Osaka Escorts and Sex Guide

Want to find out more about sex in Osaka?

With a population of 2.7 million people Osaka is the third largest of Japan’s cities. Including the extended prefecture there are more than 19 million residents who use the city for everything from commercial and retail activities as well as for entertainment. The city has a diverse mix of districts, each known for specific things; from food and fine sake to cultural richness like performing arts, galleries and museums.

In this guide, we take a look at the adult entertainment scene in Osaka including establishments like blowjob bars, soaplands, image clubs and the uniquely Japanese hotel delivery (or escort) service.

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Prostitution in Osaka

Though prostitution in Japan is illegal, the country’s sex industry is one of the largest economies of its kind in the world. Sex is estimated to net Japan around $24 billion each year.

osaka sex
Osaka by night offers a bewildering variety of ways to be entertained. Image via Flickr.

Known as fūzoku (meaning ‘public morals’), the sex trade does not have the same connotations as prostitution and most businesses operate legitimately as long as they stay inside the law.

The legal situation is quite clear; the Anti-Prostitution Law of 1956 makes it unlawful for anyone to offer or pay for coital intercourse with someone in exchange for money.

This clarity has lead to plenty of new interpretations of the law and many venues operate above aboard to exploit loopholes to provide non-coital services including oral, anal and Spanish sex as well as masturbation. These include hostess bars, KTVs, blowjob salons, erotic massage, soaplands and image clubs.

The primary focus of women employed at most of these establishments is on titivation, roleplay or companion services. In some aspects, they mirror a more traditional role of the Japanese courtesans (or Oiran and Geishas, See Geishas vs Escorts)

Despite this ‘skirting’ around the law, prostitution does happen in Japan and it is estimated that up to two in five Japanese men have paid for sex.

There are no official figures of the number of women involved in the fūzoku industry in Japan with some estimates placing the total at around 250,000 with others suggesting it could be closer to a million. Certainly, to turn over a revenue of $24 billion, the industry is well populated.

As in most industries, the majority of the fūzoku establishments are situated in those areas where demand is highest and Tokyo is the capital of Japan’s sex market. However, both Yokohama and Osaka have their own fūzoku trade.

The culture of servicing foreign visitors (gaijin) at many of these establishments reflects the country’s cultural attitude in general. Some venues will openly state on their entrances that they do not provide services to gaijin. These are written in English so there is ambiguity.

It is worth bearing in mind that some aspects of the industry are under criminal jurisdiction and the Yakuza have a finger in the pies of many adult venues.

osaka prostitution
Venues vary from neon-lit bars and clubs to back-alley ‘brothels’. The red-light area in Tobita Shinchi has it all. Image via Pinterest.

The price of receiving any kind of sexual services in Osaka varies by establishment and by service type. If you are seeking an escort, then the average price is around $250 for an hour with regular prostitutes charging anything from $100 for a quick service.

Details of prices at other venues are given below and reflect the time, expertise and demand of the service. The top image clubs, for example, where women are coveted as skilled performers can charge anywhere from $100 to $3000 for an experience.

Osaka Escorts Guide

Professional agency escorts in Japan provide what is known as ‘delivery (or hotel) health’ services with independent call girls plying their trade through ‘deai’ sites (internet dating). The latter service is referred to as enjo kōsai (or ‘compensated dating’).

Whilst both services strictly offer sumata (non-coital intercourse), you can find that vaginal penetration is occasionally offered by some girls though this is strictly against the law.

Delivery Health (Deriheru)

The following Delivery Health Centres are known to be gaijin friendly and can provide ladies directly to your hotel, a local love hotel or place of business:

Delivery CentreTel. NumberBusiness HoursPrice Per Hour
Secret Door0120-640-60324 Hours20,000 Yen ($180)
Club Valentine06-6772-499924 Hours18,000 Yen ($160)
Jukujo Souhonten06-6306-093010.00am to 5.00am10,000 Yen $90)
Japanese Adult Hospitality0570-666-7809.00am to 2.00am20,000 Yen ($180)
Japanese Escort Girls03-5793-151512.00pm to 5.00am21,000 Yen ($188)
Karipakuccho Academy06-4793-135724 Hours14,000 Yen ($125)
Dressterior06-4862-676212.00pm to 6.00am24,000 Yen ($215)
Gals Network06-6772-994424 Hours18,000 Yen ($160)
Osaka Office Lady Story06-6966-062724 Hours15,000 Yen ($135)
Mukitamago Nanba06-6213-377324 Hours10,000 Yen ($90)
Linda & Linda06-6363-199110.00am to 6.00am16,000 Yen ($145)
Erotic Massage Club06-6212-19509.00am to 5.00am16,000 Yen ($145)

