Geylang Brothels: Inside Singapore’s Red Light District

Whilst prostitution is legal in Singapore’s sex industry, there are elements of it that are not – soliciting sex, running a brothel and living off the earnings of a brothel are all illegal. So it pays to understand the red light district to avoid any unwanted attention.

The Geylang brothels sit in a township on the eastern edge of the central area of city that is renowned as ba hub for sex workers. There is a designated zone that lies south of Geylang Road which starts at Lorong 2 and ends at Lorong 30.

In this zone, prostitutes may operate legally.

Each working girl in this area is issued with a special certificate that allows them to operate; however, they are still not allowed to solicit sex or pick-up trade in hotel lobbies.

The ‘Geylang brothels’ (like all of those in Singapore) are easily identifiable in the area due to the large, illuminated, red numbers that are displayed on boxes outside the residences.

There are many genuine residences along the same stretch and the occupants, to avoid embarrassment and confusion, often put up signs in both Chinese and English stating that they are ‘Private Residences’.

Geylang red light district
Geylang red light district at night. Image via Blemished Paradise.

Lorong is Malay for lane and it is down many of these little side streets that you will find smaller brothels with cheaper options, as well as plenty of bars representing one of the best chances of a hookup in Singapore.

The official brothels operate from the even numbered Lorongs so if you find yourself tempted by a venue on an odd numbered Lorong then you could be running out naked if they are subjected to a raid!

What You Can Expect From Geylang Brothels

Most of these ‘brothels’ operate from 12.30pm to midnight and operate a walk up system. When you enter the house you will be met by a receptionist who will serve you with a drink whilst you make your decisions.

Some houses have a selection of girls that they will try to tempt you with but if you are after something specific such as race, size and skills then they will try to phone around to find someone to match.

This can take a while and in the meantime they will of course try to ‘sell’ the services of their own girls. You are under no obligation to select one of the girls they offer but you may wait less time if you do.

Once you have found your match you will be lead to a room where you will be given a bath by your hostess. You may well be offered a massage but the service is usually secondary to the sex and is not a compulsory or standard part of the service.

Most women will not do anal sex and will expect to use a condom. Standard times for a full service is 45 minutes though you should be upfront about this with the reception staff before committing as there are some brothels that have a maximum time of 30 minutes.

Price of Sex in the Geylang Red Light District

Customers can expect to pay between $100-200 for full sex at one of the Geylang brothels depending upon the quality, age and beauty of the hostess. Some of the side streets will even offer a full service for as little as $50.

There are usually a good mix of Asian beauties from Chinese to Thai, Vietnamese to Indonesian. There are also a wide range of other ethnic prostitutes from Indian to European, Sri Lankans to Japanese. If you have a preference, then the chances are that one of these houses will be able to cater for you.

Payment at most brothels is cash only and some will accept US dollars but at a poor conversion rate.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ATMs along the Geylang Road.

brothels of Lorong 18 off Geylang Road
The brothels of Lorong 18 off Geylang Road, Singapore. Image via Blemished Paradise.

When it comes to services and facilities in Geylang, these can vary by house and you will need to be up front about what you want before you settle down to choose a hostess.

Many women will offer only the very basic of services including oral, hand or straight sex so if you are looking for something kinky then you may have to shop around. Don’t forget that most sessions are strictly limited for time so again be prepared to negotiate on time as well as price.

Because the brothels along the Geylang Road are legal and operate with a license most have good facilities including modern baths or showers and quality beds that get regular cleaning.

You can expect to get what you pay for so shop around and be bold enough to look before you buy.

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