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Our city guides include everything you need to know about the various sex scenes across Asia.

In these guides we dig deep under the surface of each city to uncover its adult entertainment options and the prevailing laws (what is legal, vs. what isn't), as well as how successfully they are enforced. We provide a third party non-biased account of some of the major adult tourist attractions in Asia's largest cities. 

Please note: These city guides are provided for informational purposes only. We've done as much research as we can, but we cannot verify the accuracy of all the content. We welcome your suggestions and corrections if you find anything that is out-of-date or incorrect.

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City Guides

*We have included Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau in both our city guides and country guides.

Tip: If you are looking for a broader view of the attitudes towards sex across Asia, check out our separate country guides.

A-Z of City Guides

Here is an A-Z list of the Asian cities we have covered so far.

This list is growing monthly, so if we haven't compiled a guide for the city you're looking for, please bookmark the page and check back soon!