Pattaya Escorts and Sex Guide

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Outside of Bangkok, the resort city of Pattaya on the Eastern coast of Thailand is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. A small fishing village until the 1960s, the area is now filled with high rise condos, hotel complexes, bars, restaurants, clubs and shopping malls. As colourful as it is busy, Pattaya has an incredible adult entertainment scene with plenty of go-go bars, massage parlors, ladyboys and red-light zones.

In this guide, we take a look at the sex scene in Pattaya looking at all the venues where you can go to get some titivation or full satisfaction.

Prostitution in Pattaya

Pattaya has been branded by the media as a modern day Sodom & Gomorrah, the original city of vice and sin. Along with Bangkok, the resort is one of the world’s top sex tourism destinations with visitors from Europe, the USA, Australia, China and India visiting simply to sample Thailand’s sex industry. Of the million plus guests who stay in Pattaya each year, the vast majority are white Western men, most of whom are here to visit the go go bars, clubs and red light venues.

pattaya sex guide prostitution

Good guys go to Heaven, Bad guys go to Pattaya. Image via Flickr.

Technically speaking, prostitution is illegal in Thailand but that doesn’t stop the industry from generating an estimated $6.4 billion each year. This staggering sum is a proportion of the country’s GDP and it is hardly cynical to suggest that there is no official appetite to curb the sex trade whilst it remains so profitable to the country.

Most businesses get away with the technicality of prostitution by charging a ‘bar fine’ for the services of a girl who takes time off to spend with a customer. This covers lost earnings on girlie drinks whilst they are not in the bar. It’s not hard to see that this is a pimping cut with the girls taking their own charges for any sexual services rendered.

In peak season, it is estimated that around 10,000 to 15,000 prostitutes are working in the go-go bars of Pattaya alone. On average, the city is though to have around 27,000 sex workers at any one time and this is a conservative estimate, not always thought to include the many ladyboys who often work, foremostly, as performers.

The cost of sex in Pattaya varies hugely and can be bought from the streets for as little as a few hundred baht (under $10) with hand relief at a massage shop being similar. Blowjob bars tend to charge 700 baht ($21) to 900 baht ($27) whilst go go girls will cost around 1000 baht ($30) for short time. It depends on the quality of the girl you are hiring and from where; some of the bars with high-quality dancers may charge in excess of 1500 baht ($46) for a bar fine with sex being around 3000 baht ($92) on top.

Escorts can also come in a variety of prices, but customers should usually budget around 2000 baht to 3000 baht ($61-$92) for an hour, though most charge for a minimum of two hours.

pattaya sex scene guide
Pattaya is one of Asia’s most visited resorts with many coming to sample the delights of the Thai sex industry. Image via Pixabay.

Pattaya Escorts Guide

Despite the fact that you can pick up a prostitute very easily from the streets around Pattaya, there is still a good market for escorts. This is usually considered a lazy man’s option as much of the pleasure of paying for sex in Pattaya can be found in the experience of venues like the go-go bars and red-light district of Walking Street.

Nevertheless, you can organise an escort to come to your hotel for an outcall service.

You can expect to pay between 3000 baht ($92) and 5000 baht ($153) for an escort for two hours with most directories and agencies, but this varies.

Sex in Pattaya

There is no doubt that Pattaya thoroughly deserves its status as one of the top sex tourism destinations in the world and you can find sex in this Thai resort city easily enough. The most common way to engage the services of a Thai prostitute is via a go-go bar or at a massage parlor; however, you can just as easily pick up a hooker on the street or at any club, beer bar or at some of the infamous blow job bars.

sex in pattaya
Finding sex in Pattaya is so easy, you could do it in your sleep….but that might be missing the point. Image via Flickr.

We’ve selected some of the most popular and infamous venues in the city that have a good reputation for being foreigner friendly, have good reviews and get consistent positive feedback for not being too pushy.


Though prostitution is a common site in Pattaya, brothels themselves are not; at least not in the familiar style of a Western bordello. You can easily pick up girls in the girlie bars or go-go bars around Walking Street and get a short time service on Soi 6. Erotic massage parlors also offer happy endings (oral and manual) and some will also give you a full service.

So, brothels technically don’t exist if you are looking for the Littlest Whorehouse in Pattaya but they are around operating under different guises.

Erotic Massage Parlors

There are plenty of massage parlors is Pattaya with almost all of them offering at least a happy ending as part of the service. Many will also readily offer extras including prostate massage, oral service and even full intercourse. Soapy massage is also popular and you can find a lot of salons which offer this.

