Chiang Mai Escorts and Sex Guide

Looking for sex in Chiang Mai?

Located in the mountainous region of Thailand and the country’s 4th largest city, Chiang Mai is often referred to as the Capital of the North. It is a culturally and historically rich, ancient city that attracts more than 8.7 million people each year (2 million in the peak season alone!). Whilst many visitors come to explore Chiang Mai’s numerous temples, celebrate the many festivals or experience the colorful night markets, there are yet more who see Chiang Mai as a way to explore Thailand’s diverse sex industry.

In this guide, we take a look at the prostitution markets in Chiang Mai including escorts as well as street hookers. We also delve into the many adult entertainment venues that offer personal services such as erotic massage parlors with a happy ending, go-go bars and the ladyboys of Chiang Mai.

Prostitution in Chiang Mai

Prostitution in Thailand is illegal but is widespread and quite tolerated in most parts of the country. Compared to the sex industry in Bangkok and other popular tourist spots like Pattaya and Phuket however, the scene in Chiang Mai is quite small.

chiang mai sex scene

Chiang Mai’s sex scene is no Bangkok but you can find prostitution rife here. Image via Flickr.

The city still has plenty of adult entertainment venues where visitors can pick up bar girls, get a handjob with a massage or even get a full service in a karaoke club.

Prices for sex in Chiang Mai are generally a bit cheaper than in the capital and you can find yourself paying from 300 baht ($9) from the street up to around $4500 ($150) for an escort.

Most of the girls who work as prostitutes here are local mountain (or hill tribe) girls or come from neighbouring countries like Burma, Laos or even Vietnam.

A lot of the sex industry caters mainly for locals with much of the foreigner friendly markets being centralised in one unofficial red light district (see below).

Chiang Mai Escorts Guide

There are several directories and agencies that cover the Chiang Mai area. Rates vary by site but you can expect to pay anything from 5000 baht+ ($154) for two hours with a premium escort. Budget options are also available:

escorts chiang mai

There are  few escorts in Chiang Mai compared to other Thai cities. Image via Escorts Chiang Mai.

Sometimes you can pick up an escort as a ‘sideline’ girl; someone who is earning a bit of money on the side as a prostitute. Often students, they will date tourists for the duration of their stay and expect more than just money for the privilege. They are not advertised and do not use agencies, instead they tend to work in groups, targeting tourists and giving out their phone numbers or responding to referrals from bar staff.

Sex in Chiang Mai

Sex is easy to find in Chiang Mai and there are lots of choices for foreign tourists to be able to sample the taste of how prostitution is done in Thailand. From familiar options like a handjob at an erotic massage parlor and street hookers to the go-go bars and blowjob bars, there is much to tempt you.


Brothels are illegal in Thailand but that is not tot say that you cannot find an adult venue in Chiang Mai where you can pay for sex with your choice of prostitute. As we mentioned above, the sex industry in Thailand is booming but it is one that operates in an unregulated and unlicensed way. Typical of this part of Asia, most prostitution goes on, either at massage parlors (soapy) or as a result of picking up a bar girl in the beer bars, girlie bars or go-go bars.

Of course, there is also the option of outcall visits from an escort or picking up a street hooker (see below).

That being said, there are (of course) brothels in Chiang Mai although most are not foreigner (farang) friendly and you will need to speak at least a little Thai to get by. Worth exploring for anyone who has some language skills or has a Thai friend who also fancies a taste of the local ‘culture’.

  • Glass Window Brothel/New Brothel located next to Says Karaoke
  • Old Wives Club (off Nimmanheimen Road)
  • Burmese Brothel, Santitum – not for the faint-hearted and very ‘rustic’.
  • Day Time Brothel, Nimman
  • Rung Fa Boiled Rice Shop

Most of these brothels operate other businesses such as take-away food or delivery services and by day can seem very ordinary. It is by night that their true trade becomes evident with girls on offer from as little as 400 baht ($12).

