The Best Japan Image Clubs

Heard of Japanese image clubs?

Japan has an open and liberal attitude towards sex and, particularly, sexual fantasy. Image clubs that appeal to the desires of men looking for something a little different in their experiences can be found across Tokyo and other major cities.

In this Japan Image Clubs guide, we look at what exactly goes on behind closed doors in these famous venues, what you can expect as a visitor, and a selection of the best image clubs.

How Image Clubs Fit in to Japan’s Sex Industry

The sex industry in Japan knows no equal and is a curious mix of recognisable fetishes from the West with a uniquely Asian twist combined with a hedonistic yet professional attitude to cultural influences.

The red light districts of Tokyo are brightly neon-lit places with colourful images that, at first glance, look like something from the 1980s pop culture of the west; cartoons rub alongside hardcore technicolour photographs.

It’s not hard to see why, with the cultural influences of geisha girls, courtesans and organised prostitution long being a legalised sector of the economy, the sex trade flourishes.

Though there is a distinction between sexual services and prostitution (coital acts), visiting a professional for sex is part and parcel of the local adult industry. It is estimated that between one in five and two in five Japanese men use a prostitute or have paid for sex.

Cities like Tokyo have hundreds of specialist clubs to provide services to their clients from hostess bars to soaplands and the ever popular, but more exclusive, image clubs. They are just as popular beyond Tokyo with clubs to be found in Yokohama, Osaka and other major cities.

What is an Image Club?

An imekura, or image club, is a specialised brothel specific to Japan that provides sexual fantasy services. In Theme Clubs, you can expect fully themed rooms where prostitutes engage in role play including full costume; however, image clubs are more simply about the costume.

What Kind of Fantasy Can You Fulfil at an Image Club?

Almost anything goes at image clubs and there are as many themes and styles as there are fantasies but the most common are:

  • Doctor’s surgery
  • Classroom
  • School gym changing room
  • Office or boardroom
  • Train carriage
  • Female action heroes and Cosplay
  • Police station

The women are generally paid more than standard prostitutes as they are required to provide an acting role and women can earn as much as $5,000 per month (and more for the top ‘performers’).

image club grope fantasy
Image clubs: Where fantasies come true. Image via Kocho Ran.

Who uses the Image Clubs of Japan?

The image clubs fulfil the needs of Japanese professionals who cannot entertain their fantasies in their working lives.

Doctors, lawyers and businessmen all use the services of the image clubs to carry out their dreams of groping women on a train, seducing the boss in the boardroom or providing more than just a routine examination in the doctor’s office.

You can also find regular 9-5 ‘salary men using the services of an image club.

In many ways, the images clubs are Japanese porn brought to life.

What Kind of Service Can You Expect at an Image Club?

Beyond the fulfilment of your fantasy setting, services are generally manual, oral or involve things like groping, taking photos, undressing a woman (removing her underwear in a train carriage is a popular selection) etc. Full service is not the order of play.

Everything happens behind closed doors (or curtains in some establishments) so is a private affair between you and your performer.

Some image clubs seem to specialise in different ‘routines’ with some being known for the train carriage set-ups with others appealing to those men who have a fetish for school girls. The staging, costume and props can be very elaborate and the more you pay, the more real the experience

What Does it Cost at an Image Club?

An experience at an image club doesn’t come cheap and you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $3000 depending on where you go and what you are looking for.

There are some clubs where entrance can cost as little as $10 but this can soon add up as you pay per room, for time and any ‘takeaways’ (panties, costume, photos etc.).

Do Image Clubs Service Foreigners?

Not all of them do and it’s important to remember that if you are not welcomed at the door then you should take their leave. Most of these clubs have connections with the Yakuza and unwelcome (and welcome) guests are expected to behave and follow the rules.

If you do go to a club that is happy to service foreigners (which is rare) then you will certainly need to speak Japanese or have someone with you that does.

The main principle with image clubs is that the whole experience is one of role play so if you don’t speak the language or understand the culture then most of the purpose is lost to the non-Japanese.

Best Japan Image Clubs

It’s not clear whether any of the following image clubs have strict rules about foreigners so you may need to try your luck if you are not Japanese and let us know how you get on.

Tachikawa Office Harrasment

2 – chome Akeisho – cho, Tachikawa – shi, Tokyo – 21 – 10

Admission is charged at 3000 Yen to this high-end speciality image club where men can make their dreams come true of sexually harassing a female colleague. Basic play includes full French kissing, blowjob and ball licking.

Fees are charged for members and new visitors as follows:

DurationNew VisitorsMembers
50 minutes16,000 Yen ($150)13,000 Yen ($120)
70 minutes22,000 Yen ($200)18,000 Yen ($165)
90 minutes28,000 Yen ($257)23,000 Yen ($210)
110 minutes34,000 Yen ($315)28,000 Yen ($257)
150 minutes46,000 Yen ($422)39,000 Yen ($358)
Japan image clubs example
Tachikawa, where you can fulfill your fantasy of sexually harassing a female colleague. Image via Erotic JP.

Odaizuri Girl’s School

2-5-6 Koto Bridge Sumida-ku, Tokyo

Open from 10am to midnight, the Odaisuri Girl’s School specialises in role play surrounding school girls. An admission fee of 2000 Yen is payable on arrival with a booking fee of 1000 Yen for the girl of your choosing. Prices are charged by time spent in the play area and are as follows:

40 minutes12,000 Yen ($110)
60 minutes17,000 Yen ($155)
80 minutes23,000 Yen ($210)
100 minutes29,000 Yen ($265)

Gotanda Uniform Heaven

Tokyo Higashi Gomonda Shinagawa-ku, 1-20-4 M Stage 2F

Open from 10am to 4am, this is a uniform image club (mainly schoolgirls) in the Gotanda area. You can also choose uniforms such as nurse, pilot and air hostess.

Fees are charged as follows with extensions of 30 minutes being available from 7,000 Yen ($65):

40 minutes11,000 Yen ($100)
60 minutes15,000 Yen ($137)
90 minutes22,000 Yen ($200)
120 minutes29,000 Yen ($265)


Wakamae-cho, Tennoji Ward, Osaka City No. 1 8 Wako Building No. 203 Room

The original image club in Osaka, Anihiro offers a huge range of services with their Cosplay set-up including pissing, cum on face and toys. They also accept reservations in their hotel.

Admission is 1000 Yen ($9) and charges start at 15,000 Yen for a minimum of one hour.


Tokyo Toshima-ku, Ikebukuro 2-40-4 Tokiwa Building 5F

Offering plenty of role play scenarios, Orchid specialises in housewife and incest play. Admission is 3,000 Yen ($27) and the club is open from 9am to midnight.

50 minutes10,000 Yen ($90)
60 minutes12,000 Yen ($110)
80 minutes16,000 Yen ($147)
100 minutes20,000 Yen ($180)
120 minutes24,000 Yen ($220)
orchid image club japan incest
Orchid offers a range of scenarios to enjoy your fantasy. Image via Orchid website.