Prices vary by venue with the better parlours charging up to 2500 baht ($75) for around 90 minutes but includes a full body massage.

Compared to the cost of sex with a bar girl, the price of an erotic massage can be considered quite expense but if you consider the price of a love hotel, bar fines and girlie drinks, it isn’t too dissimilar.

However, there are also some cheaper massage shops which are simple affairs with partitions made with curtains, behind which you get a quick oil up and hand job for around 300 baht ($9). They are not the best in terms of service and most visitors leave feeling unsatisfied.

For a full list of all 270+ massage parlors and shops in Pattaya you can find details here.

Blowjob Bars

Blowjob bars are popular in other parts of Asia as well as Thailand and are girlie bars where oral service is delivered on site, often in the bar itself although some premises can offer more private rooms and even short time service.

Soi 6 is the best place to hit up for these kinds of bars but there are some other popular venues too.

Go Go Bars

Most of the adult scene in Pattaya is centred around the go-go and beer bars around the red-light district of Walking Street and around the beach roads. There are almost 100 go-go bars and at least four times as many beer bars. The bars are staffed with performers and dancers as well as bar girls, all of whom are available for sex.

Some of the larger bars have over fifty girls available whilst the smaller ones have a choice of only a dozen or so dancers. Whatever the size of venue you hit up, you will need to pay for drinks for the girls who keep you company and, if you want to take them somewhere more intimate the you will need to, pay a bar fine. This varies by venue but can be anywhere from 400 baht ($12) to 1200 baht ($37). The price very much depends on the quality and talents of the girl. The price for sex is then negotiated with the girl herself but is usually around 1000 baht ($30) plus you will need to pay for a love hotel (see below).

Pattaya’s bar scene is perhaps more vibrant than that of Bangkok, mainly because they are allowed to stay open for longer with some not opening until 11.00pm.

The Dollhouse and XXX Lounge (Upstairs)

Soi 15, off Walking Street

Originally opening on Walking Street in 2001, the Dollhouse has one of the best reputations in Pattaya. They refurbished the club in 2015 and opened the upstairs XXX lounge.

dollhouse go go bar pattaya sex guide
Following an expansion in 2015, the Dollhouse now packs twice the punch. Image via website.

Girls are of a really high quality here and are selected for their talents in both performance as well as for ‘companionship’. For such fine girls you can expect to pay handsomely and bar fines are up to around 1500 baht ($46) plus 3000+ ($92+) baht for long time.

It’s a high energy bar that has a really fun atmosphere and one where few clients leave unsatisfied.

The Dollhouse is open daily from 8.00pm to 3.00am.

Sugar Baby A Go Go

Walking Street

Known as the naughtiest go-go bar in Pattaya, the girls at Sugar Baby not only go topless but also go nude. They also have a reputation for some girl on girl action with some heavy petting or even some wet action in the permanent shower shows. There is a change of performers every fifteen minutes or so to keep the audience interested. They might not be the best-looking girls in Pattaya but they are keen to please. Their motto is ‘Pussy Without Attitude’ and this is evident with most of the girls not being pushy for drinks.

A decent go go bar with some good entertainment and not high pressured.

Sugar Baby is open daily from 7.00pm to 3.00am.

The Windmill Club

Soi Diamond, off Walking Street

Known as one of Pattaya’s friendliest and naughtiest go go bars, Windmill is close to Sugar Baby and they share a similar style. Also recently expanded, the club is spread over two floors with a shower and play mat on the ground floor and two play mats at nose/mouth level (!) on the first floor.

pattaya go go bar windmill
Action on the play mats is so close you can taste it (or smell it). Image via website.

The club has some crazy shows which make it a popular tourist attraction and the girls are slightly hotter than at Sugar Baby, certainly a little more curvy.

Staff are very welcoming and there is very little pressure on buying drinks. All in all, one of the most consistently well-reviewed go go bars in Pattaya.

The Windmill Club is open daily from 7.00pm to 3.30am.

