Sugar Dating in Singapore: How The Arrangement Works

Interested to know more about how sugar dating works?

It is estimated that around 4.5% of Singapore’s population are millionaires but having money doesn’t mean you’re happy. With many of these remaining single in order to protect their wealth, it’s no surprise that many of the country’s richest people see sugaring as a sensible alternative to dating. A professional agreement between consenting adults, a sugar relationship can bring enormous benefits to both parties.

In this feature we take a closer look at the sugar dating scene in Singapore. From why it’s prevalent in this part of Asia to how these arrangements are set up, we’ll give you a full guide to how it all works and where to get started.

The Economics of Sugaring in Singapore

There’s nothing new about sugar relationships; an older man (or woman) supporting a younger and hot companion in exchange for dates and intimacy has always been a thing.

Known as sugar babies, these younger companions are often called gold diggers but the truth is that sugar dating makes a lot of sense, particularly in Singapore.

The country is well known for attracting a lot of affluent individuals, often businessmen (and women) who have little or no time for dating. Yet just because they are mega-wealthy doesn’t mean that they don’t get mega lonely.

why is Sugar Dating popular in Singapore
Singapore is home to a vast amount of wealth but many of the rich are single. Image via Pixabay.

On the other hand, Singapore is also home to a population of 5.7 million people, a large proportion of whom aren’t earning mega-bucks.

Quite the opposite, the nation has long suffered from a high-income inequality with the top 10% of its residents earning more than $15k per month. Yet, at the other end of the spectrum we have the bottom 10th decile who bring in less than $600 per month!

Outside of Africa and developing nations, this is one of the widest disparities of wealth distribution in the world…..apart from in the United States.

So, the economics of sugaring makes perfect sense; there’s a supply and demand for both services but are there any downsides to sugar dating?

A Controversial Alternative to Traditional Dating?

According to data released by the sugar dating company SugarBook, Sugar babies earn an average of $2,500 per month. Often consisting of money which is contributed towards supporting their lifestyle which can include rent payments and college tuition fees, it’s easy to see why young women (and men) are attracted to the idea.

From the perspective of single mothers, students and low-income singletons the solution to a better lifestyle is obvious.

All arrangements are different but sugar daddies (and mommies) often pay a regular sum of money to help fund their companions regular commitments. But not only this, they will pay for expensive meals, dates, international travel and even lavish them with luxury gifts.

Recent reports in the media identified a 28 year old Malaysian woman who claimed to be earning over $10,000 per months from her sugar daddy.

Not an isolated incident, there are dozens of reports of both men and women who earn a pretty decent income by becoming sugar babies.

sugar daddies singapore
What’s in it for the sugar daddies? Image via PxHere.

And what about the wealthy sugar mommies and daddies who are paying for all this, what do they get out of the arrangement?

Well, there’s plenty of benefits for wealthy men and women looking for a sugar baby.

First of all, they get to choose a partner without having to go through any time-consuming dating processes. By signing up to a sugar dating site, they can pick and choose a  good looking and young date to become their regular girlfriend/boyfriend.

And unlike a traditional partner, their sugar baby is pretty much at their beck and call. Or, at very least, they are available on select days at select times.

In short, sugar daddies and mommies get as much of a full-time relationship as they want without any of the strings or hang-ups of dating.

They get someone to attend functions with them, travel with them and to relax and have downtime with. They get all of the intimacy of having a steady partner BUT with the benefit of having their own personal space; no questions asked!

Another benefit for sugar daddies and mommies is that they get to play a role in helping someone who doesn’t have the same opportunities that they have. Yes, it might like a cop-out but actually many sugar daddies and mommies express this as one of their prime motives for sugar dating.

Being able to help out someone they build a bond with can be a really satisfying way to have a relationship.

Obviously the main way they can do this is by paying them money but many more go above and beyond this by helping their sugar babies to network at higher levels, developing their future plans and nurturing their dreams.

