground floor area is a popular hangout to watch the nightlife and there are open-air bars with live music, sports broadcasts and good food.

nana plaza bangkok red light district thailand sex
If you want to feel like Pinocchio on Pleasure Island then head to Nana Plaza; a playground for adult entertainment. Image via Flickr.

Soi Cowboy

This small alley running between Asok Road and Soi Sukhumvit 23 is just 150m long but boasts some of Bangkok’s most popular go-go bars. It is a notorious area of the city that attracts thousands of visitors each night and offers many kinds of adult services.

You can read a full review of the Soi Cowboy red-light district of Bangkok in our full feature guide.

Soi Twilight

Situated just to the north east of the Patpong Night Market, Soi Twilight is a narrow street which caters mainly for gay men. The shows here are legendary and include mermen in a swimming show, drag acts and plenty of hot young Thai men performing erotic dances.

Khaosan Road

Popular for tourists on a budget, and particularly backpackers, Khaosan Road in the north east of the city is another area known for bars and prostitutes.

Most girls work as freelancers and hit the streets and bars to find clients so there are as many go-go bars as in Patpong. In fact, the street does get quite a lot of Thai students who head there to make money from Western guys looking for fun.

Sukhumvit 7/1 Alley

A short road near Nana Plaza, Sukhumvit 7/1 Alley is also a good go to for freelance prostitutes in the bars.

Street Hookers of Bangkok

Most girls will choose to work in the main districts detailed above as the demand is high. However, it also means that there is more competition (both from the streets and the adult entertainment venues). For this reason, there are some other areas in Bangkok where you can find street hookers, some of which are more popular with the locals. It is worth bearing in mind that the quality of girls working on the street can be lower than in other locations and often the level of English spoken is not great.

Sex Shops

Bangkok is one of those Asian cities where you can pick up anything if you know where to look but, when it comes to bedroom accessories and sex toys, there are only a few of options.

Most department stores sell sexy lingerie and you can buy some play equipment and performance enhancers from vendors around the Sukhumvit Road by the Nana Skytrain station.

Unfortunately, there are no sex toy stores in Bangkok which seems at odds to the city’s reputation as the ‘capital of the sex industry’. This is due to the fact that sex toys are illegal in Thailand.

However, most residents order products online and have them delivered to their homes and visitors can do the same by using the address of their hotel.

Ali Express is a good option and is the equivalent of eBay in Asia. The site is based in China but uses retailers from across the region including Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand to form a retail network delivering a whole range of products.

The other option is Lazada, a similar site but catering primarily to the Thai markets. The range is not as comprehensive as in other countries and the key to ordering within the law is to ensure you only buy things that have a ‘medical’ or therapeutic use. Instead of vibrator, use terms like massager.

Featured image via Flickr.