J-List Review: Buy Japanese Porn Goods Worldwide

Want to buy Japanese porn goods?

Specializing in selling Japanese products to a Western market, J-List offers a unique opportunity to buy from a range of domestic goods. Established over 24 yeas ago, the company can deliver products from inside the country to almost any location in the world. From Japanese and Otokonoko fashions to snacks and foods they can supply a diverse selection of unique gifts. Of course, this being the Asia Sex Scene, they also offer a good range of adult products too.

Quintessentially Japanese in their eccentricity and diversity, we’ve put together a J-List review to find out exactly what kinds of things you can purchase from this popular store.

What is J-List?

Your friend in Japan’, J-List is an online store based in the Gunma prefecture of Japan. They offer an international shipping service for goods and products usually only available to buy inside the country. It was founded in 1996 by an American expat, Peter Payne, in order to meet a rising demand for the quirky goods that you can find to buy in Japan.

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review of j-list japanese adult toys delivered

Initially starting out by supplying friends back home with the latest J-pop CDs and a few odd snacks and drinks the business  quickly evolved and by 1998 had established commercial premises on Honshu Island. Despite the initial demands for music, electronic games and quirky toys, there was soon a bigger call for adult materials and this category now represents 50-70% of the business.

And, with a growing interest from the West in all things Japanese, J-List’s database of customers is only set to rise.

Their range is diverse and caters to fans of traditional goods including home products, food and drink as well as popular culture items from anime series, gaming franchises and cosplay gear.

The key to what they provide can be found in the Japanese word, ‘Otaku’. Meaning someone who is obsessive about popular culture, the majority of their products are related to anime, manga and cosplay.

However, their adult corner also extends to include thousands of treats including DVDs, magazines, toys and strange personal items.

Best-sellers include the:

  • Gokusen Fella DX, a Japanese alternative to an onahole which is designed around the mouth of popular JAV star, Yuna Ogura; yours for just $110.
  • Flat Chested Idols DVD with 4 discs this set covers 16 hours all celebrating those JAV stars with tiny titties.
  • Kuro Tights; an art-book showcasing the sensuous appeal of women wearing tights. 100 pages of illustrations by 42 top Japanese artists.
  • Anal Pic Tuc; a really random sex toy that parodies the popular anime series Pop Team Epic. This anal masturbation toy is styled in the shape of a middle finger
review of j-list japanese adult toys best sellers

And, if you can’t decide, then you could always opt for the ‘Ultimate Japanese Adult Lucky Bag’ which contains a random selection including:

  • 3-4 Japanese Adult DVDs
  • 1 x JAV actress Onahole
  • 1 x Ride Japan Onahole
  • 1 Tenga product
  • 2 random Onahole
  • 1 random lotion
  • 1 Extra adult product such as panties, vibrator, anahole, dildo or Blu-Ray disc

Priced at $59.95, this option is pretty popular and is sure to give you a taste of some of the best JAV onahole delights on offer.

Adult Corner

The adult corner is arranged into nine sub-categories:

  • Adult Magazines
  • Adult Toys
  • Adult Video
  • Cast-Off Figures
  • Eroge
  • Hentai Anime
  • Hentai Doujin
  • Hentai Manga
  • Other Hentai Products

Adult Magazines

With prices ranging from $10 to $45, this category offers Western audiences a convenient way to pick up a copy of the latest Japanese top-shelf magazines. From General and softcore pornography to more specialist titles, themes range from bukkake, harem and orgy to bondage, sports and cosplay. There are even titles which celebrate tentacle/monster porn.

Adult Toys

Covering a range of novelty and practical sex toys for men and women as well condoms and lotions, the price range of items in this category varies from $5 (cock rings and lube) to $340 (10kg Perfect Body torso onahole/sex doll).

There’s a really nice selection of toys here that you can only buy in Japan including:

  • Onaholes
  • Love Pillows
  • Scent sprays (stained panties, vagina, teen and vagina panties)
  • Tights and panties you can smell
review of j-list japanese porn goods best sellers

Adult Video

Japanese porn is a very different in style to Western equivalents and J-List brings authentic JAV titles direct to your door. Many of these are subject to the strange censorship laws that pervade the adult industry in Japan but the selection includes themes and series such as:

  • Zenra
  • Hentai
  • Kyonyu
  • Nakadashi
  • Futanari
  • Nyotaika
  • Oneesan
  • Succubus
  • Otokonoko

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Most DVDs and Blu-Ray are Region 2 with prices starting at $15 and ranging up to $120 for collector’s box sets.

This category includes both amateur and JAV stars but you can also find some great DVDs in their Hentai Anime, Hentai Doujin & Hentai Manga collections.

Cast-Off Figures

Yes, you too could own a miniature collectors figure of your favorite hentai/eroge/anime character with these cute, but sexy, cast-offs. Often available to pre-order, prices start at around $100 and can reach over $300. Great for fans who may find it difficult to find these figures in the West.


A term for erotic Japanese video games (like those profiled here), J-List has a huge collection of import PC and console games in a range of genres. The most popular series include Fate/Stay Night, Gundam and Taimann Asagi with prices ranging from $10 to $300. This eye-watering price will buy you a copy of Custom Maid 3D which works with a matching onahole to deliver a truly interactive XXX gaming experience.

Other Hentai Products

Now we get to the interesting section…

When most people think about Japan’s retail sector they think about the weird and wonderful products and devices. Not to disappoint expectations, in this section you can find a huge range of unusual items including mouse pads with silicone breast wrist-rests, XXX Bed linen and Erotic wall scrolls (poster/tapestry).

All featuring the figures and faces of hentai characters, prices start at around $6.50 for a boob shaped stress ball and range up to $370 for a collector’s set of 6 wall tapestries from the artist Yom Tights.

review of j-list japanese porn products best sellers

J-List Prices

Obviously, the prices paid at J-List are higher than if you were to purchase any of these products from within Japan yourself. It would be a poor business model if they didn’t turn a profit on their orders. In fact, the price difference can be as low as a few dollars or, in some cases where items are more difficult to source, a good deal higher.

However, compared to some competitors who run a similar service, prices are in line with international rates and having run a few price checks on sample baskets we were able to conclude that, overall, prices at J-List are as low as you can get for most products.

Obviously, the average price of a basket of items will vary depending on the weight and subsequent delivery charges. It does pay to buy multiple items together to avoid additional shipping charges and always be mindful of the weight and dimensions of the products you are ordering.

J-List Loyalty Points

Most transactions made through J-List will earn you loyalty points and regular shoppers will find this gives them good discounts towards future purchases .

J-List: Delivery of Porn Goods From Japan

J-List can ship to virtually any country in the world but there are some exceptions where the import of good is restricted. This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Afghanistan
  • India
  • Kuwait
  • Mexico
  • Vietnam

You can find a full list of countries where J-List do not deliver via their website.

Shipping costs vary by country and by method but typical costs to send a package are:

  • SAL (starts from $6.50) – 1kg package $14.50
  • EMS (starts from $18.50) – 1kg package $31.50

All items are shipped in discreet packaging and customs notices use nondescript words such as ‘toys’ or ‘apparel’.

review of j-list japanese porn products delivered

More Information from J-List

You can browse the J-List store by visiting their website, or you can follow them via their various social media profiles as follows:

Their own blog is also a useful place to hit up and you can find a mix of news and product reviews here.

Don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter to get regular and up-to-date information on new products, special offers and promotions.

J-List Review: Best Site for Japanese Adult Products?

People in the West already have an abundance of erotic products, porn videos/magazines and interesting sex toys so why do we need (or want) to pay extra for Japanese adult products?

It’s a good question but the appeal of Japanese culture is one that has seen a massive resurgence over the last few decades, particularly when it comes to the adult retail sector. Hentai, in particular, is one of the world’s most popular genres of porn and consistently ranks as one of the top search terms on Pornhub.

2019, however, saw the term ‘Japanese’ top the Most Searched For Terms worldwide. This is the first year that the term topped the list and, for the first time in several years that Lesbian didn’t take the number one spot. For the record, the top 25 search terms on this popular porn tube hosting site include no less than seven Asian-specific words!

‘Hentai’ was the most popular search term in Russia and parts of South America whilst ‘Japanese’ dominated the top searches for China and parts of the Middle-East.

Whilst there is no rhyme or reason to why this might be, J-List is certainly cashing in on the global demand for this kind of content and its associated adult products.

The site is easy to navigate and their selection of products, whilst woefully short of the massive range that you can buy from within the country, does give you a decent enough selection of the most popular items…..and at reasonable prices.

The alternatives to buying via J-List are restricted from outside the country and a lot of Japanese adult retail sites either don’t ship internationally or don’t have websites that are foreigner-friendly.

That’s not to say that J-List are the only company who offer this service but they are one of the better ones.

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review of j-list japanese porn products

What we like about this site is the boutique nature and the personal touches such as Staff Picks and Deals of the Day.

Rather than trying to cover all of the Japanese porn industry, they have made efforts to be more selective in the adult products they offer. Oh, and don’ forget that they also sell some non-XXX products too which makes them a more diverse storefront than a few of their competitors. Where else can you pick up an onahole as well as a sake cup, bento box and the latest cosplay uniform?

Overall, the choice available combined with the prices makes this J-List a competitive site if you are looking for Japanese porn goods to be delivered internationally. Certainly one for the shortlist if you are after something specific and well worth a browse if you are undecided.

All featured images via J-List.