Singapore Massage Health Centres: What To Expect Inside

The term health centre is synonymous in most parts of the world with either a walk-in medical practice or some kind of gym. But Singapore massage health centres are a place you can go to get some professional adult ‘attention’.

Curious to find out what goes on inside these venues?

In this guide, we will take a look at Singapore’s health centre culture, what you can expect to happen when you get there, and what you can expect to pay for the experience.

Inside Singapore Massage Health Centres
Singapore Health Centres: Sexy Fun? Here’s what to expect

Inside Singapore Massage Health Centres

Unlike brothels, there are no limits and restrictions place on health centres so you can find plenty of them in the city and many in extremely reputable areas including shopping malls as well 4 and 5 star hotels.

So, not just around the red lights of Geylang!

Most, especially the upmarket ones, offer a primary service of massage as well as reasonably good health facilities including spas, saunas and gymnasiums.

The level and quality of the extras are very much dependent upon the type of health centre you go to. So, how and why can you also get sex in a health centre?

And what is the difference between a SG health centre and an adult massage parlour?

Well, in both cases, the masseuses are paid very little for the actual massage (in most cases, as little as $10) so they are keen to get to the end of the session to provide you with a ‘special’ service.

What To Expect Inside a SG Health Centre

Health centres are not a part of any ‘underworld’ sex industry and many locals and tourists do use them for the purpose for which they are advertised.

With that said, you can guarantee that those advertised on sites like Locanto are going to be noticeably more extras-orientated!

Regulars visit them frequently to get a massage, use the gym and relax in the sauna so you can walk in without having to worry about being discreet.

When you arrive you will be asked to provide your details (usually your passport number) and to pay for your session up front.

You can pay by cash but it is also fine to use credit cards. Reception will not take any enquiries about exactly what you are expecting from you massage nor any ‘requests’ about the type of girl you would prefer.

Basically, you get the next lady in the queue so unless you want to wait around (which makes your intentions obvious) then you will simply have to state the time you want your massage and then go and enjoy the facilities.

Once you have your allotted time scheduled in you will go to a locker room and remove all or your clothes so you are wearing just a towel. You can then relax and wait in the spa or whatever is available until your number is called. In some of the larger and more posh venues you can even get a haircut whilst you wait.

When your number is called you will be directed or shown to a room where you will wait for your masseuse. Depending on the quality of the establishment you could expect anyone from a pretty, young Asian girl to a larger and older Russian.

It is likely that she will ask you if you would like a drink but, given that your appointment time is usually a standard 45 minutes then it is advisable to decline.

The rooms are basic by design and accommodate either a table or mattress on the floor and you should be aware that by law the doors are left unlocked and the walls are very thin.

When it comes to the massage, you can expect a standard service; some girls are quite good whilst others are appalling at providing anything better than simple technique. Most will try and get the massage over with quite quickly (between 15 and 30 minutes) so they can ask if you would like anything ‘special’.

This is the moment of truth and, if you have been lucky enough to get a decent looking masseuse then you can choose whatever kind of extra service you would like; from a hand job to full sex with a condom.  Rates are dependent on each girl but you can expect to pay:

  • $30-50 for hand relief;
  • $80 for a naked body slide and hand relief
  • $80-100 for a blow job
  • $100-150 for intercourse

The women at most health centres will provide, at very least, hand relief as a special service but only about 2/3 will go further. Remember though, you will have to pay the girl in cash.

You should be aware that the practice of providing sex services in a health centre do contravene the local laws on prostitution and, as such, using one does put you at risk of being involved in any anti-vice squad raids that may be planned. Whilst the biggest risk is for the individual masseuse or the establishment it can be an embarrassing and awkward, as well as inconvenient, situation.

It is strongly advised that when you sign in at the front desk that you do so with your official and correct ID as failure to do so can land you in a lot of hot water. Raids are rare and many of the upmarket centres seem to be exempt as long as practices by the girls are discreet.

Additionally, because the girls are not licensed by the government they do not have to the same health checks and you run a greater risk of catching an STD.

So, using a health centre is completely free of any stigma but you can take advantage of the side benefits that they offer…if you are prepared for the potential risks.

Don’t want to spend your time cruising through massage health centres to get your end away? You can always try hooking up in Singapore – it’s not easy, but it comes without the taboo of using a health centre!

Have you visited a Singapore health centre?

Let us know your experiences.