Delivery Health in Japan: How Does It Work?

Fancy getting a XXX delivery right to your door?

Because (technically speaking), prostitution is illegal in Japan, the adult entertainment sector offers a creative and unique way to give customers their sexual thrills…legally. From soaplands and fashion clubs to pink boxes and love hotels, the whole country has found ways to exploit loopholes and provide sexual satisfaction without breaking the law.

Delivery health services are just one of Japan’s answers to this problem and are similar to hotel call girls or an upmarket version of China and Thailand’s doorbell ladies.

In this Delivery Health in Japan guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about what a delivery health service actually is, how they work and what to expect if you use one.

Delivery Health in Japan: WTF?

Delivery health services are not about getting a personal trainer delivered to your hotel room but they are about personal services!

Quite simply, this is the Japanese equivalent of a call-girl service.

These kinds of services are also known as Business Trip Health, Shucchou Health or Deriheru.

Visitors to any major city in Japan can contact a ‘health’ delivery company and arrange for a girl of your choosing to be delivered to your hotel, apartment or to meet you at a dedicated love hotel.

Sometimes accompanied by a chaperone, you make a reservation on the phone, or online, and 30 minutes’ later, you open your door to an escort.

They are a popular way for international customers to get a XXX service and unlike many adult entertainment venues in Japan they are available 24/7.

Haken Gata vs Machiawase-Gata

There are two types of delivery health service in Japan:

Haken Gata

This is a straightforward dispatch service where the girls will come to you directly.

It’s simpler for clients as all you have to do is make the order and wait but it does mean that they will turn up at your hotel or apartment. Whilst not a problem for many individuals, there are some people who would prefer not to mix business and pleasure.


By contrast, you can use a delivery health service where you can arrange a rendezvous with a girl at a destination of your choosing. More like a drop off service, you can then pick the girl up and head off to a love hotel instead.

Some clients also prefer this method of health service as you can spend social time with your escort before heading to a private room. In this way, you almost get a bit of girlfriend experience.

Prices will vary depending on which kind of health service you choose.

How Do You Find a Delivery Health Service in Japan?

Very few delivery health services operate with any physical store and most are simply a network of girls with a central telephone/website operator; sort of like a dispatch office for taxis!

There are several ways to find a delivery health service in any Japanese city.

The first is to hit up a search engine like Google and to just type in  デリバリーヘルス (or, ‘delivery health’).

Geo-location on your browser should mean that the closest agencies will pop up in your results and the only thing you’ll need to do is to find those who service your area (see ‘Transportation Charges’ below).

If you don’t speak Japanese very well then you should also be looking for those companies who are foreigner-friendly and who advertise in English.

It’s worth remembering that, as with most adult services in Japan, not all providers are happy to work with gaijins.

Other options for finding a delivery health service in Japan are by checking out the advertisements in adult magazines or through word of mouth. Discreetly asking a local taxi driver or your concierge can be quite useful.

You may even find that you are handed a flyer if you are visiting the red light districts of any Japanese city but keep your eyes peeled as websites and telephone numbers are often found in phone booths, toilets and other public spaces.

Delivery health in Japan
Adult services in Japan are widely advertised. Image via Flickr.

How Much Are Delivery Health Services in Japan?

On the whole, delivery health services are a more expensive way to get a service in Japan.

However, like many fūzoku businesses, there are options available for all budgets and you’ll find as many luxury services providers as you will bargain basement types.

But, for the sake of comparison, a typical delivery health session will cost you between ¥14,000 and ¥16,000 ($130-$150) for an hour.

Discounts are often available for longer bookings and a two-hour session might set you back ¥22,000 to ¥30,000 ($200-$275).

This is for standard sessions only but most deriherus will offer extras.

Optional Extras

The extras can be pretty normal by Western standards such as turning up in a costume or with no underwear beneath a coat.

Customers can also pay extra for the girl to take a facial or to swallow.

Or they can be pretty kinky and you can pay more for girls who will let you perform golden showers or even perform scat play. As you are probably aware, there are plenty of weird Japanese sex trends.

And then there are those additional extras which are uniquely Japanese such as the tobiko (or, ‘outdoor vibrator’) option!

If you choose this then your call girl will arrive “pre-installed” with an insertable and interactive vibrator to which she will hand you the remote control!

If you go for the Machiawase-Gata option and meet your call girl at a bar or street corner then this can be a whole lot of fun!!

Again, prices for adding any of these extras to your order can vary depending on which company you use but for guidance you are looking at a minimum of ¥2,000 to ¥4,000 ($20-$40) for each additional option.

japanese adult industry delivery health service
Check the prices for girls and their extras before booking and get a confirmed price. Image via Club Encore.

