How To Buy Japanese Sex Toys Online

Wondering how to buy Japanese sex toys online?

The Japanese have an international reputation for being at the cutting edge of the industry when it comes to adult products. Including sex toys, sex tech and novelty Items…

From globally recognized brands like Tenga and Magic Eyes to obscure (and uniquely Japanese) contraptions, it seems the world has cottoned on to the diverse range of products available.

As a result, there is a huge demand for Japanese sex toys online – but where do you go to scratch that itch for an onahole or meiki?

Where can you get genuine Shibari ropes outside of Japan?

Fortunately, there are plenty of exports available for international customers that are the real deal.

In this feature we bring you the best online stores for Japanese sex toys; these include those companies which ship internationally and have English-language websites.

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What’s Special About Japanese Sex Toys?

The Japanese adult industry can be pretty baffling at times and, outside of the domestic market, plenty of sex toys can leave customers scratching their heads, particularly when it comes to the instructions?!

However, the majority of Japanese sex toys are pretty similar to international ones even though they might come with different names.

By far the most popular toy for export are onaholes and onacups.

Quite simply a Japanese take on the ‘pocket pussy’, an onahole is a literal translation for a masturbation hole.

See more: Our guide to JAV star onaholes.

These highly portable toys come in a wide range of styles including open-ended sleeve versions that are shaped like mouths, vaginas and anuses to those which are more discreet (think of the Tenga cups) which have only one entrance.

The design of these toys includes for an air-release hole to the rear which means the user can control (by placing their finger over the pinhole) how much vacuum is (or suction) builds up during play.

There are also specialist onaholes, known as meiki which are often modelled on JAV stars.

how to buy japanese sex toys online
Image via otonaJP.

Speaking of which, the second most popular products in demand by customers outside of Japan are those which are based on Japanese porn stars or Hentai characters.

These range from masturbation aids and love pillows to sex dolls and novelty items.

Of course, the content from which these stars hail from is also popular for export and people love to get hold of authentic Japanese pornography. Which is odd because movies filmed for domestic viewing are subject to censorship with mosaic pixellation covering the genitals.

Japan is also well known for its love of Cosplay and their ranges of sexy costumes for adults is often far more diverse than those you can find in domestic stores. The country is also known for its otoko no ko (crossdressing) costumes.

Other uniquely Japanese sex toys include:

  • Paizuri fetish toys shaped like breasts, these products are kind of like strokers, pocket pussies or partial sex dolls.
  • Dakimakura, basically a body pillow printed with images of hentai or JAV stars. Some afre inflatable and include masturbation holes whilst others are just for hugging!
  • Denma massagers like the Hitachi wand. Designed for female satisfaction, these vibrators are typified by their large heads.

As a country, Japan has long been at the forefront of innovations in technological advances and the adult industry has benefitted from this.

As well as manufacturers producing some great sextech, they also produce some very advanced sex dolls and sex machines.

And finally, what would any Japanese sex toy retailer be doing if it didn’t stock some of those WTF novelty items for which Japan is famous!

There are few other places in the world where you could buy a tentacle dildo alongside a fragrance scented like the used jockstrap of a college soccer player but in Japan.

best online stores for japanese sex toys otonaJP
Image via otonaJP.

How to Buy Japanese Sex Toys Online: 7 Best Sellers

So, you’ve decided you want to buy some Japanese sex toys but where can you buy them?

With coronavirus restricting a lot of international travel, it could be a while before you can head over to Tokyo and go window shopping so we thought we’d bring you our top selection of those online stores which deliver internationally.

It is worth remembering that the price to export these toys out of Japan means that the prices you are paying online are much higher than you would pay domestically but do vary by store so it does pay to shop around a couple of these sites if you are looking for something specific.

Another thing to consider when purchasing electrical items from overseas is whether you will need an adapter or transformer. Battery operated items are a safe buy but anything that needs to be plugged may not be. The US and Japan operate similar voltages and plugs but Europe and other countries will differ.