The Japanese Escort Girls offers a totally gaijin friendly service around most of Japan and they offer ‘the best orgasm by just laying down’ for their western clients. The website is easy to use and understand plus they offer some good discounts for online bookings. All of their girls are Japanese and photos are fully guaranteed to be 100% genuine.


Of course, there are the usual ways to search for an escort in Osaka including some of the international directories which have a large number of independent hookers as well as agency girls:

Sex in Osaka

It can be confusing in Osaka to determine which venues are offering adult services and those that aren’t. Whilst some are obvious such as the window ‘brothels’, many businesses operate from ordinary looking offices and buildings. Some look like they are snack bars or barbers when in fact they are offering something quite different.

Most adult venues are obliged to indicate that they are an adult services establishment via the use of an ‘R18’ sign. This distinctive logo with the palm of two hands showing is a clear demarcation of a fūzoku business.


Brothels are not legal in Osaka but they do exist. See ‘Red light Districts and Street Prostitutes’, below. More like fancy Japanese restaurants, you can find them in the red-light areas of the city and are pretty obvious when you see them; well-lit windows with women sitting around evoking a similar vibe to the European window girls of Amsterdam.

There are also other ways to get a variety of different services in Osaka, namely:

Pink Salons/ Blowjob Bars

Known as pinsaros or ‘Pink Salons’, you can find blowjob bars in the red light areas of Osaka. Some operate as legal businesses by offering food in addition to the companion services provided by the girls. A condition of their operations is not to provide private rooms or shower facilities so expect your blowjob to be behind a makeshift screen or curtain and for your genitals to be given a sponge wash only. Some ladies also perform additional services including anal insertion or allow you to touch their breasts.

There aren’t as many pink salons in Osaka as you will find in Tokyo (possibly because the salarymen aren’t as stressed?) but you can find them in the red light districts of the city.

A quick tip: Opt for the service known as ‘The Hanabira Kaiten’. This is where several girls swap in and out of the booth during your service. It’s a bit more expensive but is a lot more fun than just trying one girl. You choose the number of women you want to service you during your time.


Firstly, not all karaoke bars have an adult service to them and there are a lot in Osaka. Where they are located in the red-light areas (see below), they are more than likely offering more than just company for singing with.

It is reasonably obvious which karaoke bars (also known as ‘piano bars’ are adult orientated and, after dark, you are likely to be approached before you get close.

Expect to pay for a package lasting two to three hours for which you will be provided with female company to join you for drinking and karaoke. Most then arrange for your hostess to take you to a local love hotel for an hour of mat play. Expect plenty of flirtation and touching in the KTV but not actual servicing itself.

Love Hotels (Hotel Health or ‘Hotelheru’)

Situated around the city are short time hotel which rent rooms by the hour. You can arrange for companionship with these hotels directly as they have contacts with many girls who accept donations for a quick ‘date’.

You can also use the facilities with any pick-up or just with your partner. Room fees are around 10,000 Yen ($90) for a few hours and this is in addition to the rates you pay to your companion.

The information booths at the hotel are also useful for scoping out any new venues around the area and for checking on updated information about which are gaijin-friendly.