And lastly, a lot of sugar daddies and mommies are very wealthy and know that with their kind of money they will attract a lot of genuine gold diggers. By engaging in sugaring, they take this fear out of the equation by putting it at the very heart of their relationships.

sugar dating singapore
Sugar dating brings many benefits for both parties. Image via Pixabay.

But surely, all this is just a form of prostitution, right?

Well, this is where it gets controversial.

At its heart, sugar dating is the exchange of money (or equivalent gifts and donations) for companionship. In this way, it very much sounds exactly like a kind of escorting arrangement. And when you consider that many sugar dates involve sexual relations then there doesn’t seem to be much of a gray area. Even where sugar daddies/mommies don’t have sex with their sugar babies, there is the implicit exchange of intimacy for cash.

However, those involved in sugar dating see things very differently.

Yes, sex in a sugar relationship happens but most sugar babies report that physical intimacy happens naturally. They believe that, unlike a prostitute, they have more control about whether this activity happens or not. At the end of the day, both parties in a sugaring arrangement have the power to make decisions about what happens and when.

Whether you believe that or not is up to you but it’s pretty easy to make judgements and suppositions from the outside looking in.

So, wherever you stand on this controversial issue, sugar dating in Singapore is here to stay and plenty of people are benefiting from it. Could you?

Sugar Dating in Singapore: How Does it Work?

Contrary to popular belief, sugar dating doesn’t always involve lecherous old men in their 70s and young women in their 20s.

Quite the opposite.

A lot of modern sugar relationships involve individuals who are a lot closer in age. After all, it’s not the difference in years which defines this kind of dating.

And another twist on the stereotype is that plenty of women become sugar mommies too.

What is true is that one party is wealthier than the other, often considerably more so. However, you don’t have to be mega rich to be a sugar daddy or sugar mommy.

All arrangements are different and whilst some sugar babies expect a regular allowance of thousands of dollars, others are happy to be paid by the date.

The key is to find a suitable companion and to hammer out the details of how you both see the relationship working.

Most people start with a professional match making service which specializes in sugar dating (see below).

The best of these requires a paid membership up front for which you get a kind of concierge service. You will often be required to prove your earnings in advance.

You will then provide the details of your ideal match to your personal matchmaking assistant along with any stipulations you have.

singapore sugar dating
Sugar dating: who’s your ideal match? Image via Pixabay.

On a basic level you’ll be matched with a physical type along with any personality traits you have indicated as desirable. It could be that you are looking for an adventurous, non-smoking, athletic Asian women in her 20s who is educated to a degree standard.

You then might have indicated that you are looking to support someone up to $3,000 per month and for this you would like to see them three times a week for dates and some travel.

Once you have agreed the match, your details will be put forward to the potential sugar baby for them to agree.

If they do, then you’ll be put in contact with one another.

Usually this is where the agency steps back and lets the two of you come to your own arrangements.

Some agencies run background checks on all of their candidates whilst others simply do some basic identity checks.

Depending on your level of wealth and your own personal preference, you may like to run your own checks on any potential sugar baby.

If you don’t want to use a sugar dating website then there are some alternatives such as using a regular casual dating service. The downsides are that the members here may be looking for a real relationship.

Sugar babies themselves can register on most sites for free (or at reduced rates) and they can either wait to be matched or have their details sent to any suitable candidates.

As far as making an arrangement is concerned, there is no blueprint for a suitable or successful agreement. Instead, you will need to talk to each other about your individual expectations and requirements and lay these down from the outset.

singapore sugar dating sites
Using a specialist sugar dating site can take the hard work out of finding your ideal match. Image via SugarBook.

Are these agreements legally binding? The short answer is no but if you want to continue a relationship then the terms must be being met by both parties. If they aren’t then one or the other will simply terminate the relationship.

As for whether sugar babies need to declare their incomes, the area becomes a little gray again. It depends on the financial jurisdictions you report to and Singapore doesn’t have any specific terms for sugaring revenue. In the US for instance, it is essential that you declare your sugaring income as failure to do so can result in criminal prosecution for money laundering.  