Finally, there are some countries (Kuwait, Afghanistan, Vietnam etc.) where importing adult toys may be against the law so do check your local customs laws before placing any orders.


best online stores for japanese sex toys otonaJP adult toys
Image via website.

Based in Osaka but set up to offer an international retail service, otonaJP is a popular online Japanese sex toy retailer, particularly in the United States; however, they do ship worldwide with a good deal of their business coming from Canada, United Kingdom, Germany and Brazil.

The company offers a really comprehensive choice of domestic products for export and covers pretty much every range you can think of, including:

  • Onaholes
  • Dolls & Pillows
  • Toys & Kinks
  • Apparel & Cosplay
  • Books & Magazines
  • Food & Snacks
  • Blu Ray & DVD
  • Novelty Items

Within these categories, the website can be expanded to offer thousands of items from BDSM gear and fetish items through to dildos, vibrators and costumes.

A word of caution here…you will need to set aside at least an hour or more to fully explore the extent of what they offer as each page lets you fall deeper down the rabbit hole and we got a little distracted with our browsing.

Do check out the Fun and Kinky Stuff for such delights as giant panties, uterus body stickers and wife tights masturbation sets!?

Of course, that’s not the only time you’ll be thinking “WTF?!” and be sure to browse their selection of:

  • Used Underwear
  • Fetish Scents (ovulating woman, cleavage and pregnant woman)
  • Explicit ‘How to Draw’ Books
  • Blowjob Onaholes
  • JAV Star Toys
  • Meiki Vaginas
  • Scaled Torse Onaholes
  • Boob/Breast Toys
best online stores for japanese sex toys otonaJP adult sex toys

Even checking out the innocuous sounding ‘Lotions’ page will make your jaw drop with lubricants based on lactating mothers, fellatio saliva and concentrated fake sperm!

The bottom line is that this is an adult store that doesn’t specialize in one kind of product but offers a full and authentically Japanese sex toy shopping experience.

As a result of their popularity in North America, prices across the site are quoted, and transacted, in USD.

Regular customers through the site can earn otonaJP rewards which can be used to discount future purchases.

otonaJP ships all of its products using either DHL or JP Post and accepts payments using all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover and JCB) via their secure online payment system.

Shipping times vary depending on where you are in the world but are roughly 2 weeks via airmail and between 4-6 months if you opt for the cheaper sea mail/surface option. This might be your only option for bulky and heaver items but does have limitations with tracking and insurance.

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best online stores for japanese sex toys jlist

Your friend in Japan’, J-List is another popular online sex toy retailer used across North America and Europe to import genuine adult products,

It was founded back in 1996 by an ex-pat who knew first-hand how hard it was for friends to buy goods outside of the country. At first offering a small selection of quirky goods like J-Pop CDs and weird snacks, the business quickly grew and the companies offering got more diverse.

They now cater for many kinds of customers who are obsessed with all things Japanese and you can buy lots of traditional items like homeware, cosplay gear and authentic anime toys but they have also become well known for their ‘Adult Corner’.

best online stores for japanese sex toys jlist adult toys

Here you can find thousands of products that have been hand selected for an international audience who are hungry for the weird and wonderful.

From onaholes and JAV porn to adult magazines, eroge, anime and hentai they don’t have the largest selections available but they do specialize in high-quality items which are popular with Western audiences.

We quite like the Adult Toys section best which showcases the niche selection of toys unique to Japan including onaholes and love pillows as well as scent sprays, used tights and panties.

Just like otonaJP, J-List offers a reward program for loyal customers and for every purchase you make you will be awarded points which can be used to discount any future orders you make.

With the exception of a few countries, J-List ships worldwide with airmail taking around two weeks (average) and surface/sea mail taking up to 6 months.

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Kanojo Toys

best online stores for japanese sex kanojo

Founded in 2001 this Tokyo based firm launched its international website in 2007 to cater for foreign interest in Japanese adult toys.