  • Adventure Hotel Chapel Coconuts, Osaka-fu, Hirakata City, Miyanosaka 4-38-12
  • Hotel Alpha, Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Naniwa-ku, Nanbanaka 1-4-8
  • Hotel Blanc Chapel Christmas, Osaka-fu, Sakai-shi, Nishi-ku, Hamaderaishiz-Nishi 1-1-3
  • Hotel Chapel Christmas , Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Doyoma-cho 11-5
  • Hotel Chapel Cinderella , Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Tennnouji-ku, Ueshino 4-4-19
  • Hotel Chapel Sweet , Osaka-fu, Izumiotsu-shi, Itahara-cho 5-9-35
  • Hotel Flower Style , Osaka-fu, Higashi Osaka-shi, Yokoshoji-cho 5-10-29
  • Hotel Liebhaber , Osaka-fu, Hirakata-shi, Minaminakaburi 3-14
  • Hotel Little Chapel , Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Naniwa-ku, Nanbanaka 1-7-19
  • Hotel Little Chapel Christmas , Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Chuo-ku, Nipponbashi 1-9-18
  • Hotel Little Chapel Christmas , Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Miyakojima-ku, Nakano-cho 1-13-28
  • Hotel Little Chapel Coconuts , Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Tennnouji-ku, Chausuyama 3-2
  • Hotel Love , Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Tennnouji-ku, Ikutama 5-14
  • Hotel Mickey Cookies , Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Naniwa-ku, Nanbanaka 1-10-15
  • Hotel Plaza , Osaka-fu, Matsuhara-shi, Miyakenaka-cho 7-9-11
  • Hotel Roland , Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Naniwa-ku, Nanbanaka 1-7-4
  • Hotel Rose Lips, Osaka-shi, Osaka-fu, 2 Chome-6-3 Nishishinsaibashi, Chuo-ku
  • Hotel Sha LuLu , Osaka-fu, Ibaraki City, Uekori 1-1-32


Soaplands are a distinctly Japanese take on a Turkish Bath and Ancient Greek water brothel. They offer clients a way to relax in the company of a specialist hostess who tends to their needs for the duration of their stay in these erotic spas.

They are predominantly used by Japanese men only and most have signs advising that they do not serve foreigners (or gaijins). The reason for this is cultural as many westerners fail to see the subtlety of the exchange that occurs in these palours. Most western men expect them to be like the FKK clubs of Western Europe yet sex is not the ultimate focus of attention here. Much of the pleasure in the transaction is in being treated sensually with VIP attention. Japanese ‘Salarymen’ use their time at a soapland to unwind from their jobs.

You can find out more about how they work and what to expect in our full guide to Japan’s soaplands.

The following venues have a reputation for being foreigner friendly; however, you can find soaplands, brothels and pinaros around the city, particularly in the red-light areas :

Club Amour

〒542-0086 Osaka Prefecture, Osaka, Chuo, Nishishinsaibashi, 2−6−6

Club Amour is open from sunrise until midnight and offers a choice of girls for a fee of 1000 Yen ($9). If you have no preference then you can simply take whoever is available.

Charges are around 24,000 Yen ($215) for 90 minutes (plus nomination fee if applicable).

Yanneko International

Gekko mansion303 1-8-4, nipponbashi chuoku osakash

Offering a mixture of services and aimed at both western and other Asian visitors to Osaka, Yanneko International has a huge ‘cast’ of 500+ girls. During the week, you can expect to choose from 80 and at weekends, this is more like 120. They also offer ‘delivery health’ services to your hotel as well as running other venues in the city (see below).

Prices for a service are charged as follows, with an initial admission fee of 500 Yen ($4.50):

  • 50 Minutes: 20,000 Yen ($180)
  • 70 Minutes: 24,000 Yen ($215)
  • 80 Minutes: 27,000 Yen ($242)
  • 100 Minutes: 32,000 Yen ($287)
  • 120 Minutes: 37,000 Yen ($332)

The service you can expect should fall within the Japanese prostitution laws and generally includes massage, mat-play and oral or manual. There is the possibility of anal with some girls.

Memberships are available for repeat customers which provides discounts, priority booking and other special extras.

Bookings can be made between 4.00pm and 5.00am.

Yanneko Juso

1-14-20  Jusohon-cyou  Yodogawa-ku  Osaka-ci

Run by the same company as above, the Juso is another location for the same services at a slightly lower rate:

  • 40 Minutes: 15,000 Yen ($135)
  • 60 Minutes: 20,000 Yen ($180)
  • 80 Minutes: 25,000 Yen ($224)
  • 100 Minutes: 30,000 Yen ($269)
  • 120 Minutes: 35,000 Yen ($314)

They are open 24-hours a day with the last out-call bookings taken at 2.00am.

Yanneko Doyama

7-21 doyamachyo kita-ku osaka-ci

This is another venue from the Yanneko International chain of foreigner friendly sex venues in Osaka. The stable of girls is aged from 18-28 and there is a good choice available when you arrive.