There are also a few of these kinds of brothels down by the night bazaar near Loi Kroh Road.

chiang mai brothels

You can find brothels around the night bazaar off Loi Kroh Road. Image via Flickr.

Erotic Massage Parlors

It’s not difficult to find somewhere to get a handjob in Chiang Mai with the popular choice for most Western visitors, ex-pats and some locals being the erotic massage salons. Here, you can pick up a reasonably priced regular massage with a happy ending.

As a very general rule of thumb, the more attractive the girl, the lazier and less skilful she is likely to be. In Chiang Mai, the older ladies who look like they might be the cleaner have exquisite manual dexterity that will leave you breathless. And, let’s face it, if you close your eyes, she could be anyone, right?

There are a scores of small massage rooms that are set up in the more touristy areas of the city including Changklan Road, Loi Kroh, Sridonchai, Kampaengdin and a couple of the streets in Old Town.

erotic massage chiang mai

Changklan Road has lots of massage parlors. Image via Flickr.

For some westerner-friendly massage parlors, you can try the following which all have a good reputation for providing good service with some potentially offering more than just a handjob. Don’t expect full service at a massage parlor in Chiang Mai as the police are known to come down heavy on those that provide full sex. Cynic may believe this is to protect the offerings of the soapy massage salons (see below). Manual relief is also not provided at all massage parlors but, where it is, can be referred to as a ‘special’.

  • Natchan Massage, 158 Kampangdin Rd, Thesaban Nakhon Chiang Mai
  • The Best Massage, Chang Klan Road, Chiang Mai
  • Ying Yang 1, Loi Kroh Road, Chiang Mai
  • Ying Yang 2, Loi Kroh Road, Chiang Mai
  • Lucky Massage, Loi Kroh Road, Chiang Mai
  • Sang Simrit, Kotchasarn Roadm Chiang Mai
  • Relax House, Rachapakinai Road

There is also said to be a massage parlor opposite the Chiang Mai Women’s Correctional Institute on Rajchavithi Road in the Sriphum district which also does a good happy ending.

In general, most parlors will charge around 300-500 baht ($9-$15) extra for a manual finish on top of the cost of a massage; oral will be more.

Soapy Massages

You can expect a slightly different service at a soapy massage parlor and is far more like a brothel than a standard erotic massage parlor.

chiang mai soapy massage

Soapy massage is big in Thailand. Image via Twitter.

Similar to a line-up, girls sit in a ‘fish bowl’ or behind glass windows with a number attached to their sexy outfit. Clients can then choose a girl and be led to a private room in which a bath will be run for you. The service starts with a littlie soaping up with foam, some foreplay and then a full body-to-body massage. Most sessions end with a handjob, but some girls can and do offer oral and full sex.

There are quite a few salons in Chiang Mai with most charging around 1000+ baht ($30) for a happy ending; however, the prettier girls can charge a lot more and premium services can be more like 2500 baht ($77) at one of the better salons.

A few good choices, particularly for foreigners, are:

  • Phucome Soapy Massage,  #21, Huay Kaew Rd., T. Suthep, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50200
  • Celeb@CNX, Chang Moi Rd., A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50100
  • Sayuri Complex, Charoen Muang Rd., T. Wat Ket, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50000
  • Absolute Paradise, #36, Sirorot Rd., A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50100
  • Amarin Massage, Suthep Rd., A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50200
  • Pandora Massage, Charoen Muang Rd., T. Wat Ket, A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50000

Locals tend to use the Fang VIP Members club (#5, Chiang Mai Land Rd., A. Muang, Chiang Mai 50100) that does accept foreigners and is not actually a member’s club. Prices here are high but service is said to be excellent.

Go Go Bars

Go go bars are hugely popular in Thailand and offer an alternative to strip clubs and where you can pick up a prostitute. Also known as girlie bar or hostess bars, there is usually some good adult entertainment to keep you in the venue and you will be joined by one of the many girls who work there to give you company. Whilst they spend time with you, you need to pay for her drinks, all priced separately and for which the bar takes a fair cut. If you want to enjoy a little something extra, then you must pay a bar fine which covers the loss of earnings for any girl whilst she is no longer entertaining in the bar. Some bars have private rooms and are much like brothels whilst others will allow you to take the women off-site to a local love hotel.

