Japan Swingers: A Look at Japanese Swinging Culture

Curious about the kinds of swingers clubs they have in Japan?

Japan has a reputation for being one of the kinkiest countries on earth; where no fetish is too bizarre and the commercial sex scene caters to all. It is no surprise therefore that swinging is big in Japan and most of the major cities like Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka and Nagoya all have plenty of couples clubs.

However, did you know that there are two types of swingers clubs in Japan? One is more of a free-for-all sex club whilst the other is for couples only.

In this Japan Swingers guide, we take a look at the swinging scene in Japan and find out what kinds of clubs they have, how welcoming they are to foreigners and what to expect if you decide to visit one.

Swinging Clubs in Japan: Happening Bars vs Couple Kissa

There are two types of swingers clubs in Japan; the first is the Happening Bars where single men and women can enter as well as couples. The second is a couples only club and are known as Couple Kissa.

Both kinds of clubs are not usually open for entry to groups of men and are strictly for 21s and over.

Happening Bars

Of the two types of swinging clubs in Japan, Happening Bars are more like a sex club crossed with a pick up bar and there is no requirement to be part of a couple to attend.

However, happening bars are private, members only clubs and prospective customers are required to undergo an initial vetting prior to being allowed entry.

As is the case with many swinging clubs, entry fees for single men are charged at much higher rates with single women often being admitted for free.

Food and drink is often included in the cost of admission.

swingers clubs in japan
Image via Olive 21.

Couple Kissa Bar

Couple Kissa bars are the real deal when it comes to swinging in Japan and entrance is only permitted to male/female couples and sometimes single ladies.

They are also called kappuru kissa.

Similarly to Happening Bars, Couple Kissas are also private, members only clubs.

Are Foreigners Welcome?

Foreigners (gaijan) are not particularly welcome in many of Japan’s sex industry establishments and you can find plenty of pink salons, fashion clubs and soaplands that are not open to ‘gaijan’.

There are two main reasons for this.

Cultural Differences

The Japanese culture is a complex one and this is particularly true when it comes to sex.

Whilst in the West, our experience of commercial sex is simply about getting your rocks off before the timer goes off, in Japan it is far more focused on the experience itself.

Prostitution is illegal in Japan yet the adult industry here is huge. The reason? Most commercial adult venues do not provide sex but they do provide a sexual experience. In Japan, swinging is not necessarily about having sex with, or watching your partner have sex with, a stranger but enjoying the experience of being cuckolded, offered around or admired sexually.

With such a developed adult entertainment industry, you could be forgiven for wondering why the Japanese sex statistics are so alarming and the population is in freefall!

By contrast, just as we may find some of their behavior confusing, some of the ways we, in the West, behave can also be considered offensive to the Japanese.

swingers clubs japan happening bar
Some swingers clubs in Japan have themes and offer toys and costumes for guests.

Language Barrier

Often the staff employed at many of Japan’s adult entertainment venues do not actually speak English and this can be a big problem, particularly when coupled with the cultural differences (as explained above).

In terms of swinging clubs, not all Japanese people speak English and if you don’t speak Japanese then the problems are pretty obvious.

The result is that if you don’t speak Japanese then there are limited swinging clubs in Japan that will offer you admittance.

See alternatives: How to pick up women in Japan.

What Can Newbie Japan Swingers Expect?

As private clubs, the entrances to both happening bars and couple kissas are usually quite discreet and fitted with security cameras with an intercom.

Opening times for the clubs vary a lot by venue and you can find discounted prices for access during the day whilst peak times such as Friday and Saturday nights may be restricted on numbers and attract a higher admission charge. For single men, this is often very expensive but for single women you can often get in free.

When attending for the first time you will be asked if you are a member and if you are not, you should be prepared for some kind of vetting procedure.

Don’t expect to gain entrance if you do not speak any Japanese at all, if you are visibly drunk or do not fit their profile. In some clubs, you will not be able to gain entrance if you have tattoos, for instance.

If you are refused entry, it is advisable that you walk away rather than make a scene; doormen at these clubs can be very protective of the reputation of their venue.

Once you pass their vetting procedure, have shown the relevant ID (usually a passport and other form of ID) and have paid both your membership and admission fee (usually cash only) you will be provided with any rules particular to the club.

Generally speaking, these are the traditional rules which are followed in most swinging clubs such as no photography, no sharing of personal information and respecting other members.

The same rules also apply on not approaching single females. However, some clubs insist that, if you arrive as a couple you must stay together at all times, and leave, as a couple (with the same partner).

In some clubs (particularly the happening bars), you will be provided with a wristband which indicates whether you are in a couple or are a single male/female.

Each venue is different but most clubs have changing rooms and shower facilities where you can dress down and leave your belongings in a secure locker.

