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*We have included Hong Kong, Singapore and Macau in both our city guides and country guides.

Tip: If you are looking for a broader view of the attitudes towards sex across Asia, check out our separate country guides.

A-Z of City Guides

Here is an A-Z list of the Asian cities we have covered so far.

This list is growing monthly, so if we haven’t compiled a guide for the city you’re looking for, please bookmark the page and check back soon!

City Walkthroughs

Are you a complete beginner when it comes to finding the best adult entertainment near you? Are you worried about scams, shady services and rip-offs? Brand new to a city and in the mood for a little strictly adult tourism?

We have spent hundreds of hours compiling the most comprehensive inside guides to adult entertainment across Asia’s major hubs. We’ve got the lowdown on cities as far apart as Delhi and Tokyo, Manila and Beijing.

Asia has a wonderfully diverse melting pot of cultures — which translates to an incredibly varied night-life, with adult thrills to be had across the continent.

What will I find in the city guides?

These reports cover literally every aspect of the local sex scene, including:

  • How to hook up with locals (and popular hot spots)
  • The legal status of prostitution: facts and trends
  • Information on local adult services (and their legal status)
  • Popular strip clubs
  • Local swinger events and groups
  • Sex shops, peep shows and more

Our city guides are painstakingly sourced from first hand accounts and trusted ‘field reports’ from around the web. We update them every month as new information comes to light.

Unbiased Accounts

We aim to share the good, the bad and the ugly.

Unlike other sites, we do not accept ‘payment for placement’.

Our guides are an unvarnished account of the adult services and entertainment in each city. We cannot vouch for the quality of them, and we certainly can’t endorse them.

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Researched and Translated… For Your Pleasure

Please note: our guides are compiled in a three step process.

In the first step, our team of researchers trawl the web rounding up hundreds of first-hand accounts and reviews for related adult services in the target region.

As you might expect in Asia, not all of these sources are provided in plain English. So, next up we translate all of the source material in to English, we curate the best bits and use it to create an enormous ‘bucket list’ of material you might find useful.

Our writers then produce the epic guides that you’ll find scattered around our site.

Can we guarantee that all information is accurate and up to date? Sadly not. Good luck finding anybody that can.

We do not vouch for (or recommend) any of the services listed on this website. Nor are we affiliated to them. These guides are provided for informational purposes only.