Best of the Rest

Other popular go-go bars in Pattaya include:

  • Airport Club, Walking Street
  • Babydolls Between Soi 15 and Soi 16, Walking Street
  • Baccara A-Go-Go Club, Walking Street
  • Beach Club, Soi 15, off Walking Street
  • Club Electric Blue, Soi 15 off Walking Street
  • Club Mistys, Soi 15, off Walking Street
  • Crystal Club, Soi LK Metro, Off Soi diana/Soi Buakhao
  • Happy A-Go-Go, Soi Happy, off Walking Street between Soi 15 and Soi 16
  • Heaven Above, Soi Diamond, off Walking Street
  • Peppermint, Walking Street between Soi 15 and Soi 16
  • Sapphire Club, Soi 15, off Walking Street
  • Shooters Coyote Bar, Soi 7, off Pattaya 2nd Road
  • Tahitian Queen, Beach Road

Karaoke Bars/KTVs

Although KTVs are popular alternatives to hostess bars in some parts of Asia and Bangkok has a few, there are none in Pattaya that offer Western tourists an adult experience. There are two venues, Areana Bang Up and Suzie Karaoke that take Japanese customers only. These are located on 2nd Road (East Side) and Soi 4 (off Beach Road) respectively.

Love Hotels

Love hotels, also known as short-time or curtain hotels, are popular across Asia for both courting couples as well as for prostitution. Offering rooms to rent by the hour, love hotels are often the only way young people can get some privacy as they often live with parents and large family groups.

Most of the resort’s love hotels can be found on Soi 6 or around the red-light areas (see below). Certainly, every working girl in Pattaya will be able to take you to a short time hotel but their choice might not always live up to your expectation. Prices for a room vary depending on the quality of the venue and the duration of your stay but you can expect to pay around 200-300 baht for a couple of hours ($6-$12).

If you have high standards, then you might want to scope out some of the boutique love hotels before you need them but some popular love hotels in Pattaya include:

  • Sweet Love Inn, 138/3 Moo 9, Na Jomtien Soi 2, Sukhumvit Rd.
  • Viva Luv, 153/12-15 Sukhumvit-Pattaya 36/1 Alley, Bang Lamung District
  • Love 24 Inn, 109/18 Moo 6 Soi Siam Country Club, Nong Prue, Bang Lamung
  • TK Resort, Soi Phettrakun, Bang Lamung District
  • Oasis Hotel, Soi Happy off Walking Street
  • Full Love Inn, 47/17 Bang Lamung District
  • Sweet Love Inn, 138/3 Moo 9, Na Jomtien Soi 2, Sukhumvit Rd
  • Red Horse Resort, Sukhumvit Soi 33, Na Kluea
  • Cha Ba Hut, Sukhumvit Soi 33, Na Kluea
love hotels pattaya red horse resort
Depending on your budget, some love hotels can be quite upmarket. Image via Red Horse Resort.

Swinging Clubs

Swinging is technically illegal in Thailand and there are very few organised groups, clubs or venues where lifestyle couples can meet up. That’s not to say that there aren’t interested parties but just that finding them is not always straightforward.

You can also try one of the following websites, register for a free account and try the forums and groups for details of swingers in Pattaya:

Strip Clubs

It’s true that most of the go-go bars offer a kind of strip club experience but there are also some options for other types of striptease and erotic dancing in Pattaya. Most of these are set up like nightclubs with an edge of a gentleman’s lounge and offer striptease performances along with other live entertainment. Though ostensibly larger and more ‘grown-up’ go go bars, these venues tend to attract a different crowd to those bars you will find on Walking Street and Soi, 6, 7 and 8.

Fetish Clubs & BDSM

Pattaya has only one fetish club but there are groups that meet for munches in the local area. You can find these via popular alternative lifestyle websites like, Fetlife and Adult Friend Finder.

Castle Fetish Club

Pattaya 3rd Rd, Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150

The first and only fetish club in Pattaya, The Castle is run by a team of experienced BDSM players and is equipped with plenty of bespoke fetish equipment. There are several playrooms in all, each having a theme and include:

  • Atmospheric dungeon
  • Sensual playroom
  • Doghouse prison
  • Dark room

The club also has a bar and lounge where guests can socialise and mix with the uniformed girls. Like a girlie bar you must pay for drinks for your female companions at a rate of 300 baht each ($9)

Entrance is free but your first drink will cost 950 baht ($29) with subsequent drinks being 300 baht ($9). Memberships are available which reduce these costs.

The only rule is that all visitors must wear black clothing (a light jacket can be loaned at no charge should you need one).

The club is open daily from 6.00pm.

fetish club pattaya the castle
Pattaya’s only fetish club attracts lots of kinksters and for good reason. Image via website.


No guide to the sex scene in Pattaya would be complete without a mention of the ladyboys. A common site in Thailand, ladyboys enjoy a popularity here that is almost unrivalled anywhere else in  the world.

ladyboys pattaya
The quality of ladyboys in Pattaya varies from barely passable to extremely hard to tell, you need a closer look…go ahead! Image via Flickr.

Most ladyboys in Pattaya work in the sex or adult entertainment industry and offer sexual services. There are two types of ladyboy; pre-op and post-op. Both are in demand but the latter (full surgery) are more rare and often charge a lot more.

You can find out more about why ladyboys are so popular in Thailand in our full guide along with some recommendations of bars in Pattaya.

A lot of bars in Pattaya like to capitalise on the appeal of ladyboys (also known as katoeys) and may have a handful working in their bar; however, these are some ladyboy bars in Pattaya where you can find some good looking shemales:

  • 69 Bar, Soi Made in Thailand
  • Baby Boom A Go Go, 420/18 Soi Buakhao
  • Katoeys R Us, Walking Street
  • La Bamba, Soi 13/1
  • Linda Bar, Walking Street
  • Lita Bar, Soi 13/2
  • My Way Bar, Walking Street
  • Pook Bar A Go Go, Soi 6/1 Beach Road
  • Pook Swan House, 210/31-32 Soi Buakhao
  • Sensations Bar, 316/66 Soi Buakhao
  • The House Bar, Soi 13/1

You can also find ladyboy street hookers; you can find these mostly on Walking Street and Beach Road. Try outside the Marine Disco on Walking Street or around the Linda Bar. The short time bars on Soi 6 are also a good place to try as there are usually a couple of ladyboys in every bar to give more choice to the customers.

Sometimes it can be difficult to tell which girls are ladyboys so, if you are in doubt and don’t fancy trying something new, always ask.

Lastly, if you are more interested in just seeing a cabaret show then there are quite a few venues  that run some amazing ladyboy stage shows. One is the Alcazar Cabaret Show (8/14 Pattaya Soi 2 Rd) and Tiffany’s Show (Pattayasaisong Rd).

ladyboy cabaret show pattaya
The top quality ladyboy cabaret shows are stunning to watch and can leave you doubting what you really want in Pattaya. Image via Alcazar.

Street Prostitutes & Red-Light Districts

It could be argued that downtown Pattaya is one big red-light district and there is no denying that the resort is very popular with Western sex tourists as well as other Asian travellers looking for cheap thrills. Prostitution is rife but there are some well known red-light areas and popular places for street hookers and freelance call girls.

Most of the city’s adult entertainment venues are centred around the Beach Road between Walking Street and Soi Diana. Here you can find plenty of go-go and girlie bars and other red-light entertainment.

The principle streets being:

  • Walking Street – the most famous road in Pattaya for red-light fun. It is the centre of Pattaya’s Fun Land and where all the nightlife starts from. Half way along Walking Street is a tree around which are plenty of ladyboy bars and clubs.
  • Drinking Street – aptly name for its sheer volume of bars, many of which are open air which lets guests enjoy people watching.
  • Soi 7 and Soi 8 – better known as the beer district, there are a few hundred girlie bars.
  • Soi LK Metro – a condensed version of Walking Street with a mix of both short time girls and bars. It is Pattaya’s equivalent to Soi Cowboy and is just 200m long.
  • Soi 6 – Known for BJ bars and short time girls.
  • Soi Buakhao – The opposite of Soi LK Metro being a long street with a similar volume of venues just more widely spread out.
walking street pattaya red light district sex guide pattaya
Walking Street is hard to miss and easy to find what you are looking for on. Image via Flickr.

Sex Shops

There are no sex shops in Pattaya, nor will you find any dedicated adult stores in Thailand. This is due to the fact that, despite the liberal tolerance applied to prostitution, sex toys are illegal in the country.

That’s not to say that you can’t find some products for sale on the streets of Pattaya; you can, but the quality and range is not always great. You will be looking at a very basic range of dildos, vibrators, DVDs and performance enhancement pills. Although cheap, they are often of questionable provenance!

Most expats (and locals) will use online stores to get adult products although it is worth mentioning that some products can still be awkward to import from outside of Thailand and there are cases of customs withholding packages that contain explicit sex devices.

One of the best options for ordering toys in Thailand is via Ali Express. Similar to an eBay site, Ali Express is a Chinese hosted service offering a retail network of independent traders.

Another other option is Lazada, which is similar but does cater specifically to Thailand. This is reasonably obvious when you browse for products and notice that they are being marketed as therapeutic or ‘medical’ devices instead of what they obviously are. If you want a vibrator then you might need to be creative with your search terms and look for sports massager. Better still, you could always plan ahead and make sure you (discreetly) pack your own bedroom accessories.

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.