Phuket Escorts and Sex Guide

Looking for more information on the sex scene in Phuket?

The island of Phuket is one of the most popular of Thailand’s beach destinations and attracts almost 5.5 million visitors each year. The size of Singapore, the islands has over 40 beaches and several large resorts, however it is the capital of Phuket City (commonly called Phuket Town) which is the centre of the tourism industry. Here you can find some of the best bars, clubs and markets in the province including erotic massage parlors, go-go bars and karaoke clubs. However, Patong is a fast-growing hub for the island’s nightlife and you can also find some great spots here.

In this guide we explore all the options available for adult thrills in Phuket.

Prostitution in Phuket

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand but widely tolerated and, as far as the authorities go, ignored. In Phuket, the draw of a constant stream of international tourists, often with money to spend on entertainment, is enough to make it a popular location for women, ladyboys and guys to make a good living from sex-work.

Most of the sex workers in Phuket are Thai but you will also find some from countries like Myanmar, Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia. Likewise, clientele for the industry is just as diverse and, although Westerners still flock to Thailand for its sex industry, you can find a lot of Asian tourists in Phuket. It is thought that the Chinese represent around a quarter of all international visitors to Thailand followed by Malaysia (9%), South Korea (5%), Laos (4%), Japan (4%) and India (4%). By contrast tourists from the United States and the United Kingdom make up just 3% and 2% respectively.

prostitution phuket thailand sex guide
Phuket is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Image via Flickr.

Though no Bangkok, Phuket still manages to offer a good range of ways to get a service whether it’s a happy ending with a massage, a full service in a massage salon or by picking up a bar girl or street prostitute.

Prices vary a lot and are on a par with those in Bangkok. Rates can vary from around 400-500 baht ($12-$15) for sex with a street prostitute, 1000+ baht ($30) (plus bar fine) for short time with a bar girl or upwards of 4000 baht ($123) for an escort. The price you pay will very much depend on the class and age of girl. Most women will negotiate.

Similarly to Bangkok, the ladyboys of Phuket also charge a fair premium depending on the level of surgery they have had completed and how well they ‘pass’.

Phuket Escorts Guide

With the number of tourists in Phuket, it is little wonder that the escort scene is so busy and you can find a good range of ladies available to hire by the hour who provide outcall services.

Rates vary by escort with most charging around the 4000 baht ($123) mark; however, there are lots of budgets covered by the larger directories.

There is a real mix of nationalities on the escorts sites for Phuket with plenty of Thai girls but also a large number of European ladies.

Sex in Phuket

Sex tourism in general in Thailand is big business and reportedly nets the country an estimated $6 billion each year. Though the principle areas for this revenue are from Bangkok, there is no doubt that the industry follows the almighty dollar and you can find sex-workers wherever there are tourists.

There is a good deal of choice of venues to choose from in Phuket where you can pick up all kinds of services; from erotic massages with a happy ending (and more) to the popular go-go bars where you get a full service from one of the bar girls.


Brothels are illegal in Thailand but that is not to say that you cannot find ‘whorehouses’, they are simply operating as other businesses. You wont find a bordello like those you can in Australia, parts of Europe or Nevada but you can step into adult entertainment venues like massage parlors, karaoke lounges and go-go bars (see below) to find a woman (or ladyboy) to pay for sex with.

There are some brothel style venues in Phuket that mainly service the locals rather than foreigners and these are all run ‘on the QT’. On the whole, they are not places that are recommended for use by visitors to Thailand.

Erotic Massage Parlors

Erotic massage in Thailand is quite popular and there are lots of venues around Phuket where you can get a happy ending either with a handjob or a blowjob. Some ladies also offer full service but this is more rare and should not be expected. Also popular is the ‘soapy’ massage which is given using a nicely-drawn bath and plenty of suds. You can usually expect a full body slide with this kind of massage with the girls being more forthcoming with letting you touch them as well.

The routine is similar to most countries and you can ask for a ‘special’ in advance with payment for the massage going to the house and the tip paying for services given by your masseuse.

Most venues give customers a choice, often using the fishbowl system where girls are behind a glass window with a number affixed to their outfit. Some of the smaller venues have a first-come, first served policy and you basically get what you are given. Prices vary and usually depend on both the class of the establishment as well as the quality of the girl. It is worth pointing out that many customers report that sometimes the less attractive and older girls give better service.

