Yokohama Escorts and Sex Guide

Looking for adult fun in Yokohama?

By population, Yokohama is Japan’s second largest city and is one of the country’s largest commercial hubs. Lying just 45 minutes to the south of Tokyo, it is an area characterised by its shipping economy as much as by its colourful urban development.

Often overlooked in favour of the capital, Yokohama does have an adult entertainment scene, though small by comparison to Tokyo.

In this guide we take a look at what options visitors to Yokohama have for sex including soaplands, delivery escorts, blowjob bars and health fashion.

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Prostitution in Yokohama

Though prostitution in Japan has long been centred around the country’s capital city of Tokyo (and formerly Edo), Yokohama’s position in the industry has grown in prominence. Initially founded on the strength of its strategic port, foreign traders and sailors have always been able to find pleasure in the city.

During the American occupation of Japan, Yokohama was a major transhipment base and US personnel could also find women working in brothels to service their needs.

Japan introduced an Anti-Prostitution Law in 1956 which explicity bans only coital sexual intercourse in exchange for money. As a result, the sex industry (fūzoku) has developed to accommodate the law with legitimate businesses providing everything but vaginal sex.

In Yokohama, this extends to blowjob bars (pinsaros), soaplands (brothels), love hotels available to rent by the hour and mat bars. The escort scene is a thriving one and you can also find prostitutes in bars, clubs and on the streets touting for trade.

Though none are permitted to offer coital sex, all will provide manual and/or oral relief with some offering anal. The routes to a happy ending of any kind are many and varied with simulated sex and roleplay being quite popular in the image and fashion clubs.

There is no denying that the proximity of Yokohama to Tokyo means that many tourists on the hunt for adult company prefer to head for the bright neon city. It is also true that many of the adult entertainment venues in Yokohama aren’t foreigner-friendly and visitors who do not speak Japanese can find it difficult to get any kind of service (other than an escort) in the area.

The reasons for this vary and do include cultural racism but there is also a misconception that westerners have bigger dicks than the Japanese as well as being more of a risk when it comes to infection.

Yokohama Escorts Guide

Delivery Health Service

Also known as deriheru, delivery health services are a uniquely Japanese way of engaging the services of an escort.

They offer much the same as any escort service though, in keeping with the law, few will offer much more than massage, oral/manual relief and kissing. Some will offer anal and a few may even provide vaginal intercourse.

They are very much an out-call service rather than offering a companion for dating or exploring the city. The benefit of delivery health is that it is cheaper but can be more perfunctory; some of the ladies do not speak excellent English which can also be a problem if you have specific needs in mind. Expect to pay around $130-$160 per hour.

Escort Agencies & Directories

There are also more traditional escort services available for hire in Yokohama including some elite models who are available for longer durations and may make spending time in the city much more palatable.

We’ve selected some agencies and directories that service foreigners with all budgets and tastes catered for.

Japanese Escort Girls Club

There is a great range of women available for booking through this agency. They can cater for fetish tastes as well as offering standard GFE. The girls are a mix of ages and experience but all are Japanese. The agency staff speak English and they cater well for foreigners.

Charges are fixed as follows:

  • 60 minutes – 17,000 YEN ($154)
  • 75 minutes – 19,000 YEN ($172)
  • 90 minutes – 23,000 YEN ($208)
  • 120 minutes – 31,000 YEN ($280)
  • 150 minutes – 39,000 YEN ($352)

Payment by credit card will attract an additional 15% on top of these fees.

Business hours are 12.00pm to 5.00am.

yokohama escorts
Offering the best orgasm, just by lying down, the Japanese Escort Girls Club is popular with western tourists. Image via website.

Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club

Offering in-call massage only but with guaranteed happy endings, the Japan Escort Erotic Massage Club has over 1000 girls across the country. They service the Yokohama area with around 100 masseuses with details being available on the website. Note that a nomination fee of 2000 YEN/$18 applies if you want to pre-select a girl; otherwise they will just send over whoever is available.

