Sugar Dating in Singapore: How The Arrangement Works

Sugar Dating in Singapore

Interested to know more about how sugar dating works? It is estimated that around 4.5% of Singapore’s population are millionaires but having money doesn’t mean you’re happy. With many of these remaining single in order to protect their wealth, it’s no surprise that many of the country’s richest people see sugaring as a sensible alternative … Read more

Geylang Brothels: Inside Singapore’s Red Light District

Geylang red light district

Whilst prostitution is legal in Singapore’s sex industry, there are elements of it that are not – soliciting sex, running a brothel and living off the earnings of a brothel are all illegal. So it pays to understand the red light district to avoid any unwanted attention. The Geylang brothels sit in a township on … Read more

Singapore Massage Health Centres: What To Expect Inside

SG Health Centres

The term health centre is synonymous in most parts of the world with either a walk-in medical practice or some kind of gym. But Singapore massage health centres are a place you can go to get some professional adult ‘attention’. Curious to find out what goes on inside these venues? In this guide, we will … Read more

Singapore Hookups: The Best Ways to Get Laid in SG

guide to One Night Stands, NSA fun and pickup bars in Singapore.

Nicknamed the Lion City, Singapore is an exciting metropolis that caters for all kinds of entertainment. Including one night stands. The island state is diverse in western and eastern culture and offers a range of pubs, clubs and restaurants that can keep anyone entertained for an evening. But with such a dizzying choice of venues … Read more