Average prices range from 1000 baht to 3000 baht ($30-$92) although there are also some more ‘budget’ options around the Bangla Road in Patpong. Soi Kepsap is also a good part of Phuket to hit up, especially for soapy massages and cheaper rates.

Another good area is the Rat Uthit Road, specifically all around the Christin Massage premises. As one of the most famous erotic massage salons in Phuket, clusters of other establishments have built up around it.

Other roads with good erotic massage parlors, include:

  • Sawatdirak Road in Patpong
  • Phang Muang Sai Kor Road in Patpong

A word of advice, there are lots of more traditional Thai massage spas in Phuket where you won’t get a happy ending. In order to avoid confusion, it is recommended that you observe both the way the girls are dressed and how they behave towards you; both should make it reasonably obvious if you are barking up the wrong tree.

Go Go Bars

Not all go-go bars are created equal and there can be some big differences between those that offer a more ‘vanilla’ (and touristy) experience and those that are more traditional in their approach. There are some seedier go-go bars in Phuket and then there are those that charge over-the-top prices for their drinks, just because they can. All have some kind of sexy dance show being performed but the girls don’t always go naked (or even topless) in some of the bars.

We’ve selected some of the best go-go bars in Phuket that cover all kinds of experiences for its punters.

Suzy Wong’s A-Go-Go

23/17-18 Soi Sea Dragon Bangla Rd Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu, Chang Wat Phuket 83150

Suzy Wong’s has one of the most infamous reputations in Phuket and owes its success to the advertising it does around the main tourist spots during the daytime. You can see a push bike making its way around the busy streets pulling a sign for the club affirming that the venue has been ‘Smacking Asses since 2002’. And there is no word of a lie here. Customers will be treated to a firm spank on their behind by a scantily clad dancer with a foam bat the moment they arrive in the club. The best part is that customers are encouraged to return the favour and the atmosphere is one of playful but saucy fun.

suzy-wongs go go bar phuket
If you want an ass-spankingly good time then Suzy Wong’s is your go-go bar. Image via website.

There is little doubt that Suzy Wong’s is a great go-go bar and there are some incredibly hot models who work here.

Suzy Wong’s is open daily from 7.30pm to 3.00am.

Crazy Horse Circus

Bangla Road/Soi Tiger 1, Ban Patong, Phuket 83150

Though the girls don’t get their tops off at Crazy Horse Circus, it is one of the better go-go bars in Phuket and not just because all of the action is al-fresco. Yes, this is an outdoor bar and is pretty big compared to some other venues. The girls here are usually quite stunning and have some amazing skills when it comes to performing some seriously tempting routines.

crazy horse phuket go go bar
Opposite the Seduction Disco, Crazy Horse Circus is a must-visit go go bar in Phuket, not just for its shows but the bar girls. Image via Facebook.

You can expect a bar fine to be quite pricey at around 1500 baht but the drinks are quite reasonable given the level of service, entertainment and position.

The Crazy Horse Circus is open daily from 2.00pm to 3.00am.

Devil’s Playground

23/17-18 Soi Sea Dragon Bangla Rd Tambon Patong, Amphoe Kathu, Chang Wat Phuket 83150

A part of the Suzy Wong’s chain, the Devil’s Playground is a slightly sassier version of the original club. The theme here is (surprise, surprise) a den of sin with the girls all dressed (when they are wearing clothes) in angel or devil costume. Like Suzy Wong’s, the foam bat spanking action is in play to keep customers interacting with the action and there are some very attractive performers here.

It’s another high energy go-go bar in Phuket but prices are similar t o Suzy Wong’s and you can expect to pay through the nose for a bar fine with a hot model.

The Devil’s Playground is open daily from 7.30pm to 3.45am.

Ping Pong Shows

No mention of the nightlife in Phuket would be complete without a tip and a nod to the classic Thai ‘ping pong’ shows.

ping pong shows phuket
A classic Ping Pong show menu; ‘don’t worry, be happy’ indeed! Image via Flickr.

If you need it explaining to you then it’s probably not a good idea that you go accepting to say that you can expect some unusual entertainment. As well as ping pong balls you can also see some interesting acts with snakes, jumping goldfish and some quite unexpected props.