Transportation Charges

If you choose a delivery girl to come to you then you will also have to pay for the delivery charges though this can be free if you are situated close to their base.

However, if you are more than ten minutes away then you will be paying more than ¥1,000 to ¥4,000 ($10-$40) on top.

It’s also important to remember that if you are quite some distance away from any base then you may have to book a minimum slot of 2+ hours.

Also, some companies start the clock from when your girl leaves to meet you rather than when she arrives.

So, choosing a delivery health service provider who is close to you can keep costs down and ensure you get the most out of the time you book for.

Love Hotel Fees

And finally, if you aren’t arranging a delivery to your own hotel or apartment then you will also need to factor in some additional fees here.

This will very much depend on how long your stay is and the standard of the hotel that you book but you can expect to be paying a minimum of ¥2,000 to ¥4,000 ($20-$40) for an hour.

delivery health services love hotel japan
Make sure you factor in the costs of a love hotel. Image via Wikimedia Commons.

How To Book a Delivery Health Service in Japan

When you’ve found a couple of agencies who cover your area then you can either contact them by phone or email.

Unless you are using a luxury service then very few will accept bookings through an online system.

You’ll be asked to confirm your name and contact number along with where you would like a girl delivered to and at what time.

If you have any optional extras that you’d like to request then now is the moment to do so along with the length of session you’re after. If you don’t specify your requirements now then the girl who does arrive could refuse your requests.

The company will choose a girl for you based on your requirements so, again, if you have any specific requests in mind about age, size or specialties then make sure you are clear about these.

If they have a website and you would like to book a specific girl then now is the time to name her directly.

Delivery Health Services japan
Image via Club Encore.

It’s also important to ask for a confirmed total price including delivery charges so you don’t get hit with an unexpected bill.

If you don’t speak Japanese then be prepared to have to call around several companies to find one that speaks English. As we’ve said above, not all delivery health service companies offer girls who will visit gaijins.

What to Expect from a Delivery Health Service

Unless you have booked last minute then most companies will contact you on the number you provided about an hour before your delivery is due.

This is to confirm your booking and to ensure that all details are correct so make sure you have provided a number that they can reach you on. If you don’t answer their call then the chances are that they will cancel the appointment.

Some companies ask that you make this call so make sure you are aware of any specific instructions like this when making your initial booking.

Depending on the class of hotel you have booked you may have to let the front desk know that you are expecting a visitor. If you don’t, then they may well call your room to advise you so make sure that your hotel allows room guests.

If it’s late or your hotel is one that locks the doors then you may have to come down to let your delivery girl in.

Or, if you have booked a love hotel then you will also have to ensure that your ‘girlfriend’ can get in. A few love hotels in Japan have moved over to the high-tech auto-lock and pay system which means you can’t get out until you pay your bill. This means you’ll have to call reception to get them to open the door to your love hotel whilst your ‘friend’ slips inside. For this reason, we’d recommend waiting for your ‘date’ outside the hotel before you go in.

And lastly, if you’ve ordered a girl from a Machiawase-Gata company then you just have to stand prominently at your arranged meeting place. These girls have experience in spotting the punters so they will generally approach you.

It’s handy if you have a love hotel in mind to take your Japanese call girl but if you don’t then these girls often have a couple they can recommend. Just make sure that you tell them your budget if price is an issue.

japanese adult industry delivery health service love hotel
Japan’s main cities have plenty of love hotels to choose from so pick one local to your rendesvous point. Image via Wikimedia.

The first thing you’ll have to do when your ‘date’ arrives is agree to the delivery and pay the full fee up front.

You do have a choice to cancel the arrangement if the girl who arrives isn’t as ordered but you may have to pay a cancellation fee.

As a rule of thumb, the higher quality of the company you use the better quality of girl you get but sometimes even if you ask for something specific there may be a change of plan. Usually, these companies try to send you a similar match for anything you asked for so there are generally no major issues if you want to back out at this stage.

The girl will usually then call her dispatch team to confirm arrival; however, some girls are accompanied by a chaperone who will effectively do this. Don’t worry, they won’t come upstairs or to a hotel room with you but they may stay in the vicinity. It depends on the company and whether the girls believe they may be at risk.

Once you are in your room you will asked to shower and don’t be surprised if your call girl joins you for some soapy action.

In accordance with the laws in Japan, services are generally not ‘full’ but you will get satisfaction in any number of other ways including oral or manual and any kinky extras that you pay for. Most of these girls are part-time freelancers and as with any other form of escorting, what two consenting adults get up to in private is up to them!

Once the session time is up, she will then call her office and confirm that the appointment is completed to satisfaction.

Though the service is fully paid for up front, it is generally accepted that if you were very happy with the service then you should tip your delivery health provider separately as they leave.

Featured image via PxHere.