Kanojo Toys Review

Looking for a genuine Japanese fetish product or sex toy?

The erotic adult goods from Japan store, Kanojo Toys has been trading for over 18 years and offers a boutique, but niche, selection of authentic Japanese sex toys, fetish items and novelties to an international market. The site has been featured in GQ Magazine, Cosmopolitan and Mail Online as well as being reviewed by Wired, Cracked and GizModo.

In this Kanojo Toys review, we take a look at what the site has to offer, whether they offer a decent selection of toys, why you should choose them to purchase your Japanese sex toys online.

What is Kanojo Toys?

Located in Tokyo, Japan, Kanojo Toys is an online retailer for sex toys and adult lifestyle products.

The company was established in 2001 and merged with the Octo Trade Co. Ltd in 2006. Together the company sell a range of authentic and niche Japanese products to an international market.

Their site is available in English as well as German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian with local currencies being automatically picked up for ease of reference.

japanese smell fetish toys kanojo toys review

Product Range

They are not the largest sex toy distributor in Japan and, though their product range extends to several thousand items, they are considered more of a boutique, or ‘Trend Shop’, than a market leader.

However, this may simply mean that the items available have been chosen more selectively as a result. Certainly, the total range is comparable in breadth to some other similar international Japanese sex toy stores.

The selection on offer covers a good choice of the usual vibrators, dildos, anal toys and masturbators but the majority of their stock falls into the following categories:

  • Onaholes and onacups – 35% of their total product range.
  • Sex pillows, dolls and accessories – 14% of their total product range.
  • Niche Japanese items (JAV DVDs, cosplay, smell fetish, used underwear etc) – 12% of their total product range.

Onaholes & Onacups

Onaholes and Onacups are names given to male masturbation toys and are used in much the same way as a Fleshlight or pocket vagina; many do not look much different (apart from the boxes).

However, there are a whole range of onaholes that are designed on the intimate parts of the most popular JAV stars as well as some more unusual offerings in their Hentai range.

You can find a full guide to the Japanese obsession with JAV star onaholes here.

japanese onaholes kanojo toys review

Smell Fetish

The Japanese have a reputation for the popularity of smell fetish items being readily available and now the same products can be shipped internationally. At the moment , Kanojo Toys has a range of 40+ items in this category including scented sprays that smell like an office lady’s stockings, beautiful girl’s armpits and the fresh (!) scent of pussy.

They also stock items in this range that may appeal to ladies as well as gay men including briefs that have an aroma of semen!

Used Underwear

Again, whether the Japanese generally get their kicks from used underwear is up for debate but the rest of the world have earmarked this fetish as being typically Japanese. As a result, there is a high demand for used panties around the world so that everyone can see what the fuss is about.

Kanojo has more than 100 offerings in this product line with everyone from teachers and students to brides and go-go dancers giving up their dirty drawers. Once again, gay men and ladies can breathe a sigh of relief because you can even buy the used long-johns of Japanese salarymen!

japanese used panties kanojo toys review


Most of the gear on offer here is not something seasoned BDSM players would consider as being heavy duty enough for regular play but there is a nice selection of novelty items that would interest anyone who is curious.

What BDSM fans will enjoy are the authentic Shibari ropes and playful restraints and accessories. Not all home dungeons have to be styled like Gothic torture chambers.

Fun Stuff

If you think the above is a little ‘out there’ then the fun stuff category is where they place items that just defy other categorization. Among the most unusual were dildos shaped like the tongues of beasts, anime posters and random breasts that have been modeled on the staff who work for a sex toy manufacturer!

japanese breast toys kanojo toys review


With over 100 titles to choose from, these authentic Japanese porno flicks on DVD are often not released in some parts of North America and Europe. Featuring the talents of the hottest JAV stars in Japan, it is not clear whether they have been censored in the usual way.

Please note that payment for JAV DVDs (even if part of a bulk order) can not be made via PayPal.

Prices & Payment

Payment on the site is powered by Globe SSL and Verotel which offers options for payment via PayPal as well credit and debit cards.

Wire transfers can also be made to the company’s accounts in either Japan or Germany.

International Delivery

Kanojo Toys offer worldwide shipping via fully insured carriers that is fully trackable.

All items are sent via EMS international courier using discreet packaging and this takes around 7 working days to receive.

There is a flat global rate to cover the cost of shipping but this can vary depending on the size and weight of the products being ordered.

All products are also covered by an international warranty which covers damage in transit.

If you are based in North America and looking for faster delivery, you may want to consider a site like Toy Demon, which has a smaller selection but much faster shipping.

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Kanojo Toys Review: Best Site for Japanese Toys?

Although around 40% of their product line covers more generalized items such as lubricants, sleeves and rings, vibrators, dildos, BDSM gear and sex machines, even these are very different to the same kinds of products you might get in the USA or Europe.

Always packaged in a uniquely Japanese way, a cock ring from Kanojo Toys is way more unusual than your typical penis ring. Take the Gekishin EX Vibrating Penis Sleeve for example (pictured below); designed more like a prop from Star Wars than a run-of-the-mill sex toy.

kanojo toys review cock rings

Yes, all of the products on offer at Kanojo are novelty in some way, shape or form but it is the fetish and weird Japanese items which most customers in the West will be interested to try. And this is exactly where the website excels.

There’s a good range of the popular onahole devices, in particular those that are geared around Hentai and JAV stars.

Though the site reports that they have ‘Excellent Customer Service’, there aren’t many reviews available online from verified customers to prove it. Unlike some of its competitors who have hundreds of reviews on sites like TrustPilot, Kanojo Toys has just one.

japanese love pillow kanojo toys review

Overall, the site has a great range of niche and unique Japanese novelty adult products and most are priced in a typical range, well in line with the competition anyway. Payments are secure via PayPal (not DVDs) and the flat rate of shipping within seven days is pretty good when you consider some companies cannot guarantee delivery within a few months!

If you are curious about the world of Japanese fetish sex toys then Kanojo may very well have just what you are looking for.

Looking for alternatives? We’d recommend taking a look at OtonaJP and J-List, too.


You can contact Kanojo Toys via their online Live Chat (only available during office hours) or using the custom contact form.

Additionally, you can reach the office via telephone on +81-3-3327-8862 or via Twitter.

Website: www.kanojotoys.com

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