OtonaJP Review

Looking for some unusual Japanese sex toys direct from Japan?

Based in Osaka, the Japanese sex store otonaJP offers an English-language website and international delivery so that the anyone can take advantage of one of the most exciting adult retail markets in the world.

Japan has long been known to have some weird and wonderful sex toys. From love pillows and onaholes to used underwear and lotions that smell of high heels, it’s all on offer at otonaJP.

In this otonaJP review, we take a look at the products available to buy at this online Japanese sex store and give you all the information you need about payment, international shipping and their loyalty programme.

What is otonaJP?

otonaJP is a Japanese online sex store that ships products internationally from its range of unique products.

japanese sex toys otonajp review

As well as offering some (seemingly) standard love aids and sex toys, there is also a huge selection of more unusually kinky, but typically Japanese, designs. As well as a lot of Japanese porn.

They have a huge marketing presence for English speaking customers and the website is well-designed to accommodate overseas interest.

Registered with TrustPilot, the company has an impressive five-star rating with almost 300 customer reviews (91% rating them ‘Excellent’).

Product Range

There is a good deal of products available on the otonaJP website that, at first glance, might seem pretty typical of an online sex store. There are the regular categories for dildos, vibrators and cock rings alongside BDSM gear and anal toys.

It’s not until you start to explore these in more depth that you realize just how different most of the toys are from those you can purchase in other countries.


Onaholes are, in basic terms, masturbation sleeves for men. However, in true Japanese style, these have been given a kinky makeover.

japanese onaholes otonajp review

You can buy these in a range of forms, including:

  • Handjob gloves
  • Blowjob onaholes
  • Nipple fucker onaholes
  • Hentai onaholes
  • JAV star onaholes

Read more: See our complete guide to JAV star onaholes.

There are literally thousands of them in every dimension from pocket sized to scaled sized sex dolls and even those that are electric powered. Whilst the design of many are very similar, the packaging is often where the diversity is and are simply packaged with images of MILFs, schoolgirls and anime characters.

However, it is a bit of an eye-opener when you browse the full selection and we were left scratching our heads over some of the designs, particularly in the Fantasy and Hentai range.

Cosplay and Cross Dressing

Japan is known for its love of Cosplay and there are no surprises that a Japanese sex store would have a good range of outfits and accessories to facilitate this kind of fetish. It’s certainly not the biggest selection we’ve seen but there are some nice products here that you can only find in Japan.

Love Dolls/Pillows

The Love Pillows (Hug Pillow) is popular in Japan both as a sex toy but also as a bedtime companion for less kinky reasons.

otonaJP sells both the pillow inserts themselves as well as having a huge range of covers to fit them. From the Tama Toys Air Pillow DX range and Futamata series to Air Dolls, there are maids, nurses, students and fantasy creatures to share your bed with.

Kinky Stuff

The Japanese have an international reputation for being into some kinky sex fetishes and this section of the website has some good examples of exactly why this is the case.

Used Underwear

Yes, it’s true. In Japan, you can buy a sealed packet of used panties, socks or a bra and now you can too. There’s a good selection here including some that have been worn by young wives or students. If your fancy takes you, you could even purchase a pair of ‘Innocent Panties’ that come with your choice of a smell of pussy…or poo.

japanese used underwear otonajp review

Smell Fetish

Speaking of smell fetishes, the site even has a special category for products that have been designed specific to appeal to the olfactory senses.

From bath salts that have a lingering smell of a ‘younger sister’ and lotions that smell of female students to spray perfume dispensers that will remind you of a girls’ toilet or a pussy during sex.

Loyalty Programme: otonaPoints

All orders placed with otonaJP will earn you loyalty points that can be used to pay for future transactions.

At the present time (January 2019), you can earn 3 otonaPoints for every 100 JPY you spend (not including shipping costs) with 100 otonaPoints being worth 100 JPY.

You can also earn 30 loyalty points by writing a review for a product you have purchased.

Prices & Payment

The website is written in English but all payments are processed in Japanese Yen; other currencies are shown for reference only.

Payments on the site are secured with Rapid SSL which features up to 256-bit SSL and 2048-bit root technology. This payment processor supports payment by most of the major credit cards, cryptocurrencies and banking transfer systems but not PayPal.

International Delivery

OtonaJP ships all of its products internationally using a range of methods, including:

  • DHL Express: 1-4 days with full tracking.
  • EMS Express: 5-10 days with limited tracking, can take up to 3 weeks to some destinations.
  • Airmail (small packets): 2-6 weeks with limited tracking.
  • Economy Airmail (small packets): 6-8 weeks with limited tracking, can take up to 16 weeks to some destinations.
  • Surface mail: Sent by cargo ship, can take 3-6 months with limited tracking.

Costs for delivery vary depending on the destination country and weight/size of your order.

Based in North America and looking for faster delivery? It’s worth checking US-based sites (like Toy Demon) to see if they carry the same stock.

otonaJP Review: Our Verdict

otonaJP offers authentic Japanese sex toys to an international market at some pretty decent prices.

Most of the products they sell are just not available outside of the country and this makes for a very niche market for those in the West who have an interest in Japanese sex toys….particularly the kinky ones.

kinky japanese sex toys otonajp review
There are some other companies that offer this kind of service but otonaJP has a great reputation for service, quality of products and the loyalty programme isn’t that bad either.

Looking for rival sites? You might also want to check our reviews for Kanojo Toys and J-List.

The delivery costs aren’t cheap if you want the products quickly but the alternatives of waiting for several weeks (sometimes months) just isn’t an option even with the savings. For that reason, it’s best to order things in batches or bulk to save on shipping costs.

Overall, the product range is huge enough to satisfy most people’s curiosity about kinky Japanese sex toys and, certainly, the website alone is worth browsing just to get an insight.


OtonaJP are based in Osaka but may be contacted via the following methods, Monday to Friday 9.00am to 6.00pm:

All featured images via otonaJP.