Macau Brothels: Best Saunas and Fishbowls

Looking for the best brothels, saunas and fishbowls in Macau?

Situated across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong, Macau is ostensibly part of China but has similar laws on prostitution to that of Hong Kong itself.

Whilst it is illegal to operate a brothel or earn a living from the activities of sex work, there is a high level of trade in the city-state. In this guide, we will take a look at some of the most popular alternative brothels in Macau; including the different themes (saunas, fishbowls) that the venues go by…

A Guide to Macau Brothels, Saunas and Fishbowls

A Guide to Macau Brothels, Saunas and Fishbowls

A Guide to Brothels, Saunas and Fishbowls in Macau

You can certainly find brothels in Macau, but technically they are outside of the law and you run the risk of a raid by using one.

However, to get around this legality, most of the Macau brothels operate (and are known) under different guises; saunas and fishbowls.

Macau Saunas: How It Works

As you would expect, the saunas in Macau offer a place for gents to meet up and get a sauna treatment — but there is also a lot more on offer if you know where to look.

As legitimate businesses you will find advertisements for saunas all over the city. Many of them are connected to reputable hotels; however, much of the advertising is in Chinese.

What to Expect Inside the Sauna

The saunas are open to all and you can walk in without needing any discretion as many of the locals (and visitors) do use the facilities as they are intended.

Once you pass the reception, or front desk, you will find yourself in a locker room where you will strip down, place your things in a locker and be given a robe (usually some shorts) to wear whilst in the sauna.

You will also be issued with a wristband which is used to keep tabs on your ‘purchases’ whilst on the premises. After you’ve changed you’ll need to get showered. You can do this on your own or let a woman (in a bikini) do this for you (there is a charge).

Once you are clean you can then go and explore the sauna. Whilst there are certainly areas you can go to relax and sit in a steamy environment with other half-naked men, you will of course want to browse the ‘menu’.

Often written in Chinese with euphemisms that don’t translate very well into English, you may well be confused by what is actually ‘on offer’. If in doubt, it’s usually best to ask the manager discretely.

Each sauna has different levels of service with the staff usually wearing uniforms of a colour that matches their service level. Some saunas let you take your treatments in a private environment whilst others will provide you with a thigh massage (read: hand job) in the main lounge.

Those saunas that offer a full service generally have private hotel-style rooms where you can enjoy full intercourse (or whatever you have agreed upon) and even sleep afterwards for a while.

The entrance fee for the sauna usually covers you to spend up to 12 or even 24 hours at the venue whilst their money is made by your utilising the services.

Once you are finished enjoying the female company, relaxing and eating and drinking then you simply return to the locker room, collect your belongings and then settle up at the front desk using your wrist band.

Prices vary depending on the amount of services you have enjoyed (and with whom – some ethnicities do demand higher rates), the amount of food and drink as well as how upmarket the establishment is.

Expect to pay the equivalent of 300-500 USD for a half day.

Best Saunas in Macau

There is a sauna to suit everyone’s taste and budget in Macau.

For more information on some of the best saunas, see below:

Eighteen Sauna (18 Sauna)

88 R., 78 R. de Malaca, Macau

This sauna is located on the sixth floor of Golden Dragon Hotel. It is one of the most well-known saunas amongst westerners in Macau.

Inside you will find a variety of erotic massage services, and half-assed spa treatments delivered by Vietnamese ladies who seem to be aged anywhere between 25 to 45.

Good thing about 18 Sauna, if you are seeking full service, is that the ladies who go all the way tend to be young and beautiful. They are mostly mainland Chinese girls and there are regular line-ups where you can see exactly what’s on offer before you make your own pick.

You could say that Eighteen Sauna trades on its reputation.

Prices here are generally more expensive than at the nearby Familia Nobre and Emperor saunas. Worth a visit for full sex, but there are better options if you are looking for decent spa massages to go with it.

Rio Spa

Rio Hotel, Rua Luis Gonzaga Gomes, Macau (5th Floor)

Ask a foreigner to name the first Macau sauna he can think of and, chances are, he’ll tell you: “The Rio Spa, Rio Hotel.”

Maybe that’s because it’s one of the easiest spas to spot. You don’t have to worry about your taxi driver having a meltdown. The hotel is a neon heart attack.

Once inside, head to the fifth floor and and you’ll find what is one of the most decorative and aesthetic saunas in Macau. This doesn’t feel like a cheap or dirty hole-in-the-wall. It is modern; hotel-like. Luxury.

And full of sexy Viet, Chinese and Korean chicks.