You may find that some clubs attract more of a bare minimum style of attire whilst others embrace costume play and lingerie. It is always best to check in advance, particularly to see if there are any special events being run so you can dress (or dress down) appropriately.

swigers clubs japan what to expect
Both Happening Bars and Couple Kissas usually have locker rooms.

Beyond this, the clubs and bars all have central communal areas, dance floors, bars and/or lounges plus play areas, private rooms and often facilities such as BDSM equipment, orgy rooms and toys. In some venues, BDSM is a big deal and you can find rope specialists in kinbaku and shinbari

In the communal spaces, you may find that the venue puts on shows or has entertainment which can be anything from erotic bingo to dancers or a sex show. These are designed to keep the atmosphere sexy and also to break the ice a little.

Like any swinging club, the action takes place all around the venues and there are plenty of places to get comfortable and watch or get kinky with strangers in. Some of the rooms are couples-only and, if you come across a closed door or drawn curtain, you are asked not to intrude as they are private spaces.

There is no obligation to have sex or to swap your partner but it is worth noting that the happening bars can be more laid back about this whereas the couple kiss clubs tend to be rather focused on the swapping partners bit.

swingers clubs japan
Just like in other international swingers clubs, some evenings are themed. Image via Arabesque.

Happening Bars

There have been some complaints that the happening bars in Japan have been going downhill in recent years with the primary cause for this being leveled at single Japanese women (or, at least, some single Japanese women).

Not having to pay an entrance fee and being able to eat and drink as much as you like has attracted some women who simply ‘bar-hop’. Further accusations of gold digging and targeting rich Japanese business men have all been made against this same group of women.

The result is that some clubs can attract a lot of women but few of whom are actually interested in actually swinging….unless you are rich.

Furthermore, some clubs have succumbed to certain scams offered by single women who, for a fee, will pretend to be legitimate single women to help keep the clubs reputation as a swinging bar.

The problem with this is that the women will often try to get payment for sex from other customers, either inside or outside of the club. Basically, this has meant that some of the happening bars in Japan have slowly become hostess bars and, to some extent, like brothels.

beware scams in swinging bars japan
Just be aware that some happening bars are not all they seem to be.

Certainly, you can find happening bars in Japan that have stuck to their roots and still manage to entertain real swingers or legitimate singles looking for sex but there are some that resort to some cheap tricks to try and keep their businesses afloat.

Common ploys include:

  • Employing women as hostesses to entice men into the clubs. These women often do not actually have sex but leave once the men have paid their entrance fee. Some will try to scam men out of money for sex.
  • Have a ‘show couple’ who will have sex in a public part of the happening bar. They are often a genuine couple (or paid to perform together) but they will not swing with other men and women at the bar; they are for watching only.
  • Hosting ‘sex’ shows run by performers to try and get men aroused. No sex actually takes place but riling up the guys can encourage them to take the hostesses (see above) up on their offers of paid sex.

There are other scams being run in some bars which can include trying to coerce females in a couple to work as hostesses, blackmailing customers using personal information and even simply cheating customers out of money.

Not all happening bars are like this but they have begun to get a poor reputation over the last few years. We have some suggestions below on bars that seem to have a good reputation, especially for allowing foreigners, but it is also worth doing your own research prior to hitting up a happening bar.

You can do this by reaching out to the swinging community directly via popular sites such as Red Hot Asia or The Adult Hub (see Swinging Sites in Japan, below).

Couple Kissa

The only way you can gain entrance to a Couple Kissa is as a straight couple and it helps if one, or both, of you is Japanese or speaks fluent Japanese. For single male foreigners, it is recommended that you find a local girl using one of the popular swingers sites (see below) and take her to a Couple Kissa with you.

Best Swingers Clubs and Sites in Japan

As well as the two types of clubs listed above, Japan has a big market for domestic swinging and you can find interested parties in the usual way, online.

Swinging Sites in Japan

The best place to start is Red Hot Pie Asia where you can find the details of members from across Japan as well as travelers to the country who also might be interested. This is particularly useful for Western visitors to the country as the site is in English and attracts English-speakers in Japan.

The same can be said for The Adult Hub which is also an English site that has plenty of adult contacts in Japan looking for fellow swingers to play with.

swingers japan
Find other swingers in Japan with The Adult Hub.

You can also find full details of Happening Bars across Japan at this site.

Other useful swinging sites in Japan include Group Sex and Mr Navi. Both of these are in Japanese but are useful resources for swingers visiting the country.

Foreigner Friendly Swinging Clubs in Japan

The following clubs in Tokyo are considered to be very good by regular visitors with some being open to foreigners (Bliss Out specifically has a good reputation).

Featured image via Olive 21.