Singapore Brothels

If you’ve set foot in the red light district of Geylang, chances are you’ve passed by several brothels where sex is sold to a variety of willing customers, including locals, tourists and expats.

Even the busy throng of Orchard Road plays host to brothels; you just need to know where to find them.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at the Singapore brothels scene, as well as popular hot spots for buying sex, and what a prostitute has to do to be able to sell adult services legally.

Our guide to Singapore Brothels
Our guide to Singapore Brothels

Are Singapore Brothels Legal?

Technically, no.

In some places, yes.

In most cases… you will be fine to use them, so long as the establishment has not ticked off the police by using underage prostitutes, or by hiring women who have overstayed visas, or by flagrantly advertising in non-designated areas.

By letter of the law, living on the earnings of a prostitute (pimping) and/or maintaining a brothel is illegal.

However, incidents of arrests occurring at these venues due to prostitution alone are very rare.

The sex trade is tolerated, if frowned upon culturally.

Geylang Brothels

The brothels in Geylang are the most famous in Singapore’s adult industry, and together form one of the most notorious red light districts in all of Asia.

The surrounding bars and clubs are a popular place to hookup in Singapore, but it’s the roaring sex trade that gets the most attention here.

The area is full of Asian prostitutes and migrant sex workers; many coming straight from Thailand, Korea or Cambodia. There’s a large number of Indonesian women too.

Women will line the street wearing heavy makeup and outfits that are almost impossible to confuse with ordinary non-working Singaporean ladies.

If you pick up a hooker here, you will take her back to one of the local brothels, or to a nearby ‘love hotel’.

A love hotel is short-stay accommodation that turns a blind eye to the comings and goings of a prostitute and her clients. The rooms are often small, cramped and — let’s just say — unlikely to appear in a five star review on Trip Advisor.

These brothels are where the working class SG men will buy sex, too.

All brothels and sex houses located in the designated zone south of Geylang Road (from Lorong 2 all the way to Lorong 30) are legal.

The even-numbered Lorongs are the legal brothels.

Any prostitute providing services in this area will be issued with a special certificate which allows her to ply her trade.

In return, she must carry a health card at all times and agree to regular medical checks. Licensed prostitutes are not allowed to solicit sex by the roadside, or in any of the hotel lobbies in the area (a popular tactic of unlicensed sex workers and freelance escorts).

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The Four Floors of Whores

Orchard Towers, situated on the corner of Claymore Road and Orchard Road, holds the notorious nickname: ‘Four Floors of Whores’.

See this video clip of the building for a sneak peek!

(Although some will shorten it to simply, Four Floors.)

By day, this 18-story office building is a hub of shops, offices and commercial units. By night, it turns in to one of Singapore’s top red light destinations.

The ‘four floors’ refers to the spread of entertainment venues that — by night time — becomes host to a slew of prostitutes, mostly from other parts of Asia, but with many Eastern European and Russian girls too.

In these bars, you will find the women outnumbering the men by a significant margin.

Clients will enjoy a few drinks after work whilst talking ‘shop’ with the ladies, most of whom will make the first move. If you didn’t know any better, you’d have Singapore down as some kind of lazy man’s paradise. The girls are direct. They are certainly not shy.

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Of course, these women have a different motive for making that first move.

They want to get paid.

The bars of Ipanema, Harry’s, Top 5 and Naughty Girl are seen as a shop-floor for the nearby brothels and love hotels. You get many freelance escorts ‘working’ here, too.

If you plan to visit the Four Floors of Whores, be prepared to pay slightly more than a hooker would cost in Geylang or Chinatown.

These girls are out to attract the high-flying city crowd, and business/executive clients, so the costs will rise accordingly.

Also, be aware that Orchard Towers is a popular crawling ground for Singapore’s trans escorts. If she doesn’t seem feminine, or there’s something a little masculine, well… there might be a good reason for that.

Location of the infamous Four Floors of Whores:

Keong Siak Brothels

Keong Siak Road (known as Keong Saik Gai in Chinese) is part of Singapore Chinatown and represents a throwback to how prostitution used to be in SG.

The area was once synonymous with three-storey townhouse brothels that ran along both sides of the narrow street.

These days, most of the brothels are gone — but a couple still remain.

It is said that the last 2 remaining Keong Siak brothels are located either side of the Foong Kee Coffeeshop (House 8 and 6A/B). Inside, the brothels look much the same as they did in the 1960s, representing a nostalgic throwback for any punter who remembers Singapore prostitution prior to Geylang’s takeover of the red light district.

Location of Keong Siak Road:

Massage Parlours and Tui Na Shops

Besides the brothels around Orchard, Geylang and Chinatown, it’s an open secret that many of Singapore’s massage parlours have their own menus of extras and special services: including full sex, handjobs, and oral.

There is a whole sector of ‘Health Centres‘ that provide these services.

Blowjobs and handjobs are the most common extras.

This also goes for many of the Tui Na parlours, which may advertise a perfectly innocuous looking service with talk of ‘rejuvenating massage’… but is often a cover for the main event, which will reveal itself about 20 minutes in to the massage.

When your masseuse’s hands start to stray and she asks you to turn over…

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