Kanojo stocks a range of over 8,000 products which can be shipped to pretty much any country in the world. And, because they’ve been doing this for a while, their customer service and order process is honed down. Their support team speak good English (and German) so you can inquire about products by email or phone and get a good response.

So, what can you buy from them?

Products are organized into three main categories:

  • Toys For Him
  • Toys For Her
  • Couples Play

Within these sections of the website, you can find plenty of diversity including onaholes, love pillows, scents and sprays as well as more niche items not largely available on some other sites such as otoko ko no costumes and BDSM gear.

It’s another cornucopia of fetish and kinky fun with a similar dizzying selection of fantasy lubes, used underwear and JAV content as otonaJP and J-List.

best online stores for japanese sex kanojo sex toys

Some of the products we found on Kanojo which caught our attention included:

  • Q-Tai Dance Powered Orb Masturbator – It IS as weird as it sounds and looks like a pink Magic 8 Ball with a hole lined with silicone spikes.
  • HigoZuiki Bijin – A traditional Japanese dildo made from the Giant Elephant Ear plant, this sex toy makes for a more interesting souvenir than those annoying tapping cats (maneki-neko)!
  • Amazing Beasts Dildo Collection – From Dragons to Wolves, there are some pretty unusual shapes of insertables here to choose from including some which ejaculate.

Of course, this is in addition to the usual armpit or pee fragrances, hentai themed sex toys and onaholes of every size and shape.

best online stores for japanese sex kanojo traditional japanese sex toy
A traditional Giant Elephant Ear plant Japanese sex toy.

What we like about this store is that attention has been paid to their service for international customers so the range isn’t too bulky or heavy to keep shipping costs low. The exception here are their love dolls which, of course, are pretty big.

They also offer international warranties plus their delivery is all trackable and fully insured.

Prices on the site are all quoted and charged in USD with credit card payment being processed via a secure platform. However, you can toggle the currency to Euros, Yen, Swiss Franc, GBP Australian or Canadian Dollars.

Airmail items are generally delivered within 7-10 working days with larger packages sent surface/sea taking up to a couple of months to arrive.

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Toy Demon

best online stores for japanese sex toy demon

Established in 2008 Toy Demon is based in the US and shops from its own warehouse in Illinois. This makes it a faster, cheaper and easier way to shop online for Japanese sex toys in North America. Not only that but customers get a better range of options for delivery including FedEx hold for pickup and guaranteed dates for drop offs.

Their main range is based on male masturbators and onaholes sourced from Japan but they also stock a fair selection of other toys including vibrators, prostate massagers, dolls and accessories.

You can expect to find the most popular products on sale here from the best manufacturers including Tenga, Magic Eyes, Ride Japan and NPG.

On the whole, most of the products are pretty safe compared to some of the more ‘out there’ novelty and fetish items you can find from some of the stores based in Japan but definitely a solid site for mainstream stuff.

What we liked about this site is  that they offer a Price Match service meaning they will do their best to offer you the best prices on all products. There are terms to  this so do check the website for details but we found that the majority of toys were well priced.

best online stores for japanese sex toy demon love dolls

They also offer a lot of discounted items and coupons for bonus items plus FREE shipping for all orders over $50 (continental US only).

Toy Demon also offers reward points and discounts with a generous loyalty scheme. You can earn bonuses by write reviews and spending more money with them which can increase your discount to 12%.

Domestic deliveries can be guaranteed within 1-3 days with most products being sent out for receipt within 10 working days.

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Otona Sekai

best online stores for japanese sex toy otona sekai

Based in the south of Japan in Ehime Shikoku, Otona Sekai has been supplying Japanese sex toys worldwide since 2016. They were primarily set up to service an international customer-base and have a support team which speaks English and French.

