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Our goal is to bring you a candid and accurate guide to the best adult entertainment options across the Asian continent.

We look at each country’s adult industry quirks: from porn-viewing trends, to prostitution laws, to unique X-rated services that you might find on your travels.

From the bizarre image clubs and soaplands of Tokyo, to the 500-year-old red light districts of China, to the rampant neon lit sois of Bangkok… Asia is a melting pot of fascinating and diverse sex industries.

Our curated guides take you through the good, bad and ugly of Sex in Asia. We also bring you the best from around the web, including everything from Asian webcams, to top rated porn, dating sites, hookup apps and more. Enjoy! 😉

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Country Guides

These are no ordinary country guides. Our researchers have gone undercover to compile everything you need to know about the red-lit sexy side of Asia.

Discover each country’s adult industry trends, prostitution laws, traditional adult services, porn viewing figures, local ways to hook up, and much more. As you might expect, these vary dramatically across the spectrum of Asia’s conservative and liberally minded destinations.

We currently have 14 country guides and over 55,000 words of country-specific insights.

City Guides

We have spent 100s of hours compiling the most comprehensive guides to adult services in Asia’s major hubs. Get the lowdown on cities as far apart as Delhi and Tokyo, Manila and Beijing.

Discover the most popular adult entertainment: from erotic massage parlours to strip clubs and go-go bars. Learn about local crazes, such as the soaplands and blowjob bars of Tokyo, or the KTVs of Hong Kong. We reveal the good, bad and ugly of the adult industry across Asia.

We currently have 18 city guides and over 60,000 words of city-specific insights.

The Best Adult Asian Websites

Our location based guides are a great way to explore Asia on the ground, but there’s a big wide world out there called… the Internet.

Here we bring you the best adult Asian websites on the net. From the hottest Asian pornstars, to the most popular Asian webcam sites, plus various niche interests such as futanari, hentai and JAV.

Our guide to the Best Asian Websites is a must-visit if you have a passion for all things Asia. 😉

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