Situated in the Kita area, Yanneko Doyama has a good reputation.

Rates are charged as follows:

  • 50 Minutes: 20,000 Yen ($180)
  • 70 Minutes: 24,000 Yen ($215)
  • 80 Minutes: 27,000 Yen ($242)
  • 100 Minutes: 32,000 Yen ($287)
  • 120 Minutes: 37,000 Yen ($332)

Fees include room rental, admission fee and basic services only.


〒s 742 – 0071 Ōsaka-fu, Ōsaka-shi, Chūō-ku, Dōtonbori, 1 Chome-east 5 – 16

Apparently offering the lowest price in Osaka for foreigners, Nyanda-Tonburi is endorsed by the Foreigners Tourist Optimization Council whose members agree to a ‘No Rip-Off’ policy.

There are dozens of girls to choose from and they also offer an out-call service.

Service includes French kissing, massage and BBBJ. Anal is an optional extra but toys and other add-ons can be arranged at little or no extra charge.

Standard rates start from 14,000 Yen ($125) for 45 minutes.

Osaka Image Clubs

Image clubs are popular venues for Japanese men who like to indulge in fantasy play. In Tokyo, you can find image clubs that offer fully immersive experiences with costumes, sets and role play. They range from common sexual fantasies such as groping on a train carriage to office, medical and school based play. Most image clubs simply offer role play with costume and the prices can be quite reasonable.

The only thing with image clubs is that because the experience is role play based and relates specifically to Japanese culture, it is not usually open for foreigners. Those that do allow gaijiins usually insist that they speak a good level of Japanese.


Wakamae-cho, Tennoji Ward, Osaka City No. 1 8 Wako Building No. 203 Room

This club is not known for being foreigner friendly but is open to westerners who speak Japanese.

They offer a range of fantasy and cosplay services which includes kissing, oral and manual plus body shots and finger insertion. There is no penetration within the services offered.

image club osaka
Image clubs are all about the, well, image. Plenty of costumes to choose from but you may need to brush up on your Japanese to get a service. Image via website.

There are plenty of optional extras to choose from to really customize your experience including additional costume, toys and you can even take a souvenir with you in the guise of used panties from your session. You can borrow a camera from the club and take photos which they will develop and charge you for.

Popular costumes include maids, schoolgirls and female sailor suits. There is also some more traditional garb as well as anime style clothing.

Fees start at 15,000 Yen ($135) per hour.

Anihiro is open daily from 9.00am to 10.00pm.

Osaka Fetish Services

Japan has a good appetite for fetishism and Osaka serves the demand of the local community well with a range of fetish and BDSM clubs and services. Most are foreigner-friendly and have good reputations for fair pricing.

Ishtar SM Club

Most of the girls only speak Japanese and inquiries in English must be made via email. They do not have their own premises or dungeon but they send out-call mistresses to a love hotel or your hotel of your choice.

First time visitors must pay an initial registration fee of 1,000 Yen with sessions being charged as follows:

DurationSingle MistressDouble MistressTriple Mistress
60 Minutes18,000 Yen ($162)30,000 Yen ($270)42,000 Yen ($378)
90 Minutes26,000 Yen ($234)42,000 Yen ($378)62,000 Yen ($558)
120 Minutes34,000 Yen ($306)54,000 Yen ($486)82,000 Yen ($738)
150 Minutes42,000 Yen ($378)66,000 Yen ($594)102,000 Yen ($918)
180 Minutes50,000 Yen ($450)78,000 Yen ($702)122,000 Yen ($1,098)

The ladies cater to a lot of tastes and services including scat and rainbow play. For those with olfactory pleasures to suit, they can arrange for the mistress to be unbathed for 24-hours (requires advance notice). Extra fees apply.

They are open to arrange services between 1.00pm and 10.00pm.

Club Jooh

Meeting Place: Clio Plaza Part II

Arranging a dominatrix for a rendezvous, Club Jooh has been operating in Osaka for 27 years and has a strong reputation for its services.

They offer a whole range of ways to get your kicks including anal torture, verbal abuse, full sensory deprivation and humiliation.

A standard one hour session starts at 17,000 Yen ($152) plus hotel fees. They do use a number of hotels and it is best if they arrange one.

Club Jooh is open daily from midday to midnight (until 9.00pm on Sundays).

bdsm osaka
No prizes for guessing what kind of delivery services Club Jooh is offering. Image via website.