Just like otonaJP and J-List they have a vast selection of Japanese sex toys on offer here and covering pretty much all the angles you could wish for. From the small fetish supplies and scents to onaholes, pillows, doll and dakimakura to sex machines, clothes, JAV DVDs and more there is something for every taste here.

But that’s not all they offer and we liked Otona Sekai because they also sell some more unusual and rarer exports. These include and adult games, anime ecchi and audio CDs featuring hentai voice acting plus hentai wall hangings.

Of course, this is all in addition to a god selection of used clothing, otoko no ko and cosplay items.

Overall, the site is pretty comprehensive in its offerings but there are a couple of differences here to those already mentioned. The main difference is that prices are quoted in Yen and payment will be subject to the prevailing currency exchange rates as per the terms of your credit card provider.

Delivery can be made worldwide and items which can be sent airmail are usually received within 4-5 working days.


best online stores for japanese sex toys wanta sex toys

And for our European readers, this ‘sexual wellbeing superstore’ is based in the United Kingdom (Belfast) and their products are able to be shipped here (and within Europe) faster than if you were buying direct from Japan.

Not all of the products on offer here are Japanese with several Western brands cropping up here and there. However, most of their stock has been sourced from Asia direct and includes a really decent selection of popular Japanese toys as well as the quirkier and more unusual.

What we liked most about Wanta as an option for European customers is the fact that they seem to specialize in high-quality goods over cheaper novelty items. As a result, you can find a lot of sextech on sale here as well as solid brands such as SSI Japan, Tenga, PPP and A-One.

Some heady delights are on offer at Wanta such as the Magic Eyes Maiden’s Shame Meat (!), Explosive Breast Bowls and some interesting plush/air dolls that have no faces. However, it is their onaole collection which is most impressive and they sell a really diverse range of these masturbators including best sellers like the Magic Eyes – Mouth of Truth and NPG Geki Fera Vacuum.

best online stores for japanese sex toy wanta toys

Definitely a decent place to shop if you are based in the UK and Europe and if you want to order other items as well you can save on delivery costs by bundling up an order.

Other products on sale include:

  • BDSM Gear
  • Condoms, Lubricants and Cleaning Products
  • Sexy Clothing
  • Accessories
  • Dildos & Wands, Vibrators and Anal Toys

Prices are quoted in GBP and can be shipped within the UK overnight for delivery within 24 hours. The rest of Europe can expect delivery within 5-7 working days but other international locations may vary.

Motus Toys

best online stores for japanese sex motus toys traditional japanese sex toy

Another option for our European audience with this selection.

Motus Toys was set up in 2014 but has actually been selling Japanese Sex Toys since 2008. They started out with simply being a reseller for Tenga Toys but it was soon evident that there was a huge appetite for the more wacky offerings Japan had to offer.

Based in the Netherlands, they have their own warehouse with plenty of stock so shipping across Europe is faster, easier and (often) far cheaper.

Though not nearly as extensive a selection as those companies based in Japan, Motus Toys can still offer a very decent choice of typically Japanese sex toys including onaholes and fetish scents.

Oh, and if you are based in Germany (specifically) then also check out the Omocha Dreams website. They also offer a pretty comprehensive range of products which can be shipped continentally much faster than ordering direct from Japan. Still authentic and sourced from the country, you can find toys for men, women and couples in all the usual fetish, niche and specialist categories.

Online Sex Stores Based In Japan

And finally, if you can read and speak Japanese and are based in the country then the best online stores are those that cater to the locals.

All of these websites deliver within Japan with prices being quoted in Yen.

A Word of Caution

The above sites come recommended from satisfied customers and rate highly on trust scores across well-known platforms including TrustPilot.

However, there are a couple sites out there which look pretty good but whose security and service might be an issue. These do crop up in searches and we would just recommend exercising caution if you are considering using them, even if the prices are lower.

Two of these are Today Eden and Japanese Adult Toys, neither of which, we noted, have a security certificate.

Featured images via OtonaJP.