Best Otome Games: And Where To Play Them

the otome games genre

Want to know more about otome games? A genre of Japanese games primarily targeted at women, otome games have been kicking about since the early 1990s. Manga in style and often containing erotic elements, some otome games have even been toned down to be released on mainstream consoles and for PC gaming. Popular across Asia … Read more

Prostitution In Asia: What Is Legal and Where?

prostitution laws across asia

Confused about the prostitution laws across Asia? Although prostitution may be widespread in a country, it is not always the case that buying (or selling) sex is legal. In some parts of Asia, contravening these laws may result in a monetary fine but in others you could be facing criminal charges and even a jail … Read more

Best Asian Pornstars Ever: Top 15 Adult Stars From Asia

kobe tai best asian porn star

Want to know who the top 15 female Asian porn stars are? There’s certainly no shortage of candidates! Hard as it has been (and we’ve researched long and hard) to produce this list, we know that there will be plenty of disappointed people who find that their favorite Asian pornstar isn’t included. So, whilst you … Read more

How Do KTV Clubs Work?

How Do KTV Clubs Work

Ever wonder what goes on inside a KTV club? For many westerners, a KTV is just a simple karaoke bar offering an evening of singing, dancing and drinking, yet the culture of KTV clubs is more complex. These establishments are split into two very distinct sectors; one offering a good night out and the other … Read more

AsianMatchMate Review

Asian Match Mate Review

Looking to hook-up, find sex or meet someone hot and Asian right now? AsianMatchMate could be the perfect solution and offers millions of Asian singles looking for casual encounters the opportunity to connect online. The site is part of the globally successful brand, Adult Friend Finder, which has a reputation for hook ups and swinging; … Read more

Best JAV Onaholes: A Buyer’s Guide

A Guide to JAV Star Onaholes

Intrigued by the world of Japanese onaholes? These unique sex toys are very popular in Japan and come in a hugely diverse choice of designs; from fetish, fantasy and hentai-based styles to those that are modeled on the top adult film stars in the country. In this guide, we take a look at exactly what … Read more

Mail Order Asian Brides: A Dwindling Market?

mail order asian brides

Are mail order Asian brides still a thing or is the sun setting on this market? Once a popular term in the 1980s and 1990s, mail order brides don’t seem to be as common as they once were. With the advent of the internet, online dating can now be done from the comfort of your … Read more

Go Go Bars vs. Strip Clubs: What’s The Difference?

go go bars vs strip clubs whats the difference

Confused by Asia’s strip clubs and go-go bars? A phrase often used in North America to denote a certain kind of strip clubs, the go-go bars of South East Asia are quite different to a strip club. Essentially two very different kinds of establishments, many a farang travelling in countries like Thailand or the Philippines … Read more

The Kama Sutra: A Complete Guide

kama sutra guide

Think you know what the Kama Sutra is really about? Often thought to be just a manual on sex positions, the original text extends to cover more than just contortionism in the bedroom. The Kama Sutra is a famously misunderstood piece of literature that actually focuses more on love, marriage and spirituality than the various … Read more