Fetishi SM

near Sennichimae-line Nipponbashi-station No,6 Exit.

Another foreigner friendly fetish service, this agency will match you with a suitable dominatrix and arrange a short time hotel for your session.

There is a one-off registration fee of 1000 Yen ($9) plus room charges in addition to the service fees of:

DurationSingle MistressDouble MistressTriple Mistress
30 Minutes8000 Yen ($72)16000 Yen ($144)n/a
60 Minutes16000 Yen ($144)30000 Yen ($270)45000 Yen ($405)
90 Minutes23000 Yen ($207)45000 Yen ($405)60000 Yen ($540)
120 Minutes30000 Yen ($270)60000 Yen ($540)85000 Yen ($765)
150 Minutes37000 Yen ($333)75000 Yen ($675)110000 Yen ($990)
180 Minutes44000 Yen ($396)95000 Yen ($855)125000 Yen ($1,125)

They can also arrange out-calls direct to your hotel for an additional delivery fee.

They are open for bookings from midday to midnight.

Erotic Massage Parlours

There aren’t many places around the red light areas that you can wander after dark around Osaka where you won’t be invited for a ‘sexy massage’, even if you are a foreigner. Almost all of the venues on this list will provide massage as part of their basic service as will escorts with their ‘delivery health’ service.

Look for places that advertise in English for ‘health massage’ or ‘fashion health’. Most look like ordinary offices but these are the fronts for the services they provide with many using the services of love hotels to fulfil clients demands. Along with the magic word of ‘health’, look for the R18 sign.

However, these are a couple of places which offer happy endings in the city.


The Tamanegi massage parlour has five venues in Osaka all offering the same level of service. They are located at:

  • Tanimachi 6 Chome
  • Tanimachi 9 Chome
  • Sakai Higashi
  • Nihonbashi
  • Umeda
adult massage osaka
A part of the Osaka Escorts group, Tamanegi massage has great reviews. Image via website.

There are just a dozen or so girls providing the services but feedback so far has been pretty good. Prices start at 13,000 Yen ($116) for 60 minutes with longer durations available.

Opening hours for all five branches are 10.00am to 5.00am.

Body Spa Izumi

Chuo-ku, Osaka Sennichimae 1 -chome, 6-17 RG Building 2F

Offering rub and tug in addition to relaxation massage, the Izumi is also known as the Blue Moon Massage.

They are open from midday until late with prices being charged at around 12,000 Yen ($108) for 60 minutes.

Strip Clubs

Perhaps due to the large amount of other ways to get a fix of the naked female form, strip clubs are not as popular in Osaka as they are in European cities and even Tokyo. They are not like Gentleman’s clubs of Europe and some are more like the roadhouse clubs of the U.S. In some, calling out and cheering is frowned upon and you may find they are a lot more sober affairs than you might be used to; even if there is a bachelor party in town.

On the other hand, some venues can get more raucous with the strippers being joined on stage by salarymen and performing simulated sex or actually getting jerked off. This is more common in Tokyo and is usually in those venues where foreigners are not permitted. It sort of depends on the night and the crowd.

As ever, not all of the venues allow foreigners and those that do often require you to have a little conversational Japanese before they let you in.

We’ve picked a couple of spots which you should have no trouble getting in to but the red-light areas have smaller nude bars where strip acts perform. The area around Dotonbori, Namba and Minami are particularly ripe spots.

Toyo Show Theatre/Oriental Show Theatre

Yubinbango530-0033, Kita-ku, Osaka Ikeda 11-1

The Toyo Show Theatre is the largest strip club in Western Japan. It is a modern facility that hosts a number of performances during the day that capitalize on the country’s affinity for cutting edge technology. Expect to be dazzled by the lights, sound and effects just as much as the girls themselves.

strip club osaka toyo theatre
Osaka’s largest strip club, the Toyo Theatre isn’t huge but does offer a good show. Image via Google Earth.

The theatre seats 129 people and there is a standing bar from which you can see the stage.

General admission is charged at 3,000 Yen ($27) with drinks priced at around 500 Yen ($4.50).

