Thailand Sex Tourism: Closed For Business By Covid

Thailand's Sex Tourism Closed For Business coronavirus

Wondered how COVID-19 is affecting the sex tourism markets of Thailand? As the spread of coronavirus forces businesses from all sectors to close their doors, we consider those industries that don’t hit the headlines, that probably won’t get state or emergency funding. And Thailand sex tourism certainly ticks this box! Conservative estimates place the number … Read more

How to Hookup In Bangkok

How To Hookup in Bangkok

Heading to Bangkok and want to know what the hookup scene is like? Thailand’s capital is a popular hub for international visitors and is jampacked full of great places to socialize and meet new people. From bars, clubs and shopping malls to parks, train stations and discos, the city offers a fantastic selection of locals, … Read more

Thai Cam Girls: 8+ Best Thai Cam Sites Reviewed

best thai cam girl sites bonga cams

Want to connect live with sexy Thai cam girls tonight? Cam modelling is a unique business that is currently booming in Thailand. Thai women, who may have once relied on go-go bars, are instead opting to broadcast themselves online to paying customers. Performing a range of diverse acts on camera from live sex and masturbation … Read more

Infidelity in Thailand: Are Affairs Common?

infidelity in thailand

How did Thailand come to have a reputation for infidelity? Apparently, when it comes to having affairs, Thailand tops the global list when it comes to infidelity. A recent survey published by condom manufacturer, Durex, proclaimed that the Thai people were the least faithful in their relationships with 59% of women and 54% of men … Read more

A Guide to Dating Culture in Thailand

a guide to dating culture in thailand

Want to know more about the dating culture for foreigners in Thailand? If you spend any length in time in Thailand as a single man or woman then it is likely that you could end up becoming involved with one of the locals. Dating in Thailand, as with anywhere in Asia, comes with its own … Read more

Pattaya Walking Street: What You Need to Know

Pattaya Walking Street What You Need to Know

Want to know more about Pattaya’s famous ‘Walking Street’? Pattaya’s largest entertainment district, Walking Street, is also the centre of the city’s red-light scene. Running parallel to the main beaches and slap bang in the middle of the tourist area, this street has a reputation for having some of the most exciting nightlife in all … Read more

Inside The Patpong Red Light District

Inside The Patpong Red Light District

Want to know more about the Patpong red-light district? One of several red-light areas of Bangkok, Patpong is known mainly for servicing foreigners, particularly Westerners. It has a busy night market which attracts a lot of tourists as well as plenty of go-go bars, clubs and performance venues. As well as competing with shoppers, the … Read more

Soi Cowboy: Bangkok’s Legendary Red Light Alley

Soi cowboy bangkoks legendary red light alley

If you’re heading to Bangkok for a taste of their adult entertainment, then you can’t miss a visit to Soi Cowboy. A trip to Bangkok isn’t complete unless you at least pass through, if not visit, a red-light district or two. Soi Cowboy, along with Patpong, is one of the city’s most tourist friendly areas … Read more

Why Are Ladyboys So Popular in Thailand?

pattaya ladyboys popular thailand

Ever wondered why Thailand’s ladyboys are so popular? Known by foreigners as kathoeys, ladyboys are a common feature of many Thai clubs and bars; so much so that the country has gained a reputation for being a sort of Mecca both to the LGBT community as well as being a curious tourist attraction. Thailand’s capital, … Read more

The Best Thai Porn Sites: Complete Guide

best thai porn sites

If you are looking for the best Thai porn sites then we’ve rounded up a great selection to get stuck in to. There is something about Thai porn that sets pulses racing where even the best Asian porn can fail — and this from a country that has outlawed pornography! Fortunately, plenty of producers and … Read more