Dhaka Escorts and Sex Guide

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One of the world’s largest, and most densely populated cities, Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh. With over 18 million people living in the wider metropolitan area, the city has more people than New Zealand, Norway and the United Arab Emirates put together! Often described as a sumptuous city, as the heart of Bengali culture, Dhaka has a lot to offer; from its rich architectural heritage and endless festivals to its vibrant markets and chaotic traffic. Dhaka is many things to many people and must provide more than just work and entertainment.

In this guide, we take a look at what Bangladesh’s capital city has to offer the adults by way of erotic entertainment. From the escorts and prostitution scene to erotic massage and brothels, we cover all the options and their current legal status.

Prostitution in Dhaka

Though a Muslim country, prostitution is legal in Bangladesh and has been since 2000. You can find brothels in most of the cites, including Dhaka as well as freelance prostitutes in bars and clubs. Though a legal profession, the majority of Bangladeshis regard prostitution with distaste and sex workers are ostracised by society.

The sex industry in the country has a long history and these red-light areas are an important part of Bangladeshi culture. Dhaka, in particular, has a long association as a migrant city where labourers stay for work. As a result, the brothels are an essential part of daily life for the thousands of men who are living away from their wives.

dhaka prostitution
Dhaka is one of the world’s most densely populated cities and all parts of life are experienced in this busy capital. Image via Wikimedia.

Often run down and situated in the slums, many brothels provide cheap sex although there is also a rising demand for the companionship offered by sex workers. Certainly, the demographics of the country mean there are more unmarried men than there are potential spouses and even professional working men will pay for escort services or use a prostitute both for carnal pleasure as well as company.

Of course, married men will also visit sex workers and there is a culture whereby using a prostitute for extra-marital sex is acceptable. This is particularly true in the case of those sexual activities which are taboo (and illegal) such as anal sex and even fellatio.

It is believed that there are over 200,000 prostitutes working in Bangladesh with an estimated 20,000 working in the capital alone. Many experts believe that this number could be at least double.

The majority of women working in the industry, certainly those in the slum brothels, are from Bangladesh or Bengali but you can also find many Indian, Nepalse and Thai girls working in Dhaka. High end prostitutes from Europe, particularly from Russia mainly provide escort services at premium prices.

Rates for sex in the slums can be less than a dollar but escorts will charge more. The average rate is around $50.

Sex in Dhaka

Whilst paying for sex in Dhaka is legal, there are only really three ways to do it; via an escort (see above), using a brothel or paying a street prostitute. Beyond this, there is not much scope or range in the same way as in, say, Thailand. Erotic massage, KTVs, hostess bars and strip clubs are not available and freelance prostitutes will either take to the streets or head to popular clubs to tout for business.


There are plenty of brothels around the city and, as well as the government sanctioned brothel villages (see below), you can simply ask any rickshaw driver and they will happily drop you at a nearby location. These are mostly found in the Gulsahan 2 circle and are generally not the most ‘salubrious’ of venues but sex is cheap here.

brothels in dhaka
Like New York taxi drivers and London ‘cabbies’ the rickshaw riders of Dhaka can lead you to the city’s brothels. Image via Wikimedia.


Many hotels in Dhaka will also be able to hook you up with room service, particularly those located in Fakirapool, Saidebad, Bananni and Mohakali. To a lesser extent but still common are those residential hotels situated in Fultola , Jessore, Goalondo, Mymensing and Banishanta.

It is best practice to ask any male attendant about the cost of a prostitute in the city and, if they are in contact with one, he will organise a visit for you. The fee is then split three ways to the escort, attendant and the hotel. Rates vary but are usually quite cheap at under $10 in total.

This type of method can also be used in the bars around Dhaka.

Swinging Clubs

Swinging is not common in Bangladesh and there are no official clubs or organisations. However, the practice does occur and in Dhaka it is more popular than in other areas of the country.

Poly-amorous couples use the internet to advertise their intentions and desires with a couple of websites being useful for Western visitors:

Erotic Massage Parlours

There are certainly massage parlours in Dhaka and many of them operate full spa services whilst others are simply providing therapeutic treatments. There are no guarantees in any of them that they will provide a happy ending but this does happen.

It is worth asking in advance if they provide ‘extra’ services before booking. They will be able to advise whether you are likely to be in luck but full discretion is recommended.

Strip Clubs

Strip clubs are illegal in Bangladesh and there are no venues in Dhaka where you will find lap dancing or pole dancing. Even performances like burlesque are not common.

If you are intent on getting a strip performance, then your only option is to hire an escort to get a private one.

Street Prostitutes and Red-Light Districts

There are several officially registered, as well as unofficial, red-light districts in Dhaka where brothels are located and where you can find hookers on the streets. Most of these areas are very run down, quite dirty and not considered safe places for tourists. Head to some of these districts after dark and/or alone and there is a very real possibility of personal injury or theft.

Certainly, the red-light areas of Dhaka are unlike those found in eastern Asian countries like Japan or Thailand and there is no glitz and glamour to be found here.

Some areas are safer than others and we’ve tried to give you a good summary of the main red-light areas in Dhaka.

farmgate red light area dhaka
Farmgate in Dhaka is the busiest area for hookers in the city. Image via Wikimedia.
  • English Road
  • Farmgate: This large commercial area of the city is home to a lot of prostitutes, often wearing burkhas to disguise themselves, the area between the Grameen Phone offices and Ananda Cinema is a busy route.
  • Bauchuk Market
  • Romona Park
  • Segyn Bagjcha Road
  • Shahah Bag
  • Kabadi Market
  • Baldha Garden
  • Ramna Park
  • Goachia Market
  • Kakrial Bus Station
  • Baily Street and Baily Road Theatre
  • Dhaka University Area. The campus itself is usually quite a good spot but most of the surrounding routes also attract hookers.
  • Outside of the Parliament Building along Manik Mia Avenue and in Zia ul Park.

Of course, 100km outside of Dhaka is the brothel village of Daulatdia, known to house around 1500 sex workers. Servicing over 3000 men each day, this slum town is a popular spot for many locals where sex is cheap and the choice plentiful. The conditions in this village are very poor and the women have often been coerced or forced into the trade. Stories of madams tricking the women into taking drugs and abusing their charges are sadly all too common. It is not an area that is recommended, particularly for foreigners.

Daulatdia brothel dhaka
The ferry to Daulatdia is a busy one, servicing 3k men a day, this government sanctioned red light village is a locals only venue. Image via Wikimedia.

Sex Shops

Although prostitution is legal in Bangladesh it is important to remember that it is still a Muslim country and sex, to some degree, is a taboo subject; certainly, unnatural sexual practices. As a result, sex toys are not a common retail item in Dhaka and you will find that most purchases of this kind are conducted online.

You can find products in pharmacies such as stimulants, condoms and oils but, by and large, mainstream sex shops are not available.

Some bedroom basics are sold by street traders in the red-light areas.

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