Jeju Loveland: South Korea’s Island of Love

jeju island korea's sex theme park

Fancy visiting a Korean theme park or museum dedicated entirely to sex? Located around 60 miles south of the Korean mainland, Jeju Island is one of the most popular adult tourist destinations in South Korea. It is an idyllic spot that attracts visitors from across Asia including Japan and China as well as plenty of … Read more

How To Hookup In Seoul

How To Hookup in Seoul

Heading to Seoul and want to know more about the casual dating scene? South Korea’s capital city is one of the wealthiest and most vibrant in all of Asia and gives visitors plenty of entertainment opportunities. By day, the city offers cultural attractions and plenty of people watching but, by night, Seoul is a proper … Read more

A Guide to Erotic Massage in Seoul

erotic massage asia

Fancy an erotic massage and maybe more when you are next visiting South Korea? As prostitution is illegal in South Korea, the sex industry in Seoul is as creative as other Asian (and Western) capitals when it comes to creating legitimate shop fronts for illicit activities. Brothels in Seoul that masquerade as massage parlours are … Read more

Famous Red Light Districts in South Korea

red light seoul korea prostitution

Most red-light districts in South Korea are actually pink-light districts and, despite the fact that both buying and selling sexual services is illegal, they remain hugely popular with locals and tourists alike. For some, this can come as a surprise but with the sex trade in South Korea generating almost $15 billion each year, it’s … Read more