Best JAV Onaholes: A Buyer’s Guide

Intrigued by the world of Japanese onaholes?

These unique sex toys are very popular in Japan and come in a hugely diverse choice of designs; from fetish, fantasy and hentai-based styles to those that are modeled on the top adult film stars in the country.

In this guide, we take a look at exactly what onaholes are and what kinds of variety you can buy including a closer inspection of some those that have been modeled on real-life JAV stars. We’ll finish by showing you where to find the best JAV onaholes online.

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What Are Onaholes?

Known as onaholes and onacups, these male masturbation aids are simply a Japanese term for an artificial vagina. They are similar to the kinds of sex toys you can buy in the West from manufacturers like Tenga and Fleshlight.

The term is derived from the Japanese word, onanie (or onanism) that means masturbation. Quite simply, the word onahole means masturbation hole.

what is an onahole
Onaholes; a Japanese word for a portable, pocket pussy.

The most common type of onahole is the pocket pussy, a simple design which is more portable than the partial sex dolls that are also available.

Like portable pussies you can find in the West, there are two main types of onahole: a sleeve without an air release at the back with just one entrance hole or those that have a double end making penetration much easier, no matter what length you have been blessed (or cursed?) with.

The former are more popular as they create a more stimulating experience by forming a vacuum around your penis.

Why Buy an Onahole?

Onaholes are principally used for sexual pleasure but can also serve an important function for building up stamina. Yes, you could feasibly get away with buying one on medical grounds if you want to last longer in bed.

What Kinds of Onaholes Can You Buy?

Onaholes come in a huge variety of designs and styles ranging from the simple silicone sleeves (or cups) to more life size pussies that are almost like sex dolls.

These disembodied butts and partial torsos can have removable sleeves so that users can mix up the feel of the action or come with a fixed onahole.

Even the most basic of designs such as simple sleeves can also come in a diverse selection of styles with some being based on hentai characters, some fashioned around specific types of women (tight virgins, big sloppy MILFs, students etc) and even those that have been modeled on the pussies of famous JAV stars.

JAV star onaholes
Image via otonaJP.

And it’s not only pussies that you can buy to masturbate with; no, you can even buy Japanese onaholes that are shaped like breasts that you can use to become a ‘nipple fucker’. Butts and faces are also popular and the blowjob onaholes are just as diverse with their branding and packaging as other varieties.

The price of onaholes varies as much as the designs themselves and you can spend as little as $10 for a really basic and portable model or as much as a couple of hundred bucks for something bigger, fancier and probably better quality. Certainly, those onaholes that are based on JAV stars demand a higher price.

We’ve provided some reviews below of a couple of online stores that have a great selection of onaholes to give you more of an idea of what’s available.

Things to Consider When Buying Onaholes

Most male masturbators are reasonably similar when it comes to length and girth but there are usually options for those men who are more well-endowed or tighter varieties for those of us who aren’t.

However, Japanese onaholes are more commonly smaller and tighter than those toys you can find in the West as they are designed for a domestic market.

Without being rude to Japanese men, the truth is that penises in Japan are (on average) on the small side at around 4.3” in length whilst in other countries this can be more like:

  • 5.11” in United States
  • 5.5” in Canada and United Kingdom
  • 6.2” in Italy and Belgium
  • 6.7” in Venezuela and Colombia
japanese penis size onaholes JAV stars
Size DOES matter if you don’t want to buy an onahole that doesn’t fit.

With this in mind, it is best to have a look at the design specs before making a choice.

Also, if you are buying an onahole directly from a Japanese sex store then consider the size and weight of the model you are choosing. With the fastest option for delivery being air-freight, the difference between shipping a portable pocket pussy and a 3kg hip masturbator could be expensive.

As stated above, there is also a difference in the designs of onaholes with those that offer an air release not giving the same degree of sensation as those that create a full vacuum.

Lastly, though most onaholes are made from silicone, some are not so always check the details, especially with the cheaper designs.

Why Are JAV Star Onaholes So Popular?

In general, Japanese onaholes are a lot more detailed than the usual pocket pussies you can buy but if it is in the JAV star category that attention to detail gets really impressive.

Offering fans of Japanese porn the opportunity to ‘take a trip inside their favorite JAV star’, these onaholes have all been modeled closely on the real deal.

Each style is 100% unique and features ridges, creases and bumps in all the right places so (if you keep your eyes shut) you should feel exactly what it is like to be inside a famous Japanese porn star.

Some are far more life-like than others with extra detailing on the outside to include darker vaginal lips, a clitoris and textured vulva whilst others lack these creative (but all important) extras. Some even include ridged G-spots.

inside a jav star onahole
Inside the AV Angel Miku Abeno. Image via Toy Demon.

Made from silicone and cloned directly from the stars themselves, they are as popular in the West as they are in Japan where those onaholes based on the best-loved stars fetching higher prices.

Just like the Jenna Jameson signature sex toy collection sent fans reaching for their credit cards when they first became available, JAV stars can create the same fiscal urgency!

All of the major Japanese sex toy retailers sell these devices, and they are some of the bestselling products on the market.

Where to Buy the Best JAV Onaholes

Kanojo Toys

Kanojo Toys has one of the biggest ranges of JAV star onaholes available to buy online for the export market. At present, their selection extends to almost 200 such products and range from $12-$138 plus P&P in price.

There’s a big choice as well including simple portable masturbators, each based on a different JAV star and offering a mix of pussy, mouth and anal options or the larger, more life-size cloned onaholes.

You can also opt for those that have vibrating devices incorporated into them.

Popular JAV stars included in their range are:

  • Risa
  • Rika Mari
  • Kizuna Sakura
  • Yui Hatano

Our choice (and it is the most expensive) is the Slutty Ass Double Hole which offers perfect doggy-style action modeled on the butt and pussy of Mio Kimijima. It’s a weighty option at 2.1kg and is priced at $138 but does look like it should give great mileage for the money.

best jav star onaholes
Image via Kanojo Toys.

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Toy Demon

Established in 2008 and based in the US, Toy Demon has a very small selection of JAV star onaholes but they do ship directly from North America.

Prices are more expensive than those companies which are based in Japan but factoring in shipping costs might make this a better choice of store for some people.

Our choice of the small selection available is  the oral sleeve inspired by JAV star Azuma Rin.

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blow job onaholes jav star
The detail on this blowjob onahole is pretty scary when you see it from this angle!! Image via Toy Demon.


otonaJP has a selection of over 1000 onaholes and, based in Japan, offer 100% authentic Japanese sex toys.

Their JAV star range is more limited with a choice of just 27 at present, including some basic designs that have been modeled on porn actors such as:

  • Mano Yuria (pocket pussy)
  • Morikawa Anna (blowjob onahole)
  • Maria Ozawa (pocket pussy)
  • Rola Misaki (pocket pussy)
  • Ayaka Tomoda (pocket pussy)

As well as these more potable pocket pussies, they also sell life-size partial sex dolls such as the one based on Hoshimi Rika. Weighing about 8kg, this is not something you could travel easy with but will be popular with fans.

The product is named ‘Hoshimi Rika could be your Wife’ but unless your spouse has no arms, legs or head then you aren’t in any danger of mistaking the two!

guide to jav star onaholaes
Could this be your wife?? Image via otonaJP.

otonaJP also sell some a USB onahole warmer which is perfect (combined with some decent lube) for making sure that these toys feel more naturalistic.

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This UK based sex store has a good selection of JAV star onaholes and they do ship from stock across Europe.

As with Toy Demon, prices are much higher than those products purchased directly from Japan but the reduction in shipping costs and times might appeal to those who are based in this region.

Our top choice is the double ended onahole that offers the appeal of either a blowjob or some pussy action as modeled by the JAV star, Aki Sasaki.

double jav star onaholes
Double ended onahole. Image via Wanta.

Otona Sekai

Located in the south of Japan, Otona Sekair also have a good selection of onaholes including some that are modelled on JAV stars.

Their website isn’t as easy as some of the others here to find Japanese AV star onaholes but we can assure you that they are here just mixed in with their vast selection of male masturbators.

As with other stores based in Japan itself, the prices are much lower than where products have already been exported but you will need to factor in the shipping costs. If you are ordering a few items then this could work out cheaper.

Our choice from Otona Sekai is the double hole, anal option from Kimijima Mio.

jav star onahole anal
Image via Otona Sekai.

With its rounded butt cheeks and a tight, thick ribbed rear entry, this looks like a luxury experience – and it should be at a cost of $93!

Featured image via Kanojo Toys.