Universe Club Japan Review

“The sugar dating service for your second love life at Universe Club International”

The Universe Club is one of the largest sugar dating services in Japan and caters for wealthy international sugar daddies looking for an Eastern sugar baby. With more than 14 offices across the region and more than 8,000 hand-selected ladies on the books this high-class concierge service provides the perfect matches.

Plus, they even offer their own exclusive members-only events and parties to allow sugar daddies and their potential babies to mingle before they settle on any agreement.

In this Universe Club Japan review, we take a closer look at the Universe Group and the elite dating club they operate for members across Japan.

Japan’s Largest Sugar Dating Service

Modern dating is a weird and wonderful world and with so many of us leading busy and full lives it’s little wonder that the traditional way of meeting a new partner is dying out.

Nowhere is this more obvious than in the frenetic workaholic world of Japan.

The country is known for its declining population and the people here are either too busy to find partners or are too scared of real relationships.

But that doesn’t stop human nature from calling and although Japanese men seem to be satisfied with dipping their toes in the waters of the country’s diverse adult entertainment scene, the women are looking elsewhere for their kicks.

Sugar dating has always been a part of the scene in the Western world and older wealthy men looking for younger women to pamper are pretty common. We can all think of some high profile examples of trophy wives draped on the arms of men who are punching well above their weight!!

Yet this stereotype is far from the truth and sugar dating is viewed by many as a wholly acceptable and modern way to facilitate matchmaking.

Universe Club is an elite dating group which is based in Tokyo, Japan but with branches right across the region as well as in Singapore.

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Their aim is to match attractive Japanese women with affluent men who are looking for a flexible and safe, but casual, dating encounter.

dating japan universe club

The company has a huge database of Japanese women who have all been vetted and deemed suitably prestigious enough to join the club.

Women come from a diverse mix of backgrounds and occupations including models, media personalities, flight attendants and entrepreneurs. Hell, Universe Club even boasts some Gravure and JAV idols!

But the one thing they all have in common is that they are young (under 40) and looking for an experienced and older man to treat them right.

The club’s main goal for both its clients and members is to promote happiness and they aim to match people not on the basis of a lifelong and fulfilling relationship but to have a good time together.

It’s a whole lot easier than crawling the streets trying to pick up a local beauty on your own time.

What Kind of Men Are Japanese Sugar Babies Looking For?

First up, let’s address the elephant in the room; money.

Sugar dating is a very niche area of meeting women because it demands that one partner is able to support the other. This means that sugar daddies have to be financially independent and, with Universe Club, this doesn’t means stupidly rich but you have to be reasonably wealthy to cover the basic fees. We’ll cover exactly how much money this entails later on (see ‘How Much is Universe Club?’).

Apart from being financially stable, Japanese sugar babies are also looking for a man with impeccable manners. It’s something that every woman looks for but culturally in Japan this is pretty important.

Universe Club Japan review

Another key thing that a sugar daddy should be is adventurous and open-minded. These women are not just looking for money but also for a good time. This means that your arranged dates should be exciting and not just meeting in a hotel bar. It doesn’t have to be expensive or lavish every time you see each other but you should be open to new experiences and to put your best foot forward to impress.

Lastly, it goes without saying that appearances are important. This doesn’t mean that you have to look like Brad Pitt or Robert Pattinson but you should work with what you have to make the best impression.

As they say ‘the clothes maketh the man’ and it’s true that dressing smartly is important. They also say that you can’t polish a turd but, hey, you can roll it in glitter!

It’s just important to remember that the club has certain standards and they employ a strict policy for all clients. This means that they will judge YOU as much as they screen their ladies. So, prominent tattoos, unkempt hair or shabby clothes will mean you won’t be accepted. The same goes for your demeanor and personality; if you’re aggressive and rude then they just won’t take your money.

It might seem a little much but just remember that the same criteria is applied to their members so you can be assured of high quality control.

International Sugar Daddies, Japanese Sugar Babies

The service is mainly set up to cater for international visitors coming to Japan who are looking for some female company during their stay. However, the service also works well for ex-pats who are living and working in this region and even for Japanese nationals looking for a sugar baby.

sugar dating japan universe club

How Does Japan’s Elite Dating Service Work?