The Toyo Theatre is open daily from midday to 11.00pm with performance times as follows:

  • 1.00pm to 3.15pm
  • 3.35pm to 5.50pm
  • 6.10pm to 8.25pm
  • 8.45pm to 11.00pm

Juso Music

3-4-29 Juso-Higashi Osaka 27

Juso has topless dancers and full strip tease acts all for a cover charge of 6000 Yen ($54). It might not be the cheapest of clubs in the city but it has an underground reputation for being worth the entrance, if you can get in.

This strip club is open from midday until 10.30pm.

Red Light Districts and Street Prostitutes

There are three principle red light areas in Osaka. Known as the ‘big-three’, you can find legal fūzoku venues as well as brothels masquerading as restaurants and bars and street hookers in these districts.

Tobita Shinchi (also known as Tobita Yūkaku) is one of Japan’s oldest red light districts and was an officially sanctioned zone until the Anti-Prostitution Laws of 1958 were introduced. An historically well-preserved area, Tobita Shinchi is situated in the Nishinari ward of Osaka.

osaka red light area Tobita Shinchi
It’s not hard to spot the ‘brothels’ in Tobita Shinchi. The lights are a giveaway but it’s the scantily clad girls in the windows which settles it! Image via Flickr.

Street hookers are more predominant in Tobita Shinchi than in any area of the city and, if they are gaijin-friendly, they may approach you directly. To get around any language barrier prostitutes often use business cards. Styled like a trading card, they have a phone number, photograph and prices for service printed on them. They either press these cards into the hands of likely punters as well as leave them in locations like bars, love hotels and other suitable spots.

Street prices are around 8,000 Yen ($70) plus the cost of a room.

Many Japanese restaurants in Tobita Shinchi are basically brothels and can be distinguished from the real things by the presence of either (or both) a young woman kneeling in the doorway or open-fronted living room and an elderly woman (usually seated in the entranceway) who greets male passers-by. If you are greeted cordially in English then you know they will provide service to gaijins. Expect to pay around 11,000 Yen ($100) to 13,000 Yen ($115) for up to thirty minutes ‘good time’.

The Matsushima and Imazato areas are also good spots but less well-known and more unlikely to service foreigners than in Tobita.

Matsushima has plenty of ‘window’ brothels where the girls site in full view of the street in front of bright lights in much the same way as in Amsterdam’s De Wallen.

Imazato, on the other hand, has a lot of hostess clubs and Korean ‘snack’ bars where bareback is a specialty. Rates for a 30-minute service at these venues is around 13,000 Yen ($115).

Other areas where adult entertainment thrives include:

  • Hommachi West, Jūsō, in the Yodogawa-ku area to the north of the city.
  • Fukuhara area of Kobe has some good soaplands and street-walkers after dark
  • Tennoji & Kita for street walkers and Chinese massage
  • Kujo for old fashioned brothels
  • Kitashinchi for fashionable clubs and hostess bars.

Sex Shops

The sex shops in Osaka range from small back alley emporiums and upmarket boutiques to super-size department stores. You can even find sex toys and bedroom basics in vending machines in unusual locations.

Many of the products on sale here are unlike anything you’ve seen before and include some absolute must-haves even for novelty value. For speciality items, Japan has it all with some of the larger stores in the Nipponbashi area stocking entire floors dedicated to scat play. Moulds of porn stars fingers, bumper bags of used underwear, love dolls, cosplay kits and fetish items are all vying for space. In fact, its harder to find a basic dildo than anything else – certainly in keeping with Japan’s weird porn trends.

You can even find sex toys in some of the large department and discount stores, including the famous Don Quixote (Donki’s). The Osaka stores are open 24 hours a day and have a huge selection of Japanese porno and sex toys. There are three in the city in Dotonbori, Umeda and Nishishinsabashi

In the red light areas you can hardly miss them but here is our pick of some of the sex shops in the city:

  • Neo Himico, 8-7, Tai Rong Temple, North, Osaka 530-0051
  • Toy’s Club, North Umeda 1-chome 1-3, Osaka 〒 530-0001
  • The first Hikaru Shop, Umeda 1-3-1-100 Osaka 駅 前Osaka City North 530-0001
  • Chiga Shobo, Asahi-ku, Omiya 1 – chome Asahi ku Osaka shi 17-14

Can’t find what you’re looking for in store?

We’ve got some guides to sourcing Japanese sex toys that you may be interested in: