Toy Demon Review

Looking for authentic onaholes or fancy trying out some genuine Japanese sex toys?

Toy Demon should be one of the sites on your radar.

Out of all the Asian countries, Japan has the biggest international reputation for its diverse and crazy range of sex toys and there is a huge demand in the West for these kinds of products. From novelty onaholes to high-tech masturbation aids, there are plenty of items which can only be found in Asia. Which is why online adult retailers in the West have been keen to bring some of the most popular products direct to its customers.

Based in the USA, Toy Demon is one such store and in this Toy Demon review we take a closer look at what they have to offer customers who are looking for the best Asian sex toys (a little closer to home).

Japanese Sex Toys in the USA

Established in 2008 and based in Illinois, USA Toy Demon is a specialist online sex toy retailer with a niche stock of Japanese adult products.

Set-up to cater for the growing demand of Asian toys for customers based in the West, Toy Demon’s main range is for male masturbators and onaholes sourced directly from Japan.

However, they also stock a good selection of other bedroom basics including massagers, dolls and toys.

review of toy demon sex toy store

If you’re a fan of Japanese sex toys then you will find some of the most popular products on sale at Toy Demon. And these aren’t cheap or budget selections but come from some of the best manufacturers in the East including NPG, Meiki Plush, Tenga, Magic Eyes and Ride Japan.

More of a mainstream site, what you won’t find on Toy Demon is a whole lot of fetish Japanese toys like scented underwear or tentacle dildos.

However, you can still find plenty of novelty themed items including anime sex dolls, JAV star onaholes and high-tech masturbators.

Unique Adult Toys from Asia

Toy Demon’s main range is a type of reusable male masturbator known as an onahole but they also stock thousands of other items including dolls, bullets, eggs, wand and anal toys as well as plenty of sexy accessories.

All sourced direct from Japan, they offer Western customers a chance to experience some truly unique sex toys.

Sleeves & Onaholes

You’ve probably seen male masturbation sleeves before but until you’ve tried a Japanese onahole you really haven’t lived!

With almost 700 different types, Toy Demon stocks an enormous choice of interior and exterior textures and shapes.

buy onaholes usa toy demon japanese sex toys

Some are modelled on porn stars or JAV idols whilst many more are based on popular characters from anime titles.

Most simulate vaginal sex but you can also pick up those which are designed to feel like a mouth or anus.

It’s a truly staggering selection but Toy Demon gives you plenty of ways to narrow down your choices using filters like:

  • Price
  • Customer Rating
  • Brand
  • Softness
  • Material
  • Product Size
  • Hole Construction
  • Number of Holes

Even when you narrow down your search criteria it can still be a bit baffling but Toy Demon also includes a comparison tool so you can look at similar products alongside one another.


Each one is unique and comes with a package which tips a nod to the design inspiration which can be as bizarre as a virginal bride or vampire hentai girl or just based on the genitals of one of the top porn stars in Japan.

The main thing is to have fun experimenting with the different textures and sizes.

onaholes toy demon


Along with their selection of onaholes and sleeves, Toy Demon has a decent range of sex dolls including torsos and scaled dolls as well as the very popular Plush dolls.

Manufactured by Meiki and designed in the USA these firm but soft over-sized cuddly dolls have inserts for your choice of removable masturbation device. This means you can tailor your doll to suit your own tastes.

Unlike realistic silicone dolls this type is faceless and may be weird for some but less weird than banging a doll that looks very nearly like a real person!

buy plush sex doll usa toy demon japanese sex toys

Fast Delivery within the USA

A lot of Western customers are curious about the novelty of Asian sex toys but are often put off at the idea that they’ll have to wait several weeks to try them out.

This is often the case for popular stores like Kanojo, otonaJP and J-List.

Because Toy Demon is based in the USA, domestic shipping of all their products can take days instead of weeks.

Not only does this save time but you can also save money on import costs PLUS they can offer a more flexible range of shipping options including free FedEx hold for pickup and express guaranteed delivery dates.

This includes next-day delivery on a wide range of products.

Toy Demon shipping review

Community Driven Rewards

A company that likes to engage with its customers, Toy Demon has its own online forum to capture feedback and comments but they also use this as a way to incentivize people to get involved with the brand.

The community board is a great way to ask questions about any products you are interested in and there are some pretty active threads here.

But what we liked about this part of the site is that Toy Demon uses it to promote giveaways. Often taking the form of a customer poll, all you need to do is upvote the post, enter the poll and you could win up to $100 in rewards.

Also active on Twitter and Facebook, we love brands who reach out to customers like this and reward us for helping them out with their market research.

Low Prices, Coupons & Discounts

It’s worth checking out the Sale section of the Toy Demon site as they always have a decent little selection of products on offer. Whether this is a flash sale, clearance or promotion you can save up to 40% on selected items.

The same area of the site also has a collection of coupons which you can select ONE from and apply to your order. These include:

  • Free Shipping on orders of over $50
  • Free Condoms on orders of over $50
  • Free Toy Bag on orders of over $50
  • Free Dry Stick on orders of over $75
  • Free Warmer on orders of over $75
  • Free Cleaner on orders of over $75
  • $5 off every $75 for all international orders
toy demon low prices japanese sex toys

Price Match

One of the things we liked most about this site is that Toy Demon offers a Price Match service.

This means that they will do their best to offer you the lowest prices on all of their products.

There are some terms and conditions to this offer so do check the website for details.

Customer Service at Toy Demon

Of course, being located in the USA is excellent news for all North American customers as it means that they can contact the team within the same time zone.

You can contact them via email and he company has an excellent reputation for service so you can expect a speedy response.

Office hours are Monday to Friday between 8.00am and 4.30pm.

Toy Demon Review: The #1 US Shop For Japanese Sex Toys?

The rise in interest for Japanese sex toys in the West has been met with an increase in the number of online retailers who are offering Asian imports. But not all websites are created equal and for every premium adult sex store online you can find a dozen low quality outfits trying to sell budget products.

japanese sex toys usa toy demon

Toy Demon is one of the best online stores we’ve found supplying the North American markets with high-quality Japanese sex toys at competitive prices.


Well, quite simply the range of products they offer come only from the best manufacturers in Japan and because Toy Demon offers a price match service, so you are guaranteed not to be able to buy them cheaper anywhere else!

Combined with all their bells and whistles for excellent customer service, bonus rewards and fast/flexible delivery options, there really isn’t another store online who can compete.

Our only complaint is that the products here are all very mainstream so if you are looking for any of those headline-grabbing ‘WTF’ products which are kinky as f@#k then you might be disappointed.

But if you are looking for the best Japanese sex toys to be delivered in the US then Toy Demon is the first place we’d suggest you start looking.

Take a look to see for yourself!

All featured images via Toy Demon.