To become a member of Universe Club you will first need to register your interest either online or by phone. This will provide you with unique login ID which you can then use to access your profile and provide some basic details.

The team at Universe Club will then want to meet you face to face. Of course, for international members at the moment this means doing so over a video call but if you are based in Japan they will schedule this at a public meeting place like a café or hotel bar.

This introductory meeting is a free and no-obligation one which means you can back out at any time if you don’t think the club is for you.

It’s also an opportunity for the club to see who you are and to decide whether or not you are suitable for their members.

Once you have been approved and you have paid your membership fees then you can start browsing for a potential sugar baby.

meet japanese sugar babies universe club

In all, there around 8,000 women on the books at Universe Club and each of these women has been interviewed by staff. The company has strict screening procedures in place which means that there are certain standards of looks and personality which must be met in order for them to be added to the database.

All women are given a Class (see costs below) and placed on the database accordingly. Generally speaking the more beautiful and sophisticated a woman is, the higher band she is placed in.

Ladies are also captured on camera with plenty of high quality photos and a video profile.

Once you have selected a potential match, you can send an online request to the Universe Club and if the lady accepts your match then an arrangement fee is charged.

The two of you can then get in touch and organize your first meeting and the rest is up to you. So, if you have a second date or the relationship becomes more permanent then there are no further fees payable to the Universe Club.

universe club sugar dating japan

Universe Club Japan Review: How Much Does It Cost?

There are four tiers of membership with the Universe Dating Club, each offering a different class of service and each coming with different fees:

ClassMonthly FeesAnnual FeesArrangement Fees
Standard¥16,000 ($150)¥30,000 ($275)¥20,000 ($185)
Gold¥24,000 ($220)¥50,000 ($460)¥30,000 ($275)
Platinum¥32,000 ($295)¥100,000 ($920)¥50,000 ($460)
Black¥40,000 ($365)¥300,000 ($2,760)¥100,000 ($920)

The level of membership you pay for gives you access to a different class of woman with the more elite ladies being reserved for higher paying clients.

Universe Club: Full Coverage Across Japan & Singapore

There are 14 branches of the Universe Club located right across Japan including heir head office in Tokyo.

These satellite offices mean that they can interview more ladies locally and cover pretty much every major town and city in the country including;

  • Yokohama
  • Nagoya
  • Kyoto
  • Osaka
  • Kobe
  • Hiroshima
  • Fukuoka
  • Sapporo
  • Okinawa
  • Sendai
  • Niigata
  • Omiya
  • Chiba

In addition, Universe Club also has offices in Singapore however their offices in Taiwan have recently been closed.

Remote and Virtual Dating

With the current ban on travel effecting most countries and limiting overseas visits, the Universe Club is currently operating a virtual service and can undertake interviews online.

online dating japan universe club

This allows members and clients to be matched in order to start online dating prior to any meetings which may take place in the future.

The club has also launched ‘Voice Date’ as an additional way for members to get connected.

Member Events

The club holds regular meet-ups for its members and clients and these are generally pretty formal and high-class affairs.

parties sugar dating japan universe club

During the global pandemic, these have been less frequent but paying members will receive invites as and when these take place.

If you can’t decide on a date or just like ‘shopping around’ then these are great socials to get involved in and can throw up some nice surprises. As such, they are highly recommended events to attend and discretion is assured though your anonymity might not be if you run into anyone you know!

Full Concierge Service

All members have access to the website 24/7 but you can also avail yourself of the Universe Club’s concierge service.

Open 11.00am to 8.00pm (Japan Time), you can contact your local office and get help selecting a suitable match for you.

This is a useful service if you have very specific requirements as although the profiles online are full and detailed, they can lack relevant information at times.

concierge sugar dating japan universe club

Find Out More about Exclusive Sugar Dating in Japan

To find out more about the Universe Club you can visit their website where you can submit an inquiry form or contact the team on their socials:

  • Phone: 0120-978-649
  • WhatsApp: +81 80-7972-4126
  • Line

All featured images via Universe Club.