DXLive Review

Want to chat to some super sexy and REAL Japanese ladies ?

With over 47,000 registered cam models, DXLive is one of the largest live cam platforms in Japan and, with more than 5.5 million visitors per month, the world! Available in English and with chats starting at under $2.00 per minute, this site is popular right across Asia, South/Central and North America as well as parts of Europe.

Why? Because DXLive is bursting with real Japanese teens, housewives, students and MILFs just waiting to give you the XXX performance of your life!

In this DXLive review, we take a closer look at what DXLive offers its visitors and just how much satisfaction you can get from this Japanese camming platform.

Japanese Live Sex Cam Shows

DXLive is a Japanese live sex cam platform through which you can chat directly to MILFs, teens, housewives and cougars from right across Japan.

Japanese cam models DXLive

A premium site, these women are all waiting to perform to a PAYING live audience.

This means that all of the NSFW action is hidden away behind the private digital curtains.

As a result, you don’t get any XXX previews before you head into a room but what you DO get when you pay to go private is a steamy adult cam session.

Chat Live with Japanese Cam Models

First up, we should point out that DXLive is an authentic Japanese adult chat site.

Similar to rival site SakuraLive, this means that although international visitors can opt for an English language version of the platform, the majority of models here are not bilingual.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the site if you don’t speak Japanese; far from it!

We did a little bit of poking around and at any one time, around 15% of the ladies on DXLive speak some English. So, with over 47,000 registered models on the site, that’s still a pool of several thousand Japanese ladies to chat with.

DXLive Japanese live cams site

Plus, even if you spot someone you want to talk to who only speaks Japanese, it is possible to use on-site translation to get started. We’re not saying this method is perfect but it certainly gets the job done and we only had one or two small issues with miscommunication when we trialed the site.

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International Models on DXLive

And not all of the models on this platform are Japanese.

DXLive is pretty popular in Korea, China and Taiwan so you can also find native speakers from this country as well as the odd Western cam model.

The site also attracts a large audience from Colombia and other Latin American nations so don’t be surprised if you find a decent selection of Latinas too.

Supercharge Your Chat with Remote Toys

A lot of the models on DXLive come ‘equipped’ with interactive sex toys which can be controlled remotely by the audience.

You pay extra for this but it can really help make your experience more mutually satisfying.

Some models even have multiple devices which you can play with!

remote control sex toys japanese chat dxlive review

How Much is DXLive?

To get chatting with any of the models on DXLive you need to purchase credits in advance. Known as points, you can purchase these in bundles as follows:

  • $50 for 25 points
  • $100 for 50 points
  • $200 for 110 points
  • $300 for 170 points

This makes each point worth between $1.76 and $2.00.

Spending your points on DXLive depends on what kind of camming you want to enjoy and there are plenty of options available.

At the entry level, just chatting with a girl or peeping on a private show costs 1.2 points per minute.

But if you want to enjoy something a bit more exclusive then you can upgrade.

For an extra one point per minute (each option) you can:

  • Enter exclusive and private chat mode.
  • Turn on your own camera for a Cam2Cam chat.
  • Operate a toy remotely.
  • Send a private message.

For the cost of two extra points, you can:

  • Operate two remote toys at once.
  • Enter a private Cam2Cam chat.

And finally, if you want to send a girl some tips then you can use your points to purchase gifts. These range from ‘Teddy Bears’ (worth three points) up to hearts (worth fifteen points).

Getting Started with DXLive

When you first land on DXLive you’ll be presented with the typical adult content warning and you’ll need to answer whether you are ‘Aged 18 or Over?’.

DX Live Japanese live cams site

There are two ways to do this:

  • Yes (Japanese Entrance).
  • Yes. I am.

By selecting Yes. I am the site will launch in English.

From here you’ll need to select the Join function so that you can purchase points to enable you to start chatting.

Sure, you can browse around any of the performers’ channels without buying points but this isn’t Flirt4Free or Chaturbate so you won’t be able to send messages until you buy some credits.

And because all of the action here happens behind closed doors, there is no real teasing going on without paying for it.

Once you’ve registered as a member and topped up with some points you can launch any chat window from performers who are online and available.

Searching for Girls on DXLive

There is a decent search function available to use on the site and this lets you filter down your results by:

  • Age Range
  • Bust Size
  • Waist Size
  • Hips Size
  • Language

You can also narrow down your results to show only those cam models who are new, now online or who have a remote toy or microphone.

Once you’ve got a bunch of thumbnails to browse through you can open up the profile of any of the girls and check out their bio.

adult chat japan dxlive

Often translated directly from Japanese using basic on-site translation tools, their bios are often pretty nonsensical but give you a few clues on what their performance style is like.

Many of these women also have some public images in their gallery but be aware that these are all SFW pics.

Chatting with Girls on DXLive

Most European and American cam sites are similar in design and the controls are pretty intuitive to use.

DXLive is also quite easy to understand once you get started but you might need a little help to get you started.

how to chat dxlive

Fortunately, there are some really helpful How To files to guide you through the technical side and these come complete with instructional screenshots.

There are also some good technical FAQs which have been answered so if you have connection issues or need to know which browsers work best then you can check these out.

DXLive Review: The #1 Japanese Live Cam Site?

There are dozens of Japanese adult chat platforms out there but DXLive is one of just a handful of AUTHENTIC Japanese cam sites which are accessible to a Western (or English-language) audience.

One of the things you have to remember when using DXLive is that the majority of cam models here are located in Japan.

This means that their peak time is GMT+9 so if you want to get the best selection of women then you need to hit the site when its evening time in Japan.

On the downside, DXLive is more expensive per minute than a lot of sites plus you don’t get any chance to flirt for free. This is a bit of a shame as its not always easy to tell from these softcore previews exactly what kind of show you’ll be getting.

And the kind of chat you get here is far more of a slow burner than you might be used to if you are a fan of Western cam platforms. Perhaps because these models aren’t cavorting in front of the camera already half naked and with a dildo fully inserted and ready to go, any private chat you pay for needs a degree of warm-up factoring in.

All that aside, DXLive does exactly what it says on the tin; this is THE place to get a Japanese live sex cam show.

And when you do pay for a show, you can get some pretty dirty and kinky performances. Our advice is that appearances can be deceptive and although a lot of the girls on DXLive look like butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths, we can categorically say that those same lips can do some pretty amazing things!

Our experience of trialling a few dozen performers on the site made us realize a few other things too.

#1. The sounds that Japanese women make when a sex toy is buzzing inside them is like nothing else on this planet. If you’ve never heard it then we can strongly recommend trying it out. Just a few minutes of playing with one of these insertables will leave you wholly satisfied.

#2. The best view of a Japanese cam model is when she is looking UP into her webcam. In fact the closest you can make her get to giving you POV the better!

#3.  Private chats and peep mode are fine but the best experience of DXLive is when you have sole control over the toys and the undivided attention of your chosen cam model.

#4. If you don’t speak Japanese and your performer’s English isn’t great then you will need a bit of patience. This can mean the cost of your show is more expensive because of the extra time needed.


It’s pretty obvious that we had a great time reviewing DXLive and if you too want to experience some authentic adult chat with some hot Japanese women today then we can definitely recommend this platform.

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All featured images via DXLive.