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Though not the capital, Mumbai is India’s largest city and is the financial hub of the country. Home to a population of around 22 million in the urban area, Mumbai is larger than Norway, Denmark and Hungary put together! It is the wealthiest city in South, West and Central Asia and is a major tourist destination, attracting almost 9 million people each year. Offering its visitors a mix of cultural entertainment and a vibrant nightlife, Mumbai has a little of something for everyone.

In this guide, we take a look at the adult entertainment scene of Mumbai, in particular, escorts, erotic massage parlours and sex shops.

Prostitution in Mumbai

In India, prostitution is semi-legal and you can pay for sex as long as it takes place in a private residence and does not involve minors, coercion or profiteering from the proceeds of others.

It is illegal to run a brothel as well as pimping, pandering and soliciting.  However, unfortunately this does go on and, in some areas of Mumbai, the police accept bribes to turn a blind eye to these practices.

The law is covered by the Immoral Traffic Prevention Act (ITPA) which is aimed at keeping prostitution off the streets and out of the view of the public. In general, as long as the trade is conducted in private then there is usually no come back for either the prostitute or the john.

The sex market in India is a big one and is estimated to be worth over $8.4 billion per year; the seventh largest prostitution market in the world. With such a large untapped resource for revenue, it is little wonder that the Indian government is considering ways to fully legalise the trade. As well as a boost in taxation, the move could help improve health and working conditions for prostitutes. This is welcome news with growing concerns over the number of sex workers who are HIV positive.

mumbai sex guide
Mumbai is one of the world’s most populated cities and has over half a million sex workers. Image via Flickr.

Though most of the prostitutes working in Mumbai are Indian, you can also find women from across Asia (Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Uzbekistan, and Afghanistan) as well as from Europe. Certainly, in the escorts market you can find a wider range of ethnicities though white women can charge more as they are in higher demand with Indian men.

The price of sex in Mumbai is incredibly varied. In the illegal brothels which mainly serve migrant workers who are separated from their wives and families, the rates are as low as a few dollars whilst escorts in the city can charge many hundreds of dollars.

At present, it is estimated that there are over half a million prostitutes working in and around Mumbai though many believe this figure could be double. Certainly, the sex scene in Mumbai is India’s largest.

Mumbai Escorts Guide

There are two main ways to pay for sex in Mumbai; using an escort or via one of the illegal brothels that you can find in the city. The brothels come in many different disguises including those that are run as dance bars and those that offer massage plus slum brothels where sex is very cheap.

Escorts also come in plenty of different guises and, like many Asian cities, there are plenty of premium services you can book who provide excellent all-round traditional companionship. These high-end models will not only satisfy clients in the bedroom but have often been chosen for their intelligence, rapport and beauty so they can hold their own in a social situation.

At the other end, you can engage in the services of a lower-class call girl who may or not speak very good English but will often be prepared for anything in the bedroom. As ever in this game, you get what you pay for so your budget is everything.

Don’t forget that prostitution is illegal in hotel rooms and though it does go on, many of the international chains will not tolerate this kind of activity. As a result, you will need to be very discreet and book an escort according to the environment you are staying in or opt for a service where you can meet at a hotel where the management allow prostitution on site.

Some escorts also have an in-call service so you can go direct to them.

There are, quite literally, thousands of agencies being run in Mumbai and we’ve selected some of those that have a good reputation and choice across a range of budgets.

Mumbai Beauties

A very varied but premium escort service in Mumbai offering a choice of girls of a variety of ethnicities including Chinese, Thai and Russian. They also have a good selection of local ladies including Bengali actresses, Punjabi girls and other Indian escorts.

A 2 hour session starts at 15,000 INR or $230.

mumbai escorts
Offering a full satisfaction guarantee, Mumbai Escorts has a lot of call girls. Image via website.

Viva Street

A local (yet global) classifieds site, Viva Street offers a quick and easy way to find call girls in Mumbai. The site is free to use and there is a good range of women available here with some being agency listings and others being independent.

Always check in advance that the escort you are meeting is as advertised.

Model Night

This premium escort agency offers a good range of women by the hour all around Mumbai. Most of the girls have pale skin and are either European (eastern) or South East Asian.

Offering both incall and outcall services, Model Night has a good reputation for punctualit.

Rates start at 10,000 INR ($153) per hour with full nights incurring additional travel expenses.

The Pleasure

The Pleasure is an elite agency offering the services of escorts in Mumbai with a bit of fantasy thrown in.

You can select from a range of women who are:

  • Actresses
  • Housewives
  • Call Girls
  • Models
  • Airhostesses
  • Foreign Girls

Rates start at around 6,000 INR ($92) for two hours and go up to 25,000 INR ($382) depending on the class and calibre of escort you choose.

They have a good reputation for servicing foreign visitors to the city and the quality of the girls can be seen on their website galleries.

Pink Lips

With a reputation for providing good anal services, Pink Lips provides a standard service of two hours at a rate of 15,000 INR ($230) which includes:

  • Handjob
  • Blowjob
  • Foreplay
  • One Shot
  • Two hours

For a full night of fun including up to four shots, you can pay 40,000 INR ($610).

anal escorts mumbai
Popular with airport arrivals, Pink Lips are an anal specialist. Image via website.

Euro Girls Escorts

With over 380 escorts to choose from, this international directory service is a respected place to book call girls from. They have an excellent search facility where you can narrow the choices down by age, physical attributes and rates as well as ethnicity.

The majority of women on the site are charging between $150 to $300 per hour but there are also some budget and premium options available as well.

Best of the Rest

For a wider selection of escorts in Mumbai, here is a further range of sites, agencies and directories where you can find call girls in India.

Sex in Mumbai

The whole of Mumbai is awash with prostitution in various forms but there are districts, lanes and areas (plus times of the day) when this is more in abundance.


Owning, operating and working in a brothel is illegal in India yet you can find plenty of these kinds of establishments in Mumbai.

Most brothels in the city are of a very low quality, often located in slum areas of Mumbai, which mainly cater for cheap sex for locals and migrant workers. There are some establishments that are operated from apartments and high-rise flats as well as bars and dance clubs that offer the services of sex workers in back rooms.

Dance clubs are quite popular alternatives to brothels in Mumbai and range from nightclub style venues to more simple bars with a DJ. Run like a cross between the hostess bars of South-East Asia and a bordello, you can pick a girl from a line-up to keep you company for a few drinks before heading to a room for sex. There are lots of these in the city with varying levels of choice and rates.

Due to the illegality of the operations that are being run, most (if not all) do not advertise their services openly and you will have to ask locally to find them. Known as ‘cages’ or ‘welcome’ brothels, you can find some of these in the old right light district of Kamathipura, Maharashtra as well as on the Falkland Road and Grant Road.

grant road mumbai sex
The Grant Road area has a lot of brothels. Image via Wikimedia.

Swinging Clubs

Swinging is not popular in India and there are no official or established clubs that run out of Mumbai. However, you can find gangbangs and sex parties in private residences by connecting with other like-minded couples using popular swingers forums and websites.

The best site to use is Mumbai Swingers although Adult Friend Finder, and Swingers India all have good coverage in the city.

mumbai swingers
With the absence of swinging clubs, the best choice for seekers of the lifestyle in Mumbai is the internet. Image via Mumbai Swingers.

Erotic Massage Parlours

If you are looking for a parlour where there is more on the menu than a rub and tug then you should head to the red-light areas of Mumbai (see below) or read up on the ‘Brothels’ section above. There are places in Mumbai where you can get a sensual massage and, though there is no guarantees at some, you can get a happy ending.

Your best port of call is to pick up the local newspaper, called ‘Mid-Day’, which is available from most magazine and book shops after about 11am. It’s not free but it costs around $0.10. There is a good classifieds section in which a lot of massage and beauty parlous advertise. The majority of these offer more than just a back rub and you can often get a good erotic massage here; sometimes with a blowjob and more.

Some operate like brothels where you can select a girl from a line up but some have a more prescriptive service where you take whoever is available. Not all of the girls will speak English.

Some offer outcall services and will come to your hotel, much like an escort.

Lastly, sites like Locanto and Craigslist also provide the details of erotic massage in Mumbai.

Strip Clubs

Strip clubs are illegal in India and you won’t find any clubs like those you might come across in Europe, the U.S. or other Asian cities. However, you can find some venues around the city that do have strippers performing though these are generally low-class establishments that are not considered safe for tourists to visit. A far cry from the erotic pole dancing and well-choreographed clubs, Indian strip clubs are illegal.

Often venues where scams and rip-offs are common, touts tend to rustle up trade outside bars and clubs. They can generally get away with running their entertainment by paying police to turn a blind eye; as a result of this, if you do get ripped off or, worse, assaulted, then there is no recourse with the authorities.

If you are keen on having a strip experience, then you can always hire an escort to provide you with a personal service.

Street Prostitutes and Red-Light Districts

Historically speaking, the area known as Kamathipura is Mumbai’s famous red-light district and, though hugely diminished in size since the 1990s when there were tens of thousands of sex workers, it still attracts street prostitutes and pimps.

It is not the nicest of districts to spend your time and there are areas which are unsafe for single travellers to be, particularly at night. However, the road known as Cursetji Shuklaji Street around the Grant Road East area is thought to be safer. However, don’t expect the lane to be a classy area; the red-light districts of India are not like those you find in Europe with legitimate adult venues and neon bars.

Falkland Road in Kamathipura is also a prime spot for visitors who are looking for sex.

Kamathipura red light district mumbai
Kamathipura is a busy part of Mumbai and at night attracts lots of street prostitutes, pimps and tourists. Image via Wikipedia.

In addition to the red-light districts, there are several areas of the city where hookers are known to hang out. As with the brothels, you will find that these locations vary depending on how much the local police are getting involved in clampdown operations.

Room charges are usually cheap at around 200-500 INR ($3-$8) and the street girls charge from as little as 50 INR ($1<) up to 1000 INR (€15) depending on the class of girl.

Sex Shops

There are very few chain sex shops in India with most local people buying their bedroom essentials online. Not only does this offer more discretion but it is far more convenient. Certainly, almost all online sex shops will deliver to your hotel.

sex toys mumbai
The best option for buying sex toys in Mumbai is online. Image via Wikimedia.

In general, sex toys are not on sale openly like they are in other parts of Asia such as China, Thailand or Japan. You can sometimes find very basic equipment in markets and small shops. The best of these being at Fort and Flora Fountain in South Mumbai where a regular market attracts vibrator, dildo and condom sellers aplenty. You can sometimes find more unusual gadgets and accessories but, largely, you will not find anything you can’t get online. The market is located (no pun intended) close to the Horniman Circle.

There is one shop which apparently sells a good stock of sex toys; Akshay Shop, Masjid Bandar Station, Kazi Sayed Street, Pydhonie, Mandvi, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400003

Featured image via Wikimedia Commons.