Bar fines vary depending on where you are but are generally in the region of 300-500 baht ($9-$15) with short-time service costing 1000-1500 ($30-$46) baht and long-time being 1000-2500 baht ($30-$77).

Most of the best (and foreigner friendly) beer bars and go-go bars can be found in the Loi Kroh Road area.

The best go-go bars are considered to be:

  • Spotlight, 311 Chang Moi Rd, Chiang Mai 50300
  • Foxy Lady, 80/12 Thapae Soi 1, Changklan District, Chiang Mai 50100
  • Star Six, 80/10 Loi Kroh Road, Chiang Mai 50100
go go bar chiang mai spotlight

The Spotlight go-go bar is one of the more popular tourist bars in Chiang Mai. Image via Facebook.

Karaoke Bars/KTVs

Karaoke Bars (or KTVs) are a uniquely Asian way to pick up a prostitute and combine one of the continents favorite pastimes with a kind of hostess (or girlie) bar approach. Some KTVs in Chiang Mai simply offer an evenings entertainment in which you can get a private room with a karaoke machine and while away a few hours drinking and singing your heart out with a few friends and/or with a hostess from the bar.

However, there are quite a few KTVs in Chiang Mai where you can get more than just a singing session and which are, ostensibly, brothels.

Not many are farang-friendly but they can be worth trying:

  • 20/20 Karaoke, 12 Chotana Road, Chiang Mai
  • Angel Club Karaoke, Chang Klan Road
  • Aii Karaoke, Chang Klan Road
  • Orchid Karaok, Chang Klan Road, Chiang Mai 50100
  • 99 Karaoke, Chang Phueak, Mueang Chiang Mai District 50300
  • Ten Karaoke, 239/9 Wang Singh Rd, Chiang Mai 50300
karaoke chiang mai sex

The Twenty 20 Karaoke Bar in Chiang Mai offers more than just the usual entertainment. Image via Google Maps.

Love Hotels

Love Hotels (also known as short time or curtain hotels_ are another uniquely Asian adult venue and are simply motels/hotels where rooms are rented out for short-time love. Offering cheap accommodation by the hour, these love hotels were originally used by young Thai couples that were courting (or even married partners) who co-habit with family. In the absence of private and personal space, love hotels have become very fashionable across Asian, particularly in overcrowded cities. In some parts of Asia, they are almost a public service to encourage and enable couples to have sex off the streets and in public areas.

Chiang Mai has a lot of love hotels and, certainly, if you are picking up a prostitute they should know the closest ones to go to.

These are the names of some good love hotels in Chiang Mai:

  • Amada Hotel
  • Happy Inn Love Hotel
  • Ratree Love Hotel
  • Bises Resort
  • Honeymoon Inn
  • Relax Love Hotel
  • BK Love Hotel
  • Kasalong Resort
  • Relax Resort Curtain Hotel
  • Casa Long Inn
  • Love Boat
  • S’48 Love Hotel
  • China Chic
  • Lucky Day Love Hotel
  • Cupid Resort Love Hotel
  • Mix Love Hotel
  • The Great Love Hotel
  • Show Up Resort
  • Entertain Love Hotel
  • New Venus Hotel
  • The Time Movement
  • Faprani Love Hotel
  • Paradise Inn

You can find these hotels all across the city with plenty being situated in the Loi Kroh Road area.

Swinging Clubs

Swinging is not legal in Thailand and there are no clubs in the city of Chiang Mai. It is not a popular activity for many locals but does still attract plenty of Western interest either from those expats living here or from visiting tourists.