They can either deliver to your hotel or arrange a meeting using a pre-designated rendezvous. If you choose the latter then you are at liberty to use a love hotel instead of your hotel. This suits those visitors who prefer not to mix business with pleasure where they are staying. Delivery costs an additional 2000 YEN/$18.

Prices for service start from 14,000 YEN ($126) for 60 minutes which includes showering time. You should note that the girls provide happy ending using manual relief and simulated sex but no intercourse.


This escort agency specialises in providing mature and plump wives for the pleasure of their customers. They are principally providing a service to Japanese men but they do take bookings from gaijins as long as you speak some Japanese. You should state this when making a booking so they can match you with a suitable woman.

Basic play includes deep kissing, massage, oral and 69. Unlike some escort services you can pre-book from a number of extras including, but not limited to:

  • Anal sex
  • Deep throat
  • Bukkake
  • Handcuffs
  • Blindfold
  • Vibrating toys
  • Stockings and hosiery

Fees start at 14,500 YEN ($131) for 110 minutes.

Sex in Yokohama

Sexual services in Yokohama comes in many different formats from soft services like happy ending massages to more medium forms of pleasure from soaplands, blowjob bars and image/fashion health clubs.

In addition, there are some street hookers who work the red light districts and, with the abundance of short time hotels around, you can get a service in the city.

Rates vary depending on the kind of venue you visit and also whether you have experience in Japanese culture. Certainly some establishments do not permit entry to gaijins and those that do have been known to charge a surplus to westerners.


Soaplands are the closest thing to a brothel that you are likely to find in Japan and are based around Turkish spa/water brothels. When you arrive at a soapland you can either select from a girl on the menu or simply accept whoever is available. If you decide to select a girl you may have to wait and there is usually a nomination fee on top.

yokohama soapland
The Genji soapland is named after a womanizer of 1000 years ago. Image via Flickr.

You will be shown to a private room where you will be bathed naked with your choice of girl.

This will include a lot of erotic massage and foreplay. After about 20 minutes or so, you will be lead to either a bed or a mat where you will receive massage and a variety of pleasures depending on the girl.

This can include oral, simulated sex, 69 and plenty of touching. You can often finish with manual, oral or Spanish style with some soaplands offering anal. There are a number of girls who perform excellent simulated sex and can straddle you cowgirl style but use their hands to bring you off.

The number of Soaplands in Yokohama has slowly been dwindling over the last ten years and, where once there were around 60, there are now only about 20. Not all of these are foreigner friendly but there a couple where westerners can get a service though usually only if you speak Japanese.

The following have good reputations and have been known to take westerners:

Rates vary by venue but you can expect to pay in the region of 16,000 ($144) for 40 minutes.

nice lady soapland
There is no denying the fact that the Nice Lady Soapland does, indeed, have nice ladies. Image via website.

Mat Health

Mat Health offers a similar experience to soaplands but without the focus on the suds. You can get a manual and oral service at these venues with plenty of time spent on erotic massage as well as foreplay and simulated sex.

You can find mat health parlors in Yokohama but not all are foreigner-friendly. If you can find one that services gaijins then you can expect a professional treat. Common positions include:

  • ‘A thousand flow downhill’ – topless body slide from neck to toes.
  • ‘Frog kick’ – your balls nestle in the ass cheeks of your masseur as she lies underneath you.
  • ‘Amenbo’ – using her nipples you will get a foot massage whilst her thigh sits between your legs.
  • ‘Koi falls climb’ – simulated sex in cowgirl position, a great opportunity to caress her breasts.
  • ‘Crab scissors’ – Using the crook of her leg, have your pole squeezed

Happy Matto Paradise

4-45 Akebono-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture 231-0057

Happy Matto Paradise is not known for being gaijin-friendly but does offer high-quality services. If you are Asian and speak Japanese then exceptions may be made.

Prices start from 9,000 YEN ($81) for 35 minutes (early bird) and go up to around 24,000 YEN ($217) at peak times for 85 minutes.

mat health sex massage yokohama
The popular ‘Frog Kick’ position is a guaranteed winner. Image via website.

They are open from 9.00am to midnight during the week and from 6.00am on weekends.