Some of the go-go bars and clubs will also run a ping pong show with our top pick being the Money Night Bar (or Secret Go Go) which is located on Soi Easy at the eastern end of Bangla Road.

Karaoke Bars/KTVs

Asian karaoke bars come in two distinct types; those that simply offer an evening of singing entertainment coupled with the company of a hostess (similar to those you might find in a bar) and those that offer more ‘intimate’ in-house entertainment.

There are quite a few karaoke bars on Phuket island and many operate services that are similar to a brothel. However, not all karaoke bars are farang-friendly nor can you assume that every karaoke bar offers sexual services. Whilst many do, sometimes the girls will simply tease or do everything short of full service. Often, it can be the luck of the draw as to what kind of girl you get in a private setting. Still, an evening in a private room with one or two pretty ladies can be a lot of fun and is a uniquely Asian experience.

Like the bar girls, a karaoke girls principle job is to provide entertainment and to keep customers happy so they stay longer and spend more on drinks. What they do in the private rooms is between you and them and most are reasonably happy to earn extra.

Do be warned though that between the room rental, drinks and whatever extras you receive, the cost of a night out in a karaoke can be quite pricey. Some naïve visitors to Phuket, believing everything to be cheap, have been known to run up bills in excess of 20,000-30,000 baht ($617-$927) by ordering way too much liquor and girls!!

Love Hotels

Love hotels are a unique phenomenon across Asia and reflect the fact that many people co-habit with ageing parents and extended families. In larger cities like Bangkok they are an essential way for young couples to get some privacy whilst courting. Essentially just a hotel/motel that rents rooms by the hour, love hotels can be found across Phuket.

Some are very basic indeed and you can expect to pay just a few hundred baht (less than $10) for a room for a few hours whist others are upmarket boutique style. The latter are more costly but do often provide additional facilities for your money.

If you are picking up a bar girl then she will know of the closest love hotels around the area. If you are more selective about where you want to go then it is best to check some out in advance.

Most love hotels will advertise their ‘short-time’ rates quite openly which are usually expressed by the hour on large signs.

Swinging Clubs

Swinging is technically illegal in Thailand and is not actually that popular among the locals; however, foreigners on holiday can and do find some action whilst in Phuket but most of this is organised privately through sites like:

There are no swingers clubs in Phuket.

Strip Clubs

Whilst some of the go-go bars offer a strip experience of sorts, the kind of western style ‘strip-tease’ is not common in Thailand. However, Phuket does have a couple of clubs where you can experience this kind of burlesque performance of even something more akin to a gentleman’s club.

Harem Gentleman’s Club

21/5-8 Soi Seadragon, Thanon Bangla, Pa Tong, Kathu District, Phuket 83150

One of the largest go go bars in Phuket, Harem is owned and operated by (you guessed it) the Suzy Wong’s Group. They opened the bar in 2015 with a view to offering an upscale version of the rest of their clubs. At Harem A Go Go, you can find some of the youngest dancers in Phuket and the entertainment is quite something, including some very gymnastic performances and even some faux girl-on-girl action. It’s got more of a laid-back and grown-up feel to it than their other clubs and, in some ways, is more like a gentleman’s lounge.

harem go go bar phuket
The Harem go-go bar is more high end and a little more mature than Suzy Wong’s. Image via website.

What the group have achieved here is the pickings of the best bits of some of their other clubs and delivered a premium go-go bar experience.

Prices are not the cheapest in town and if you want to bar fine one of the coyotes then you will be looking at 2600+ baht ($80).

The Harem Club is open daily from 8.00pm to 3.00am.

Moulin Rouge

5 T. A., Thanon Bangla, Kathu, Kathu District, Phuket 83150

A more traditional approach  to the strip tease, the setting in Moulin Rouge will be more familiar to most Westerners with its sumptuous interior of reds and golds, leather and velour and a stage with dancing poles; self-styled on luxury, comfort and cosiness.

Every 4th Wednesday, the Moulin Rouge puts on a classic, American-style, review show which combines a more elegant burlesque performance including chorus line and musical numbers. It is a refined show that is quite popular.

mouline rouge gentlemans club phuket
Interestingly, a lot of the dancers are Russian and not Thai. Image via website.

There is a crazy menu that guests can select from which include the ‘Ice Dance’ where you can lick the melting moisture of an ice cube rubbed on the skin of a dancer, straight from her body. Of course, there are VIP zones where guests can enjoy private performances.

The Moulin Rouge is open daily from 9.00pm to 4.00am.

Fetish Clubs & BDSM

There are no fetish or BDSM clubs in Phuket but there are a handful of professional mistresses in the town whom you can visit in their private dungeons.

Empress Lucy is perhaps the best known of these and has a well-equipped torture house that is air-conditioned and quite modern. She is skilled in the arts of Japanese bondage, forced feminization, whipping and caning as well as CBT.

Other FemDoms in the town include Baroness Dao as well as several escorts who provide BDSM and fetish services.


Of course, no guide to the sex scene of any Thai city would be complete without a mention of the ladyboys. Outside of Bangkok, Phuket is probably one of the most densely populated areas for kathoeys and you can find them in most of the adult entertainment venues.

Offering similar services to their female counterparts, ladyboys are a common sight in Phuket with many fooling the average farang into thinking they are real women.

You can find ladyboy hookers around the gay areas in Phuket, notably on Soi Paradise as well as around Soi Crocodile. The latter is known as Soi Kathoey due to the number of ladyboy bars and cabaret shows.

Though most go-go bars have at least one ladyboy working in them as there are no 100% dedicated ladyboy bars in Phuket. However, if you are specifically looking for ladyboys then try the beer bars on the ground floor around the Tiger Night Club on Bangla Road. Soi Freedom and Soi Sea Dragon are also known to be good areas to find ladyboys in the bars.

tiger bar phuket ladyboys
The beer bars around the Tiger Club attract a lot of ladyboys. Image via Flickr.

Christin Massage (see Erotic Massage Parlors, above) also has some ladyboys on staff who can provide you with intimate services.

Lastly, there are some good cabaret shows featuring some stunning kathoeys and where some are known to give spectators their contact number if they are paid the right attention:

  • Simon Cabaret, Kathu District
  • Aphrodite Cabaret, Kathu District
  • Moulin Rose, Bangla Road, Phuket

Street Prostitutes & Red-Light Districts

There are no official red-light districts in Phuket but Bangla Road, which runs off the main Thawewong Road opposite Patong Beach, is the main nightlife area for tourists. Here you will find the majority of bars and clubs as well as street hookers touting for business.

bangla road red light district phuket
Bangla Road is where you can find most of the best adult nightlife. Image via Wikipedia Commons.

In all honesty, you will find street prostitutes in Phuket wherever you find tourists and it is often a case of them coming to find you rather than the other way around. In general, hookers are easy to spot and picking up, for most guys, should be easier than falling off a log.

The price for a full service (short time) from the streets of Phuket generally starts at 400-500 baht ($12-$15) and can go up to 1500 baht ($46). The higher end of the scale will generally only be paid to the hottest working girls or paid by those men who are a bit ‘green’ when it comes to negotiating.

Sex Shops

Sex toys are technically illegal in Thailand and you wont find any chain stores of adult sex shops anywhere in Phuket.

There are several night markets in Phuket and there are always a handful of street traders who are selling fake enhancement products such as Cialis or Viagra as well as those that have knock-off sex toys. The prices on the streets can be quite expensive given what you are buying but remember that this is contraband; however, it will largely be cheaper than buying it online.

And online is really the only place where you will be able to get much of a choice. There aren’t any adult shops operating within Thailand but you can get items delivered to your from overseas. It is best to choose items that can be confused for a medical device and that the customs form details it as such as imports of this nature can sometimes be confiscated at the border. Look for devices like ‘massagers’ instead of vibrators.

Two good options in this part of Asia are Lazada and Ali Express; both are similar in style to an eBay type website and sell a lot of retail products at competitive prices. You can also try the Love Shop Phuket who also satisfy online orders specifically to this part of Thailand.

You can find lingerie stores in the town for some naughty nightwear and a few costumes with the best choice being Daughter of Eve (Heaven Lingerie), 36/15 Moo 3, Cherng Thalay, Talang District, Phuket 83110.

Featured image via Wikipedia Commons.