As a result, you can find interested lifestyle members via some of the more popular Western swingers sites:

Strip Clubs

There are no Western style strip clubs in Chiang Mai, but the go-go bars offer a similar experience. Certainly, you wont find a European gentleman’s club in the city nor are there are any burlesque performances being run regularly.

Fetish Clubs & BDSM

There are no fetish or BDSM clubs in Chiang Mai but there are a few professional Mistresses who offer their services privately as well as some escorts who can provide outcall visits.

One popular choice in Chiang Mai is Goddess Rakcham who provides simple pain during sessions in her private townhouse. Known as the ‘Female Supremacy’ Studio, Rakcham offers spanking, punching, whipping, caning and electro-torture.

FemDom, LadyKim, is also available for BDSM services in Chiang Mai and she expects a tribute of around 4000 baht ($123) for a two-hour outcall session.

Mistress Kim Thai is another option.

If you are looking to hook up with other Doms, subs or play partners whilst in Chiang then you might want to try the listings of FetLife, or Adult Friend Finder.

chiang mai bdsm fetish

For BDSM and fetish needs, professional FemDoms are your only option. image via Lady Kim.


No guide to the sex scene in any Thai city be complete with mention of the ladyboys. Chiang Mai is nowhere near as active a scene as Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket but there are lots of kathoeys around the city. Most seem to congregate on the streets and bars around the Thai Pay Gate on Moon Muang Road although some massage salons and go-go bars also employ a token ladyboy to appease the Western appetite.

There are two good bars that are popular for ladyboys:

  • Shamrock Bar, Lane 3A, Loi Kroh Road, Chiang Mai 50100
  • Ram Bar, 48 Charoen Prathet Road, Chiang Mai 50300

Ladyboy prostitutes can sometimes be more expensive than CIS gendered females and, if you want to try a Thai T-girl then expect to pay around 400-1500 baht ($12-$46).

ladyboys chiang mai

The ladyboys of Chiang Mai might be fewer in number than in Bangkok but can still yield some gems. Image via Flickr.

Street Prostitutes & Red-Light Districts

There are no official red-light districts in Chiang Mai but Loi Kroh Road is the unofficial area where sex workers can be found as well as the location of most of the adult massage parlors.

Full of bars where many freelance prostitutes are known to work, Loi Kroh Road is the centre of the city’s nightlife. At the western end of the road you can find street prostitutes whilst the eastern side has plenty of popular bars.

However, the street hookers of Chiang Mai are also known to congregate in the Moon Muang Road area near Thai Pay Gate.

It is worth pointing out that the ladyboys of Chiang Mai are very convincing and it is essential that you know who you are picking up before you get in too deep.

The cost of sex from the streets of Chiang Mai is around 500-1000 baht ($15-$30) depending on the quality of the girl (or ladyboy) you are picking up. You will also need to factor in the cost of a love hotel if you are using one.

It is also worth heading to the Spicy Discotheque where you can always find a lot of freelance prostitutes.

Sex Shops

Sex shops are banned in Thailand and you cannot find retail outlets anywhere in the country where you can pick up sex toys and bedroom essentials. However, you can purchase some street vendors that sell fake endurance products like Viagra and Cialis with some even selling very basic toys.

If you are in the market for lingerie, then you can usually find this at a department store or in the malls. There are a couple of sexy boutiques in the city that even sell naughty costumes:

The Triumph Boutique has several stores across the city:

  • 55 Huaykaew Rd, Tambon Chang Phueak, Chiang Mai
  • Central Plaza, Chiang Mai Airport
  • 2 Mahidol Road, Tambon Pa Daet, Chiang Mai
  • 21 Huaykaew Road, Chiang Mai
  • 999/9 Super Highway Tambon Fa Ham, Chiang Mai
  • 94 Moo 4, Lampang Road, Nong Paak, Chiang Mai

There is also a Playboy shop located in the Central Airport Plaza.

If you want to buy intimate bedroom products in Thailand then your best bet is to do so online either via Lazada or Ali Express. Both are similar to eBay but used by many commercial retailers for Asian markets.

Featured image via Flickr.

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