Portland Street HK: Red Light District Guide

Situated in the heart of the Mong Kok district of Hong King, parts of Portland Street are well known by tourists and locals alike for its red light activities.

From Dundas Street to Argyle Street the area is so synonymous with the sex trade that most locals passing through will assume that any and all women are prostitutes…

This area has a reputation for cheap sex and has an association for serving the working class. In our guide below, we’ll show you what to expect with a trip down Portland…

Our guide to the Portland HK red light district
Our guide to the Portland HK red light district

Portland Street HK: A Haven for Cheap Sex

You won’t find any high-end escorts working out of Portland Street but you can still find some young girls, attractive older women and all at much lower prices than elsewhere in the city.

Many people who have experienced Portland Street girls report that they are far more willing to please than other girls so you are likely to have any of your pleasures met in this area.

Because of its budget rates the place sounds much seedier than it is; however, the area around Portland is bustling with trade and is simply providing a supply and demand service. Due to the lower rates some of the establishments far from offer the best in facilities. However, there are plenty of places to choose from you should shop around.

Spotting the Sex Ads

Look for signs in the upper windows or on the entrance stairs which advertise (mainly in Chinese) women by ethnicity alongside a price. A Russian for instance might be priced at HKD 900 whilst a Thai girl will be around HKD 250.

That aside, the area itself is a hotspot of evening entertainment with plenty of eateries, shopping and bars so you don’t need to feel like an obvious monger if you just want to scope out the street.

Aside from the freelance opportunities on the street, there are one woman brothels, massage parlours, karaoke bars and nightclubs.

Meeting Prostitutes on Portland Street

Most of the venues that offer sex for sale will be made obvious by the photographs of scantily clad girls looking alluring.

If you end up staring at any of these for too long, then you can expect to be approached by someone who will try to entice you to try a free preview.

If you aren’t met downstairs and ushered to the upstairs room then you can simply head on up and follow the signs. Usually you will be greeted by a man who will ask you what you are looking for. Again, because the area caters mainly for the local trade it is worth knowing a little Chinese if you are after something specific (maybe have this written down); however, most people will speak just enough English to get a simple transaction underway.

You will be shown as many woman as are available until you decide on one before you will be shown to a room. Expect to be showered together before you get down to business. After the deed is done you can settle up outside and tipping is not essential though some of the more forward girls (mainly the Europeans) will ask for money.

Just remember that Portland Street is the mere portal to the red light district of Mong Kok and many of the side streets that lead off towards Nathan Road or west to Shanghai Street all have plenty of choice.

Dundas Street is one such diversion that should be made and includes the well recommended hostess bar, K-Pressure (37 Dundas Street). Argyle Street, Ting Choi Street, Sai Yeung Choi Street and Nelson Street are all well worth a wonder down and run off Portland Street.

A Street of Sex That Never Sleeps

The best part of Portland Street is that the girls are available 24 hours a day; in between the services offered at the saunas and massage parlours, the escorts and the brothels you will find a girl to satisfy your needs whatever time of day you need it.

As ever with Hong Kong, the website 141.com will let you browse prostitutes in any given area and Mong Kok is no exception. Simply filter to the relevant location and you will soon have a menu of the girls that are located nearby with pictures and bio plus prices.

Lastly, just be aware that Portland Street is pretty long and you can be back in tourist/commercial land before too long so don’t start approaching stray women on the street!

Have you visited Portland Street for adult thrills in HK?

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