Ren-ai Hakusho

3-45 Sueyoshicho, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0055

Ren-ai Hakusho also does not have a reputation for being gaijin-friendly but there are reports from westerners who have received service here. Certainly, they have a good reputation for customer satisfaction but some Japanese would certainly help you.

Rates are as follows:

Time35 Minutes50 Minutes65 Minutes80 minutes
6.00am to 9.00am10,000 YEN/$9014,000 YEN/$12618,000 YEN/$16222,000 YEN/$198
9.00am to 12.00am9,000 YEN/$8113,000 YEN/$11717,000 YEN/$15321,000 YEN/$189
12.00am to 5.00pm11,000 YEN/$9915,000 YEN/$13519,000 YEN/$17123,000 YEN/$207
5.00pm to 12.00pm13,000 YEN/$11717,000 YEN/$15321,000 YEN/$18925,000 YEN/$225

There is a second salon at the same location, called Love Collection which offers the same service for the same price.

Love Hotels

Love hotels, also known as ‘short time hotels’, are common throughout Asia and were originally established as a means for young couples to have privacy for sexual relations. They offer relatively cheap accommodation for short durations including hourly rates.

They vary in style but most offer modern facilities and are clean and comfortable. The more expensive hotels offer lots of extras including high-tech entertainment and things like jacuzzis, double showers and mirrored ceilings and walls.

Rates for a short time stay also vary but you can expect to pay in the order of 2000 YEN ($18) to 8000 YEN ($72) per hour.

There are a lot of love hotels around the city of Yokohama and each escort service and prostitute will have their own preferred choice depending on their location.

This is our selection of some good love hotels in Yokohama city which offer a good service; some have the details of girls who deliver service to their hotel:

  • Hotel Pia City, 195 Yamasita-cho, Naka-ku
  • Hotel ing, 46 Fukutomi-cho-Nishi-Dori, Naka-ku
  • Hotel Dolce, 36 Fukutomi-cho-Nishi-Dori, Naka-ku
  • Hotel Nibankan main building, 2-9-20 Tsuruya-cho. Kanagawa-ku
  • Hotel Fashion, 2454-3 Kamikawai, Asahi-ku
  • Hotel Carib, 2450 Kamikawai-cho, Asahi-ku
  • Hotel CuLaLa, 2-22-12 Eiraku-cho, Minami-ku
  • Hotel Chapel Coconuts, 1-11-12 Shin-Yokohama, Minato-Kita-ku
  • Hotel My Room, 1-21-4 Shin-Yokohama, Kita-ku
  • Hotel Queen’s Town, 5597 Nagatsuda-cho, Midori-ku
  • Hotel AiAi Hinkan, 1-15-12 Kazigaya, Sakae-ku

Blowjob Bars/Pink Salons

Blowjob bars, also known as pinsaros or ‘pink salons’, are available throughout the red-light area of Yokohama and simply offer oral pleasure. Service is sold in allotted times of 20-30 minutes with most bars offering a good range of girls from all ages.

Often you will find that the gaijin-friendly bars have slightly older women who might not be the best looking. Don’t let appearances deceive you, they are often very experienced and can do some magical things with their mouths.

However, if you want to select a girl then you may have to wait and certainly pay extra. Just remember that not all women will provide services to gaijins.

Puff Puff Cherry Pie

Puff Puff Cherry Pie is one of a chain of several shops in the Yokohama area. Some do serve gaijins as long as they have women prepared to do so available. If they don’t then you can expect to be turned away.

There’s a good range of women with most being big breasted but petite girls. You can find full cast details online with further information on age, physical attributes and even some reviews.

pinsaro yokohama
Puff Puff Cherry Pie specializes in big-breasted Japanese women. Image via website.

The standard charge for 65 minutes including nomination fees is 25,000 YEN ($226) but they often run promotions at lower charges of 18,000 YEN ($163)

All stores are open from 9.00am to midnight.

