Tokyo Soaplands: What You Need to Know

Have you heard about the Tokyo soaplands?

Typically Japanese in style, these popular venues cater to a variety of men from office workers to sex tourists. Usually open from early morning until late at night, soaplands in Tokyo offer a chance to relax and unwind whilst getting a full service from a Japanese soap attendant.

In this guide, we take a look at what you can expect from a visit to a Tokyo soapland, how much you will have to pay and where to find the best soaplands in Japan’s vast adult entertainment industry.

What are Soaplands?

A Japanese hybrid of Turkish baths, soaplands are also known as water brothels. Since prostitution was made illegal in Japan, soaplands aren’t an explicit means of getting a full sexual service but rather an erotic and sensual way to unwind.

Just like Turkish baths, many soaplands are arranged around a communal area with private rooms in which you can enjoy an attended shower and bath. They get their name from the copious amounts of soaps used to create a sensuous foam as you are cleansed by your attendant.

Love body soapland and love hotel tokyo
The Love & Body Soapland Hotel. Image via Flickr.

What Kind of Service Can You Get in a Soapland?

Though the legality of full service is clear, what goes on inside soapland establishments can be more of a grey area.

Sometimes run by the yakuza (Japanese gangsters), you can expect anything from a standard hand job or blowjob as well as full service in some venues. They are a popular alternative to the image clubs and blowjob bars that populate the city’s many adult premises.

What Can You Expect When You Visit a Soapland?

Your session starts with you being seated between the legs of your chosen attendant with your back nestled between her thighs. Sitting on a speciality adapted stool, she will scrub you down.

Though less sensual and more invigorating, this takes around five to ten minutes before you will be invited to sink into a freshly filled bathtub.

Here is where the real action starts and she will rub you or give you a blowjob. Once you are either satisfied or demanding more, there is usually an air mattress to change positions to where (if they provide it) you can enjoy full service or a massage.

Do Soaplands Admit Foreigners?

Unlike some venues that provide sexual services in Japan, soaplands tend to allow more foreigners than most.

The Japanese culture isn’t as xenophobic as you would be led to believe and prohibiting entry to non-Japanese isn’t about race discrimination but is more about accessibility to language and culture.

A lot of the women who work in soaplands don’t speak English and this can make the experience awkward for both them and their customers if you don’t speak the language. Additionally, the Japanese have many cultural sexual quirks that don’t translate.

So, that’s the long answer. The short answer is, yes, some soaplands do allow foreigners but speaking the language will definitely help.

Lastly, if you are turned away at a soapland then don’t be offended and definitely do not cause a fuss. If you do so at an establishment with yakuza links then you may find yourself facing rather hostile circumstances.

soaplands foreigners
Not all soaplands allow non-Japanese. Image via Flickr.

What Does it Cost in a Soapland?

As with any establishment that provides sexual services, there is a market to meet the demands of all budgets.

However, due to the fact that the experience is not a quick one with most customers paying for at least an hour (if not two), you can expect charges to be a minimum of 20,000 YEN or $180. The more high-class venues can be known to charge up to 100,000 YEN or $915 though these are generally only open for Japan’s elite.

Best Tokyo Soaplands

There are dozens of soaplands across the city of Tokyo, most are pretty similar in style and set-up though a few do specialise in themes or type of attendants.

We’ve chosen some of the most popular venues though our comments on admittance to foreigners should be borne in mind.

Chateau Petrus

4 Chome-41-10 Senzoku, Taitō-ku, Tōkyō-to 111-0031

Tel: 03 3873 4020

The website has full details of the attendants who work at Petrus as well as schedules of when they are available. You can purchase a session for 36000 YEN (around $325) which lasts for 90 minutes. Additional time can be paid for at 4,000 YEN per 10 minutes (around $36).

The venue is a high-end establishment and has a range of beautiful women available. Most women are on the mature side (not that you’d know it to look at their pictures).

Open daily from 9am to midnight, Chateau Petrus is in the Yoshiwara red light district,

Atelier Naniwa

4-32-6 Senju, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03 3875 1925

Another high-end establishment, Atelia Naniwa is in the Yoshiwara red-light district offering high-end ladies as companions. The venue is very clean and well maintained.

Their website has a full menu of ladies which is updated constantly. A full schedule of who is working when can also be viewed online. If you see someone you like the look of, you can make a reservation.

Prices start at 25,000 YEN (approximately $230) for 60-70 minutes and the club is open daily from 10am to midnight.

Shinjuku Corner Prawn/Kadoebi Soap Land

Tel: 03 3209 1818

Offering an ‘early bird’ special, you can enjoy sunrise until 9am with an attendant pre-work for just 18,000 YEN ($165). After 9am, you get 70 minutes for 22,000 YEN ($200).

Secretary’s Office

4-26-11 Senjyo, Taito-ku, Tokyo

Tel: 03 3871 8265

What could be better than unwinding after a long day at the office with a bit of quality time with a secretary…soaping you all over before giving you a blow job? The Secretary’s Office soap land is a popular venue for frustrated businessmen in Tokyo. Open from 9am to midnight, all of the attendants wear formal business wear to start off a session pandering to the fantasies of salary men.

With a bathing fee of 25,000 YEN ($230) buying you two hours, it’s no wonder that the place is usually busy after work.

President Club

Tel: 03 3876 1140

The president club is open from 10am daily until midnight and is a specialty Japanese MILF soap land. It’s not a budget place but you can buy two hours of bathing for just 15000 YEN ($140) making it an affordable treat for men on a purse string.

Fuchu Derby

2-8-20 Wakamatsu-cho, Fuchu-shi, Tokyo

Tel: 042 365 3675

Situated in Thorpe Land in the west of the city, Fuchu Derby is open seven days a week from 9am to midnight. There is a bathing fee of 3000 YEN (roughly $27).

The shop offers discounts for older ladies but has a good range to choose from which you can view online.

Other soap lands of note include, Yang Qin, Ikebukuro Senhime, Kichijoj Temple Shrimp and Rothenburg.

Kadoebi Soap Land tokyo
A good selection of attendants at Kadoebi makes bath times a two man job. Image via website.