Best Sugar Dating Sites to Use in Singapore

So, where would you go to find a sugar date in Singapore?

Although sugaring isn’t all that new, the way sugar babies find their daddies (and mommies) has certainly changed over the last thirty years.

These days, the only solid way to find yourself a suitable match is using a reputable sugaring website.

There are quite a few which operate internationally and these are particularly suitable for wealthy individuals who can afford the separate arrangement fees.

However, not every sugar mommy or daddy in Singapore is loaded but sugaring might still be an option. In these instances, it might just pay to use a casual dating website instead. As long as you make your intentions clear then it can be relatively easy to find a suitable match this way.

And because of the prevalence of sugar dating in Singapore, there are a lot of people who use these sites already to offer their sugar baby services.

In some instances, you might need to read between the lines but in most cases, it’s pretty obvious.

Good luck with your search, we hope you find what you’re looking for…


best sugar dating sites singapore sugarbook

SugarBook was launched in 2016 by the Asian entrepreneur Darren Chan and has been operating in Singapore since 2017.

It is estimated that around 3% of the company’s membership is registered in Singapore and the business has seen a huge rise in the number of signups from university students during the Covid19 outbreak.

Students tend to use the service in order to find a wealthy benefactor to help support their studies. Many are looking for money to cover tuition fees and rent with some being single parents and needing an income to help cover childcare costs.

Beyond the need for financial assistance, most are simply looking for a genuine connection and there’s a good mix of experienced and brand new sugar babies here to have a browse through.

All members can sign up for a free account but in order to communicate with other users you’ll need to verify your identity and upgrade your subscription.

This costs $39.95 per month but sugar babies who are students can get free membership if they sign up using their university email address.

SugarBook is also available as an App which does make it very easy to use and we found that you’re more likely to make successful connections if you can respond quickly to messages. This means if you can take your account with you on the move then you can stay up to date with new activity.

Overall, this is one of the most popular sugaring sites currently in use around Singapore. With the free signup for students sugar daddies and mommas have a huge pool of young and attractive sugar babies to choose from.

Dates are most certainly sweeter when you’ve made your connection through SugarBook!

Seeking Arrangement

best sugar dating sites singapore seeking

Launched in 2006, Seeking Arrangement has been one of the top sugar dating websites around for over a decade.

Popular in the United States and Europe as well right here in Asia, the site caters exclusively for wealthy men and women looking for the perfect arrangement.

One of the nice selling points about Seeking Arrangement is that its members can get fully verified including background checks on criminal records, international warrants and obviously identity fraud. This goes a long way to reassuring potential sugar dates that you are a legitimate candidate.

Due to the demand in this area, the company has a dedicated customer service team located in Singapore and they are personally on hand to make sure that members get satisfaction from this platform.

The company does report that the average member will find an ideal match on the site within five days.

Like many sites, initial registration is free but this doesn’t give you much functionality. Instead, you will need a premium membership in order to communicate with other members.

Monthly costs here are expensive compared to the competition at $89.95 per month but with fast and great results they do seem to warrant this steeper cost.

Some believe that keeping the price high does mean that only serious sugar daddies and mommas actually use the service.

Oh and just like with SugarBook sugar babies who are students can get free premium access if they use their university emails to register.

We think Seeking Arrangement is another top sugaring site for anyone looking in Singapore but you won’t be looking long with this premium site.

Secret Benefits

best sugar dating sites singapore secret benefits

Launched in 2015 and massively popular in Europe, North America and Australia Secret Benefits is another dating site specifically designed to match wealthy men with attractive women.

One of the selling points with this site is that its free for sugar babies to use PLUS there are no set monthly fees.

Instead, you simply pay for the features on the site that you want to use with credits that you buy in bundles.

Credits will enable you to:

  • Open and initiate conversations
  • Open private albums
  • Browse member profiles in stealth mode

$59 will buy you around 100 credits and depending on how many people you want to chat with, this should (typically) last you 4-8 weeks.

Remember though that the ladies don’t have to pay to open conversations as this is paid for the guys.


best sugar dating sites singapore sugardaddymeet

Operating since 2007 SugarDaddyMeet is more well known in North America than here is Asia but due to the fact that many individuals in this area relocate and travel to Singapore, it is beginning to get more of a coverage here.

Similar to both Seeking Arrangement and SugarBook, the site is all about matchmaking verified sugar babies with certified sugar daddies.

The only downside with this site is that it ONLY caters for wealthy men looking for single younger women. Sorry sugar mommas, this one’s not for you.

In total, the site has over a million guys and four million ladies registered on their books.

Although you can register an account for free you will need a Premium membership to contact other users. The current costs for this are $50 per month.


best sugar dating sites singapore 4sd

This luxury sugar dating site is aimed at attractive men and women who are seeking wealthy partners.

With international coverage, it is popular with business people and they have a decent selection of members who are based in Singapore.

Reviews for 4SD are very favorable and members report a high level of success when finding a match for them. There are also zero reports of any fakery on here and we couldn’t find any negative reviews where members found dates to be bogus.

In fact, the only negatives we could find about using 4SD was that deleting or deactivating your account isn’t easy. Unfortunately this does mean that there are a lot of profiles on this site which are no longer in use; not fake, just no longer update.

Overall, the site offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we think it should be pretty easy for sugar babies, daddies and mommies to find a match here.


best sugar dating sites singapore c date

Operating since 2008 and with a huge global membership, C-Date is one of the largest hook up sites around.

In total, there are more than 36 milion profiles registered on their database and although plenty of these are inactive or not serious, it does mean this is a huge pool to choose from.

It’s not a sugar dating site specifically but people on here aren’t really looking for a serious relationship. Instead, C-Date is known for being a flirty kind of dating website for people looking for fun.

This makes it an ideal place to search for a more casual arrangement and if you don’t like the idea of a formal sugar relationship this could be a great place to start.

What we like about C-Date is that unlike a lot of hookup sites the gender ratio here is pretty balanced.

Registration is free but you really won’t get much luck here unless you upgrade to a Premium membership. When you do, users report a 72% success rate of getting a response to their private messages within seven days.

A useful alternative to a sugar dating site, you will need to do a lot of your own background research here.

Asian Match Mate

best sugar dating sites singapore asian matchmate

Another site which isn’t exactly geared towards sugar dating but where you can find plenty of casual encounters just waiting to happen.

Asian Match Mate covers an international community of more than 700 million members and operates 30 different sub-sites, each catering to a different dating niche.

The result is a huge pool of potential partners and here in Singapore there is good coverage.

There’s a good mix of profiles on here with many singles looking for fun as well as those lonely hearts looking for love.

Somewhere in the middle you can find men and women who are seeking a more regular approach to a casual relationship. And this is where you sugar babies, daddies and mommies will need to be canny.

Yes, you’ll need to broach the idea of the sugar relationship directly and approaching this on a site like Asian Match Mate does it make it more tricky.

However, the site is free to use (great for cash-strapped sugar babies) and has a massive reach and coverage.

For the sugar daddies and mommies, we would recommend upgrading your account to Gold which costs around $20 per month. This way you can get to message members first and your profile will appear at the top of any searches.

Asia Friend Finder

best sugar dating sites singapore asia friend finder

And finally, we have another popular singles dating website in Asia.

Just like Asia Match Mate, this platform is a real mixed bag of men and women who are looking for love, casual hookups and more.

Registering for a profile here is completely free which does allow you to do some basic searching. However, if you want to get the best out of this service and start communicating with other members then you’ll need to pay for a subscription.

Monthly membership will cost you around $14.99 or you can upgrade to GOLD for around $18.99. This means your profile will come up higher than those of other members in searches plus you can access all private videos intros.

You can get pretty specific with your search criteria and narrow down your results to physical appearance, education and interests. However, you can’t filter your searches by kind of relationship being sought.

This does mean that you will need to do all of your own leg work to find a suitable sugar baby but some profiles do make this a lot easier, particularly in Singapore.

Featured image via Hippo PX.