Sex in Macau

Want to get the lowdown on the best adult entertainment in Macau?

One of the richest territories on Earth, Macau is known as the ‘Las Vegas of Asia’. In fact, the gambling industry here is seven times larger than in the United States’ Neon Capital. Though a part of China, the area has autonomous rule and is the only part of the country other than Hong Kong where gambling is allowed. As a result, Macau has become a huge tourism hotspot and a major resort city where other kinds of adult entertainment are embraced.

In Sex in Macau guide, we take a sweeping tour of Macau taking in everything from casinos and nightclubs to the city’s infamous sex saunas and fishbowls.

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Adult Entertainment in Macau

Situated across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong, this tiny former Portuguese colony is home to around 632,000 people making it the most densely populated region on earth. In addition to the locals, the city also attracts a huge number of visitors with tourist figures for 2018 almost reaching 36 million people!

sex in macau nightlife
Macau is a mega tourist attraction with visitors outnumber the locals 55:1. Image via Wikimedia.

Many come from the Chinese mainland or from neighboring Hong Kong as well as international visitors from other parts of Asia, Australia and even Europe and North America.

Covering an area of just 12.7 square miles, that’s one jam packed city but, what draws so many people here and what do they do when they get to Macau?


Also known as the Monte Carlo of the East, the main source of revenue in the city is gambling which contributes to about 50% of local income. Employing one in five local residents, the casinos remain the biggest tourist attraction of Macau and you can find more than 40 legal gambling venues in the former colony.

The biggest and most famous of these is the Venetian Macao, the second largest casino in the world. Covering almost a million square metres of space, it is also the single largest structure hotel in all of Asia.

Officially opened in 2007, this gambling mecca offers everything from table games and slot machines to live arena entertainment. The casino is built on a network of man-made canals and visitors can even take a gondola tour of the complex.

Most casinos are open 24-hours and are situated within the main city or on and around the Cotai Strip. Though, having their own hotels, restaurants, bars and clubs, many guests don’t venture beyond their own casino complex.

macau adult nightlife casinos
The casino industry here is the largest in the world. Image via Wikimedia.

Other casinos of note in Macau include many operated by US and Australian firms, including:

  • Sands Macau
  • MGM Macau
  • Wynn Macau
  • Altira Macau
  • Grand Lapa Macau
  • Casino Lisboa
  • City of Dreams

Nightclubs & Bars

Despite its reputation for being a party town, Macau has relatively few nightclubs of note and is certainly more off the beaten track for international DJs. Instead the casinos largely have the monopoly on this kind of entertainment but there are a couple of good places to head if you want to experience the city’s nightlife outside of your hotel.

Mostly situated around what is known as the NAPE (Novos Aterros do Porto Exterior) Zone in the central district, the clubs are often far smaller than European and North American equivalents and they tend to favor large groups rather than single guests.

The D2 Club & Lounge at Fisherman’s Wharf is one of only a few European style clubs and is in fact a small bar with a live stage and small dancefloor. There are usually some hostess girls in attendance and the place can get busy on weekends but isn’t the most popular of venues for locals.

Macau Adult Nightlife Guide bars and nightclubs
The D2 Nightclub, Macau. Image via Google (Martin Chan).

Club Cubic (situated at Level 2, The Boulevard, City of Dreams Casino) is a popular club in Macau and is much larger. However, it doesn’t get rammed full of people unless there is a special event on.

Other clubs worth checking out include:

  • Sky 21 at 21/F, AIA Tower 251A -301 Avenida Comercial de Macau
  • MP3 at #1333 Av Dr.Sun Yat Sen Edf. Vista Magnifica Court
  • Divino Macau at Aia Tower, 251-309 Room 202
  • Show House at Estr. Flor de Lotus, Studio City

The bar scene in Macau is also pretty poor compared to some other Asian cities and, again, the main places to hit up are located in the casino complexes. However, many of these have rather subdued, if elegant, atmospheres as opposed to a wild one.

Instead, you can head to the Galaxy Complex where there are a couple of venues that are busy with a good vibe. One is an Irish pub called Duffy’s and the other is The Roadhouse, a more American country-style bar.

The area around the docks also has quite a few decent bars, many of which are more local in vibe and some may even have a live band on.

KTVs & Hostess Bars

KTVs are a particularly Asian way of entertaining adults and are common right across China and surrounding countries. At their heart, they are karaoke clubs where guests can pay to hire a private room for an evening and party the night away but where you can also hire the services of a hostess to help keep you entertained.

Macau Adult Nightlife Guide ktv and hostess bars
Image via D8.

There are lots of KTVs in Macau, some of which are more family friendly and where the hostesses offer nothing more than just their company. However, the adult business KTVs are simply another form of brothel in which the girls are available for extra services on request. Some venues have additional private rooms to hire on site whilst most girls will simply accompany you to your hotel room after the party has finished….for a fee.