While the facilities are top notch, and the ladies generally beautiful (with a nice mix of different tastes and curves), this is not the cheapest sauna in Macau. A ‘bundle’ of spa treatments (foot massage, neck rub, etc), followed by inner thigh massage and then a round of full service is going to push you close to $500 on the credit card. Not bad when you consider you’re writhing in luxury, but not cheap either.

If you’re looking for choice… as in, literally, dozens of ladies available, then Rio Spa certainly delivers on its reputation.

When you call a line-up, which gathers by the pool, the sheer selection of high quality ladies will give you a decision fatigue headache. But hopefully a good one.

Familia Nobre

249 Alameda Dr. Carlos d’Assumpcao, Macau

Familia Nobre is seen as one of the best saunas in Macau. Certainly for value.

It is open 24/7 and provides a raft of services, from spa-like foot massages, neck and shoulder rubs and ear cleaning… to full sex and the ride of your life.

For around $300 (USD), you can indulge in a series of relaxing treatments, a couple of handjobs and full service with one of over 40+ ladies working at any given time.

While you’re there, why not get your money’s worth? Enjoy a selection of decent free food and drinks; and even kick back for a quick snooze before you leave.

The ladies offering full service are mostly Vietnamese or Chinese. When you call the line-up, you’ll probably find around 80% of the ladies from these countries. There are, occasionally, girls from Europe (mostly Russia/Ukraine) and sometimes even Africa. Whoever is working will parade in front of you in bikinis and high heels at the line-up.

Once you’ve made your pick, you’ll be led away to the private ensuite rooms for a shower, rub down and whatever you’ve signed up for…

As far as full service goes, the Familia Nobre girls are talented. There’s more than a few blowjob queens working this establishment.

While the women dishing out the regular spa treatments are not the highest quality in Macau, the service is generally just as good or better than some of the saunas that charge up to 30% more. Perfectly serviceable as you’re basking in the afterglow of the real treats that this venue has to offer.

Familia Nobre is one of Macau’s best sauna/brothel options.

Best Fishbowls in Macau

Referring to the art of a soapy massage, the fishbowls in Macau are no different to those you will find in Bangkok or Singapore.

They are far more to the point than the saunas and occupy less of your time.

Expect to be presented with your choice of ‘masseuse’ and then be led to a private room where you can enjoy a private bath experience.

Prices are considerably cheaper starting at $200 (up to $800) USD depending on your choice of girl. A lot of the women are from Vietnam or of Asian origin.

Some of the top Macau fishbowls include:

Darling 1

No.162 Rua das Lorchas, Macau (Inside Masters Hotel)
*Location moves around.

Darling 1 is probably the most famous ‘adult services’ venue in all of Macau. It is an extremely popular hybrid between a fishbowl and a sauna.

You can get in on the action as early as Noon, but things don’t usually start to pick up until 2pm.

Darling 1 is nowhere near as expensive as a luxury Macau sauna, and yet it’s not as sleazy as some of the smaller fishbowls around town. In essence, it’s the perfect compromise for any man who wants to enjoy a sexy encounter that isn’t going to detonate his wallet.

The ladies come from all around Asia.

Expect a lot of Chinese and Vietnamese girls, but also Thai ladies and Japanese.

These ladies are experienced in ways that betray their (mostly) cute, innocent looks. You can expect the ride of your life if you go in for full service, as is the norm at these fishbowls. If you’re looking for a soapy massage experience that is comparable to the best Bangkok/Thailand can offer, but in nicer facilities, Darling 1 is a must visit.

Full sex will usually cost around $220-$250 (USD), which is cheaper than even the best value saunas, albeit slightly more expensive than local hole-in-the-wall fishbowls.

A typical session lasts 90 minutes, including bath/showering together.

Darling 2

Avenida do Ouvidor Arriaga 89

Less famous than Darling 1 is Darling 2.

Once you arrive at this fishbowl, you’ll see a line-up of around 15-25 girls behind a one-way mirror. According to several field reports, all of them are Vietnamese. Some are genuinely beautiful, others strictly average quality.

Service is decent, though.

For around $160-$200 USD, you can enjoy a full bath, erotic massage (complete with nude body slides), titty job, blow job and full sex. Some of the girls are ‘up for just about anything’, including anal and allegedly free after-parties… if they like you enough!

Most people prefer Darling 1 for the choice, variety and facilities, but Darling 2 is still a decent fishbowl.

Have you visited any of Macau’s famous brothels, fishbowls or saunas?

How did it compare to a normal brothel?

Let us know your reviews and experiences below.

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