Geisha vs Escorts: Do Geishas Sleep With Clients?

What’s the difference between a geisha and an escort? Ever wondered: do geishas sleep with clients?

When it comes to the nomenclature of adult entertainment services in Japan, the devil is in the detail. Just as, in the West, the connotations of a whore are different to a concubine, Japanese geishas are singularly distinct from escorts. When you factor in geiko and oirans, it can all get a little confusing.

Which is why we’ve put together a simple guide to help you navigate the subtleties of the Japanese art of entertaining men.

In a society defined by a culture of status, Japan’s history of prostitution and escort services has a complex structure of rank.

All manner of factors are taken into consideration to determine this including education, beauty and character as well as artistry and talent.

The history of courtesans and prostitutes informs much of how Japan’s sex industry is run today and is an interesting backstory to the popularity of the geisha and why (and how) they differ from escorts.

What Is A Geisha?

Geisha quite literally translates as an ‘entertainer’ though the word has, for some people, become synonymous with prostitution.

Highly trained, the geisha hierarchy is a complex structure that recognizes the skill of these women (and men) in the art of entertainment.

The typical western idea of a geisha probably brings to mind a heavily made up, white faced woman wearing a colorful kimono and obi with an elaborate hairstyle.

This appearance is actually more common in a trainee geisha (or maiko). Established and mature geisha are more somber in their appearance with subdued clothing and a less ‘traditional’ look. Although most geisha will don the heavy makeup for formal occasions.

do geishas sleep with clients?
The traditional dress of the Geisha is iconic and differs from other forms of escort services. Image via Flickr.

Oirans vs Geishas: A Brief History

Another term for a prostitute, oiran is a slightly archaic form of the Western courtesan.

Women of pleasure, an oiran was a name used for prostitutes that could be distinguished from their co-workers by the fact they provided entertainment services too.

There is some confusion that oirans and geishas are the same but geishas were not expected to sleep with their clients (though many did) but oiran were still prostitutes (or yūjo).

Though, strictly speaking, prostitution is illegal in Japan the culture of the oiran is still evident and can be seen in the hostess services provided by many escorts and adult-industry entertainers.

Geishas were originally intended to provide suitable supplementary entertainment to create ambiance for the oirans to work in. Their staid mannerisms and restrained dress (once trained) and appearance were so designed to ensure that these girls did not compete with the oirans.

However, what was intended as a modest elegance quickly became a coveted asset and geishas became the companions of choice for rich Japanese men. Though the expectation of sex was almost entirely removed (but did happen), geishas have retained their appeal as icons of those two aphrodisiac qualities; wealth and status.

What Kind of Services do Geishas Provide?

The services of a geisha are to entertain male (and sometimes female) customers with their highly prized skills in the arts. Predominantly classical Japanese music and dance, geishas are also trained in the art of conversation and gaming.

geisha entertaining foreign guest
Geishas provide entertainment not sex. Image via Wikipedia.

Geishas have an appeal of the untouchable which makes them a prized companion and are the pinnacle of good hospitality. They know how to flirt with their guests and how to evoke a charmingly benign eroticism for which Japanese men pay a good deal of money.

Do Geishas Sleep With Clients?

It is perhaps the fact that they do not provide sexual services that may make geishas all the more appealing; though there are rare occasions when geishas have fallen for their guests and even married.  

The attraction of the geisha may be lost on many Westerners but do not underestimate the power of a woman whose sole purpose when she is with you is to keep you happy.

You might not be getting any full service but you are having your every need met for the ultimate in a traditional GFE.

How Does This Compare to Japanese Escort Services?

The skill and art of the traditional geisha is not lost on Japanese escorts and is a part of the service that many women provide, particularly with Japanese men.

As prostitution is illegal in Japan, many of the sexual services offered do not include any full sex but instead are centered around titivation and the art of role play, costume and fantasy to heighten the experience.

Venues like image clubs generate big money by tapping in to this love of roleplay, but you’ll also find soaplands, blowjob bars and even Japanese swinging clubs that operate within the laws of the land.

Though some escorts will provide full sex, particularly if they are servicing foreigners, many do not.

Many see their role as a form of geisha service with their principle role being to entertain their customers and (genuinely) to provide companionship services.

You will find that most escorts that provide services to gaijin (foreigners) understand that full sex or certain sexual services are expected.

However, paying for a woman to tantalize you without the promise of sex can be just as arousing when a woman is trained in the art of entertainment.

It’s a shame that there are no western equivalents to compare this to but perhaps that is the enduring appeal of the geisha for the outsider; the unknown and the untouchable.

Featured image via Flickr.