A popular choice for large groups with each hiring their own hostess for the night, you can find stag/bachelor party packages available which include room hire, liquor and even stretch limousine transportation.

You don’t have to avail yourself of the services of your hostess to enjoy a night out in a KTV and many guys simply enjoy the company of a beautiful woman to help their night go with a bang.

Sex Industry in Macau

Also known as bachelor’s paradise, sex in Macau is a stock and staple part of city living. 

Prostitution here is fully legal though the running of brothels and pimping is not. There is a large sex industry built up around the tourism sector and you can find a plethora of options available to you if you are looking for adult company whilst in Macau.

Strip Clubs

There is only one real strip club in the city, Playmates, situated on Tv. do Gaio in the basement of the Hotel Guia, which offers a pretty basic striptease experience which will be familiar to any western visitors.

Macau Adult Nightlife Guide strip club
Image via Hotel Guia.

The venue is an attempt to recreate a ‘Playboy’ experience and though there are some decent looking, and talented, dancers here, it really doesn’t compare to a European equivalent. That being said, there are some good stage performances to enjoy and there can also be singers as well. Expect topless waitresses, nude private lap dances and, of course, hostesses to keep you company.

The Divino Ultraclub in the AIA Tower could also be considered a gentleman’s club and there are exotic pole dancers included in some of the stage show entertainment. Certainly a high-class venue with a classy and sophisticated vibe, there isn’t the same level of nudity but the dancers here will set your pulse racing.

However, most of the casinos and hotels run their own stage shows, many of which include some erotic dancing or burlesque performances.

Saunas and Erotic Massage

Whilst brothels are technically illegal in Macau, saunas are not and these steamy little venues are Macau’s answer to convenient erotic services.

You can find plenty of saunas around the city with many of the mainstream hotels having their own. Most are legitimate businesses providing the kind of spa treatments you would expect from a sauna and locals as well as tourists use them quite frequently. However, many also offer far more XXX treats.

When you arrive, you will be given a wristband and a locker to leave your clothes and personal belongings. Once you are changed, you should get showered before you use the facilities and (in the adult friendly venues) this is where things can get interesting. Offering rub-down services and soapy massages, you can be joined in your shower by one of the ladies on hand.

Often arranged over several levels, the staff are typically coded by uniform so visitors know what kind of service they offer. Ask to see a menu before you go in and you can be fully conversant with what’s on offer and how much it costs.

A lot of saunas have private rooms for full service but in some areas you can get rub downs and even just a hand job.

Your wristband identifies you to the staff and you settle your bill when you leave depending on how much you have enjoyed during your stay. The entrance fees are usually a fixed fee and allow you to spend several hours on site enjoying the facilities; however, it’s all the extras as well as food and drink which can really rack up a big bill.

Prices vary depending on what services you employ whilst in a sauna but you can expect to spend around $300-500.

The Familia Nobre spa is perhaps one of the best known and certainly largest sauna club in Macau and is famous for its catwalk show. Held several times a day, all the ladies parade down by the pool so customers can select their favorite hostess.

With over 100 private rooms and open 24/7, the sauna is situated at Song Yu Hiroba 24.

Macau Adult Nightlife Guide sauna

Another sauna with a good reputation is the Rio Spa at the Rio Hotel. Much more of a luxury option but with a great choice of local and Asian girls, you will be looking at spending at least $150 just for entry with services costing between $350 and $700 depending on their rank and class. Japanese girls are the most expensive with ‘normal’ girls from Thailand or Vietnam being priced at the lower end of the budget.


Known as fishbowls because a line-up of woman stand behind a glass wall in a room, these venues are fundamentally brothels but masquerade as erotic massage parlors or sauna clubs.

There are quite a few around the city with the majority catering for Chinese and other Asian tourists; however, the Darling Sauna is one of the most notorious. Located in the Macau Masters Hotel on R. das Lorchas, the prices here aren’t bad and you are looking at around $250-$300 for a full service.

Are Escorts & Prostitutes Legal In Macau?

Prostitution in some forms is legal in Macau and the city has thousands of sex workers plying their trade. 

From high class call girls to street hookers, you can pretty much find a working woman everywhere in the city. Most are Chinese and come from the mainland to earn money to send home but you can also find lots of other nationalities represented here including Vietnamese, Thai, Korean and Japanese. Macau also has some European escorts.

Escorts typically use online directories to advertise their service and you can find the services of in-call hookers using sites like:

Some higher-class call women use the casino bars and gaming floors to hit up potential customers and for the most part this is tolerated by the management as long as the women are discreet, well-presented and beautiful.

This does mean that picking up in this way often comes at a higher price and rates will typically be at least double what you pay if you arranged an in-call online.

Macau Adult Nightlife Guide streets macau
Image via Wikimedia.

Street prostitution is illegal in Macau but is widespread, particularly around the lower-rent casinos and hotels.