M’s in Akihabara: What’s Inside the Adult Department Store?

Looking to browse a selection of Japan’s finest sex toys in Akihabara? Pop Life M’s adult department store should definitely be on your list.

Boasting one of the largest sales floors in the country, M’s is an adult department store in the heart of Tokyo’s electronic district, Akihabara. For a country that is apparently less interested in sex than it should be, this store proves that the Japanese are just as driven by their libidos as the rest of us.

From onaholes and sex dolls to JAV star meet-n-greets and a huge selection of distinctly Japanese sex toys, M’s has it all.

In this guide, we take a look inside one of Japan’s largest sex shops including a floor by floor guide and information on what not to miss if you decide to take a tour.


Popular with locals and tourists alike, M’s in Akihabara is one of many adult stores in Tokyo and expands on the country’s love affair with top-name sex-toy brands like Tenga. In fact, M’s has another seven stores in the capital city but Akihabara has the largest selection.

Inside you will find a fascinating insight in to the Japanese sex industry.

m's akihabara tour sex store

Covering seven floors and offering everything from vibrators and onaholes to sex dolls, BDSM equipment and cosplay & lingerie, this department store is a must-visit destination for anyone visiting Tokyo.

Even if you are not intending buying anything it, it is a great way to sample some of Japan’s infamous sex toys – including the types popularised on online marketplaces like J-List, Kanojo Toys and OtonaJp.

Staffed by knowledgeable and friendly assistants, most of what is available to buy can be touched and handled before you buy and the sample corners are incredibly popular. In addition, there are plenty of multimedia videos playing alongside the more techy toys. The fact that the store will also let you try on the lingerie and costumes makes the experience more interactive and it’s hard not to be draw parallels with M’s being a fun-house for adults.

It’s a mega store for anyone who is interested in buying or just looking at Japanese sex toys but, be warned, you will need to set aside an hour or so to get the full experience. Our tip is to take the stairs to the seventh floor and work your way down.


The outside of the store is purposefully designed in typical Japanese ‘POP’ style and is not obviously a sex store. With a colorful exterior and signs indicating ‘Pop Life Department M’s’, there are bound to be many unwitting, but curious, tourists who accidentally stumble into this sex shop.

M's japanese sex store akihabara

Ground Floor & First Floor

The only thing that hints at the colorful interior when you first enter are the ‘Face-in-Hole’ boards that seem to attract plenty of tourists taking photos. Sporting reasonably innocent looking hentai characters, it’s definitely a good spot for your first photo-opportunity.

The first two floors are given over to DVDs and Blu-ray discs of popular domestic adult films as well as some imports. It’s a big collection and includes some interesting titles you might not find elsewhere including films by MoodyZ and VR Works.

It is here that you will also find all of the official Tenga products including various merchandise such as baseball caps, t-shirts and shopping bags,

If the store is hosting an event then generally it is held on the ground floor. Promotional events are common and M’s has a reputation for having regular JAV star ‘meet-n-greets’.

Second Floor

Upstairs the Tenga theme continues and you can find a whole host of male ‘auxiliary’ goods including onaholes, Dutch wives (sex dolls) and supplementary male masturbators. Most products have display samples so you can get a good feel of what is in the box before making a purchase.

akihabara adult department store m's japan

Stacked from floor to ceiling, this is one of the largest ranges of onaholes that you can get up close and personal with and they are well arranged in categories from those that are modeled on JAV stars to those that are based on hentai characters.

Third Floor

Another level up and you will find yourself in the vibrator, anal and BDSM section.

Here you can browse Japan’s first Iroha shop, try the action of Tenga’s Vi-Bo or take in the abundant selection of anal toys from beginners through to advanced insertions.

The S&M corner has a wide range of collars, handcuffs, whips and syringes.

The third floor is also where you can find ‘collectibles’, though quite what this refers to has eluded our inquiries!

Fourth Floor

Novelty items, books, condoms and luxury import goods can be found on the fourth floor along with other consumables such as lotions, oils and even edibles.

The luxury range includes a lot of overseas products that many visitors will be familiar with and the prices are quite high compared to buying these online. However, it is a great opportunity (once again) to handle some of these goods and see them up close.

Fifth Floor

The lingerie department sports a huge section of cute to sexy items for both men and women. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t find the full range of costume that you might fancy for the bedroom…..just go up another level.

akihabara sex store m's japan

Sixth Floor

Here is where things start to get more distinctly Japanese in flavor and you will find a good selection of cosplay (anime and comic) alongside more traditional roleplay and dress-up styles.

Opening Times

The Akihabara store is open daily from 10.00am to 11.00pm.

m's akihabara tour adult department store


Prices at M’s are pretty competitive to online stores and you can even get yourself some discounts:

  • Students get 5% off with a valid student ID card
  • Try before you buy and get 20% (costume) or 30% (lingerie) off. The only drawback to this is that you have your Polaroid photo taken for in-store advertising. They do obscure your face but it’s not everyone who fancies this kind of publicity!
  • Duty-Free shopping on all purchases of 5,400 YEN or more.

M’s also sells its products online or you can place an order by telephone.


You can find M’s Akihabara store at 1-15-13 Koyokado Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Taihendo Building B1-6F. Also known as the ‘erotower’ (or M’s Tower), the building is a short walk from the Electric Street station.

Contact Info

You can visit the store as per the above location details or hit their website for more details as follows:




03 3252 6166

Telephone Orders:

0120 361 969 (Monday to Friday – 11.00am to 6.00pm)

Featured images via Google Maps and M’s Department Store.