Jeju Loveland: South Korea’s Island of Love

Fancy visiting a Korean theme park or museum dedicated entirely to sex?

Located around 60 miles south of the Korean mainland, Jeju Island is one of the most popular adult tourist destinations in South Korea.

It is an idyllic spot that attracts visitors from across Asia including Japan and China as well as plenty of Australians and some Europeans. As well as offering hiking, horse-riding and cultural delights, the breath-taking volcanic coastline is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Jeju Island is also the most fashionable place for Koreans to spend their honeymoon so it should perhaps come as no surprise to find that the island is also home to an adult theme park and a huge museum dedicated to sex.

In this guide to Jeju Loveland, we give you a guided tour of the park and museum plus all of the information you need to make this an excursion you won’t forget.

Jeju Loveland: What Is The Island of Love?

Before we hit the highlights, we thought we’d share some cultural background about just why Jeju has a reputation for being the island of love.

Back in the 1970s when travel restrictions were being imposed on this part of Asia, Jeju became THE honeymoon destination for newlywed Koreans. The combination of its proximity to the mainland, a warm climate and picturesque coastal villages made it an obvious choice.

jeju island of love
Jeju Island.

At the time, the culture of Korea meant that many of these couples had entered into an arranged marriage; the result was that their time away together could sometimes be quite awkward.

The country has come a long way over the last few decades and it’s now common to see casual dating and hooking up in the major metropolises, as we’ve detailed here for Seoul.

But that wasn’t always the case.

The hotels catering for these post-nuptial couples were quick to provide a solution and began offering professional ‘icebreakers’ to help these freshly married pairs to get to know each other. They also arranged appropriate entertainment to help keep the romantic juices flowing.

It also quickly became obvious that the combined carnal knowledge of most of these couples could be written on the back of a stamp and the locals became adept at offering sexual advice.

Over time, Jeju has become an unofficial destination of sexual education and the fact that the island is now home to two huge tourist attractions to celebrate this is no surprise.

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Loveland: Jeju Island’s Theme Park of Sex

Jeje Loveland is an open-air, sex-themed sculpture park with two indoor exhibition spaces.

An erotic and modern celebration of all things sexual, this tourist attraction features more than 140 pieces of artwork. Some are downright lewd whilst others are more subtle or humorous but each celebrates the culture of sex.

jeju island loveland sex park
If only all drinking fountains were like this?! Image via Loveland.

The park was opened in 2004 and was granted official museum and art status by the Republic of Korea in 2007.

As tourist numbers have increased, Loveland has since been certified as a National Museum, an Excellent Art Museum and an official part of the Tourism Business of Korea.

As well as offering a unique outdoor space to enjoy 3D art forms, Loveland also runs various events and exhibitions in their museum space to showcase the erotic art of other Asian countries. Recent displays include a collection of adult toys and some highly imaginative artworks that celebrate diversity in sexuality.

jeju island loveland sex museum
The indoor erotic art museum has permanent and temporary exhibitions.

The park is open daily and doesn’t close until after dark; in fact, it is in the twilight hours that Loveland experiences a peak in visitor numbers. As the saucy sculptures and adult artworks become illuminated, the park really comes to life.

There’s a great souvenir and art shop on site as well as cafe and other visitor facilities. All in all, you are going to want to spend a couple of hours here and take plenty of selfies.

Visitor Information For Loveland

If you are heading to Jeju Island then you really can’t miss an opportunity to see this place for yourself.

Opening Hours

The park is open daily from 9.00am until midnight; however, last admissions to Loveland are at 11.00pm.

It is recommended that you allow at least 40 minutes to view all of the park’s exhibits but we would suggest around two hours to fully appreciate everything on offer.

jeju island korea's sex park
If you can, visit the park after dark for the full effect. Image via Loveland (Facebook).

Ticket Prices

Tickets for Loveland are priced at KRW 12,000 which is roughly $10. Please note that visitors to Loveland must be aged 18 or over. With this in mind, there is an anime-themed place you can ‘park’ the kids whilst you head inside; Kidstown, situated in the 7-11 at the front of the park.

If you pre-book tickets using the website then you can get a 21% discount or even greater if you buy tickets to other Jeju Island attractions.

Discounts are available for groups of over 30 people, senior citizens or the disabled.


Loveland is situated in the north of Jeju Island, about 2 miles south of the International airport in the Yeon-dong shopping district. You can easily access the park by public transport and the closest stop is the Jeju Museum of Art. Alternatively, you can grab a taxi from the capital, Jeju-si for around $10.

Contact Details

You can find more information about Jeju’s Loveland via the website (English language) or you can contact the park owners on +82-64-712-6988.

Finally, don’t forget to follow Loveland on Instagram and Facebook for the latest information and saucy selfies!

jeju island sex theme park
It’s not every newlywed couple who want to pose in front of a giant depiction of gloryhole sex. Image via Facebook.

Museum of Sex & Health

To the south of Jeju is another of the island’s homages to the erotic, a five-hectare park with over 1,000 pieces of erotic art and more than 3,000 books on sex and sexual health. This is Jeju’s Museum of Sex & Health, perhaps the largest museum of its kind in the world.

jeju island sex and health museum
The Sex & Health Museum is an eye-opener. Image via website.

Whilst many of its exhibits are pretty pornographic, the aim of the venue is to preserve the culture of sexuality through art and education.

Just like Loveland, there is a lot of outdoor space here with large sculptures that are particularly popular when illuminated by night but the gem for visitors is the huge, one-hectare, museum building itself.

Combing modern and traditional culture with science and fantasy, the museum celebrates all manner of eroticism including art, storytelling and high-tech, interactive displays. It’s a honeypot of a sexual adventure and breaks any stereotype you may have about the cultural taboos here in Korea.

And the artifacts don’t just give you an insight into the Asian culture of sex with exhibits covering Africa, Inca and Europe too.

The museum was founded in 2006 and has become an official center of tourism on the island and has won plenty of awards to prove its popularity.

The Museum of Sex & Health

The museum has good visitor facilities including a store, cafe and gallery. As well as the permanent collections that they house, there is also a variety of exhibitions and events being run throughout the year including the annual Korean Eroticism Art Exhibition.

Opening Hours

The Museum of Sex & Health is open daily from 9.00am and closes at 7.00pm (November to February) and 8.00pm (March to October).

Ticket Prices

Prices for admission are the same as Loveland and will cost you KRW 12,000 (approx. $10) though there are discounts groups of 20 or more plus senior citizens and disabled people.


Located in the south of Jeju Island, the Museum of Sex & Health can be found at 1611 Iljuseo-ro, Andeok-myeon.

jeju island sex museum
From education and culture to fantasy and tech, the museum covers it all. Image via website.

Contact Details

You can find further information on the Museum of Sex & Health by visiting their website or contacting them on +82-64-792-5700.

They also run very popular Instagram and Facebook accounts where you can find plenty of images of the exhibits and art on display.

Featured image via Loveland (Facebook).