Candy Girls

Kanagawa Prefecture Yokohama City Fukutomicho Dong-Tong 41 Akiyama Building 2F

Playtime at Candy Girls is for a set 30-minutes with charges being as follows (nomination fees of 2,000 YEN ($18) apply):

  • Before 6.00pm – 6,000 YEN ($54)
  • Before 9.00pm – 7,000 YEN ($63)
  • Before Midnight – 8,000 YEN ($72)

Image Clubs/Health Fashion

Image clubs and health fashion parlours are a very Japanese system of sexual play and are rarely open to foreigners. They offer fantasy roleplay services which can include costume and roleplay and, in some premium clubs, staging and set. In one club in Tokyo there is even a club which has a fully equipped train carriage to simulate public groping fantasies.

They offer salarymen the opportunity to seduce co-workers in role or older men to experience a schoolgirl fantasy. There are even dish stores which allow men to suckle on the breasts of women who are breastfeeding; Yokohama Milk Health.

They are generally not open to foreigners and they are a very cultural experience and few of the performers speak English.

There are some sex stores that offer costume play for foreigners though this is not guaranteed.

Love Station

4 Chome-50 Akebonochō, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 231-0057

Love Station is a good mat health store but has plenty of optional ways to play including light bondage, electro-stim toys, costume takeaway. You can even hire a digital camera and/or video camera to record a memento.

image health club sex yokohama
School uniforms are the most popular cosplay at Love Station. Image via website.

Basic play is charged as follows with all of the above costing extra:

  • 30 minutes – 9,000 YEN ($81) to 13,000 YEN ($117)
  • 80 minutes – 21,000 YEN ($189) to 25,000 YEN ($225)

Love Station is open daily from 9.00am to midnight.

Banana Clinic

4 Chome Akebonochō, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 231-0057

Offering health services similar to soaplands and mat health parlours, the Banana Clinic also specialises in cosplay.

Basic prices start from 9,800 YEN ($88) for 30-minutes with cosplay being 1,000 YEN ($9) on top.Erotic Massage Parlours

Erotic massage in Yokohama is performed as part of the mat health services or can be arranged at a love hotel (or other location) via delivery health. However, there are some salons which simply offer more of an erotic and relaxing, traditional massage service. Most of those salons that offer massage, do not provide happy endings.

Strip Clubs

There are private strip clubs around Yokohama but few that are open to tourists and foreigners. It doesn’t seem that strip, in general, is as popular in Japan as in Europe, North America and other parts of Asia. This is likely to be a result of there being so many other ways to enjoy the naked female form.

There are also a small handful of Japanese swinging clubs.


3-91 Miyagawacho, Naka-ku Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa

Situated in nearby Kanagawa, Rockza is more of a cabaret style revue show than an out-and-out strip theatre. They run several performances during the day with showtimes as follows:

  • 00pm to 2.40pm
  • 45pm to 5.25pm
  • 30pm to 8.10pm
  • 20pm to 11.00pm

Admission fees for men are 5,000 YEN ($45) with concessions made for seniors, couples, women and students.

The show is run like a movie theatre with zero audience participation and touching of the dancers strictly prohibited.

Street Prostitutes & Red Light Districts

There are a couple of areas around Yokohama that have more than their fair share of adult orientated businesses and have come to be known as red-light districts. They are smaller than in Tokyo.

The most popular one for westerners is the Isezakicho shopping district. By day, the area is a charming tourist destination with restaurants and stores but by night the night brings a different caliber of visitor. Most of the soaplands and love hotels are located on the side streets and, after dark, you can also find street hookers.

The Kogane-Cho and hindodecho areas of Yokohama were once a bustling red-light district but city authorities have been working to reduce the number of one-woman brothels (chon-no-mas).

Sex Shops

In keeping with much of the world, shopping for sex toys in Japan has moved online in recent years. As a result, there are now less sex shops in the cities with many smaller independent stores closing down. However, you can find a few sex shops still in Isezakicho.

Most of the love hotels have vending machines with the basic essentials in.

If you are looking for something special then you can always head into Tokyo where there are still huge department stores (like M’s in Akihabara) with a huge array of sex toys and novelty goods.

Or you can head online.

See our guides to online Japanese sex shopping below: